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[VIC] Thursday Night Eastbound Burwood Hwy 500pm

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 2000VTR250, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. If you happen to ride a CBR 250 RR, you are not proving your masculinity by:

    - Redlining it to catch up to a ZX14
    - Hammering past a ZX14 that is clearly doing the speed limit
    - Zig zagging across three lanes up to Blackburn Road, that put you line for two cars to potentially pull out in front of you.
    - Only wear a helmet as protective gear.
    - Are caught at the next set of lights by two bikes that did the speed limit the whole way.

    In fact we both laughed at you for being a tool.
    When you see a ZX14 badge dont try to prove your a hero, unless you have a badge that is litre plus, cos if you were both trying you would get burnt to a crisp.

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  2. Apparently any post like this will earn you endless abuse about how you couldn’t do something or an other… This apparently is obviously you bitching about being burnt by a smaller bike who was just cruising along at his own pace…
  3. :rofl: @FL
    ( last week's thread wasn't it ? )
  4. Harden the f**k up Australia! :LOL:
  5. Ride it like you stole it.
  6. Oohhh the Intellectual repartee…
  7. why the fcuk do people keep posting these threads. They are so formulaic.

    OP: whinges about some other rider doing something stupid
    All other posts: Rip on OP

    So you saw some tool on a bike. Who cares? Its easier to forget about them and get back to enjoying your ride. Well it does beat brewing about it for the rest of the ride and then making a post on a forum where other riders start ripping on you.
  8. I had to google your response!
  9. Actually if you had paid some attention I was getting in early and ripping into the people who would be ripping into the OP…
    Just to change the script a little.
  10. you are messing with tradition! I don't like it, no never did. :LOL:
  11. I think they call it VENTING.

  12. Does this mean that a ZX14 badge was stuck on your year 2000 VTR250?
    Might explain something here :-k
  13. I think they were riding with someone else who was on a ZX14
  14. Or maybe he upgraded his bike and didn't change his forum name...
    Just a thought...
    I mean you are not a qualified pilot, so how does your name have any bairing on what you ride?
  15. I actually hold a CPL. But thats besides the point.
  16. I do apologize
    I hope you are a better pilot than you are at holding rational debate, because you often seem to crash and burn with that.
    MOD edit
    Don't start an argument that has nothing to do with this thread.

    [EDIT]Sorry I put my statements and the link in to identify that my response had justification and was not just a random flame.[/EDIT]
  17. Wow dude!!! A twat on the road??? No way I dont believe it. Please tell me when you see the next one!!!

    HTFU and admit you got beat fair and square by a CBR250. It'll only hurt for a while. :LOL:

    Seriously thou. I very much doubt the guy was trying to 'beat' you. He was probably just late for something.
  18. Can we change the Netrider slogan to something more appropriate?

    I was thinking: Netrider: Whinging about other riders
  19. He made his forum account a month ago, sounds more like a guy on a 250 who can't ride properly yet, my favourite type of commentator :roll: