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[Vic] Three day round trip > twisties and country roads

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Morbo28, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Yep another thread asking for advice on a bike route :grin:

    I have been through the spurs, Olinda area several times, but this will be my first multi-day ride. I am going with a guy who is on his L plates, so not looking to put heeaaaps of kays on each day.

    I am looking at this (Google Maps clicky) route. Screen shot below.


    Day 1 292ks would be heaps of beautiful twisty roads through Olinda and Reefton Spur, ending up next to Lake Eildon (staying at Jamieson at a pub or something? - Point I on map)
    Day 2 213ks would start with some more twisty roads, opening up to country roads through Sale and staying at Golden Beach near Lakes Entrance (once again - pub or something? Point J on map)
    Day 3 271ks would be mostly back country roads, avoiding highways ending up back home.

    We would be doing it in January. Do you see any issues with this route?
    Have you had any experience with accommodation in this area? What would you recommend?
    Would you suggest a variation to take in better roads?

    I have been on the route up to Lake Eildon, but beyond that is a bit of a mystery so any advice would be appreciated :grin:

    He's got saddle bags on a Virago and I have just a large tank bag so will be travelling light. Ride > eat > drink > sleep > ride :cool:
  2. Are you SURE you did this route to Eildon? On a NSR150? If so, you're a hero in my book.
    That's a hundred K or so of rough dirt there.
    If it was me, I'd be turning back at Marysville, going back down Reefton to the turn-off to Noojee, and on from there.
    I'd also avoid as much of the Princes Hwy as possible on the southern section. There are lots of other back-road options.
  3. Oh okay, some of those sections are dirt huh? Hmmm....I was afraid of that.

    No I didn't take dirt roads when I have been up that way, not that exact route. But I have ridden around that area a few times before. It's just that I haven't been anywhere near the other sections apart from a freeway trip to Traralgon! :grin:

    Okay, will have to rethink the route and look at your suggestions - ta!

    Basically I want 3x ~300K days that take in some twisties and country roads in a round trip, where we can stay at pubs overnight....any other advice also welcomed. :grin:
  4. Tell you what I'd really do. Up to Marysville via Black Spur, down Reefton, turn off at Yarra Junction to Noojee, keep going then left eventually to Walhalla (is the pub still open?).
    Backroads to Heyfield, (wherever you like), then back via roads around Tara Bulga NP, Boolara, Mirboo, Meeniyan, Inverloch, Cape Paterson, Loch, home.

    Gods, I'm drooling just thinking about it. And exhausted.
  5. thats a day ride :LOL:
  6. Hmmm that sounds like it would certainly be good - except we will split it into more than one day.

    I might just plot that on GMaps and check distances, see how squiggly the roads look and see where would be sensible places to stay over....so by the sounds of it I need to check if there is accommodation at this alleged Walhalla pub....

    cheers, will have a look at that tonight :wink: :grin:
  7. Alrighty, I have plotted the trip roughly on Google Maps (clicky). Screen shot below.


    There are some side roads I'd probly put in (ie like not doubling badk from Heyfield) but there is a limit to the amount of destinations you can enter into GMaps.

    Damn, that looks light a pretty good suggestion, titus! :grin:

    I guess we would stay near Heyfield the first night and then at Inverloch the second night, but I will work out the Ks and figure it out.
  8. Be careful of using Google maps dude. I made the mistake when organising a ride back from Thredbo Snowy Ride and we took (what looked) like a normal C road from Kevington down to Marysville. Turns out it was mostly unsealed 80km of gravel. This took almost 3 hours and the bikes were overheating somewhat. Always doublecheck with a certified road map or use the trusy Aus Motorcycle Atlas.

    On the other hand the idea is very good and kudos to you. I would be very interested.
    Its a fair trip but as long as everyones bikes are in good order and your ass can take the punishment it would be good.

    I'll proberly come.

  9. buy a hydropack/camel pack.
    have a puncture repair kit with you, and know how to use it.
    try and avoid the dirt roads, you managed to mapp half of them in the first map :p
    i didnt check, but aim for more km's the first day, decreasing from then on. this will be a fair effort for the Ls rider, and possibly you too.

    lastly, have fun and take photos! :grin:
  10. oh oh oh.
    just noticed u said doing it in january.
    i get my licence back on the 12th Jan.
    im keen to do something to celebrate if you would like some company :p

    here's a link to some fun roads, 635km worth. add in to and from your place, and work in a bit more, and you've got your 300km a day.

    should be a fun, cruisey 3 days :grin:
    or you could opt for 1 day riding, that ngiht drinking, 1 day to recover and relax, and another day riding.

    either way, do ask people about routes and roads, google has a habit of deceiving when it comes to roads and those which are dirt.
  11. I'm well up for something like this