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[VIC] Thompson Dam Ride - Sat Oct 7th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by [FLUX], Oct 6, 2006.

  1. Sorry for the late-notice. CamKawa and I were chatting tonight at coffee. Cam's got a new bike and wants to finish running it in. The weather looks great tomorrow, and since the last Thompson Dam ride didn't go ahead, we thought we'd try for second time to make it.

    Here's the ride plan. This ride would suit more experienced riders due to the total distance covered. The Thompson Dam road is fantastic, wide, smooth, and we'll be covering a whole swathe of good roads on the day.

    Meet Time: 9:45am
    Meet Location: Berwick Safeway Fuel+, (next to McDonalds) Clyde Road Berwick, Melways Ref: 111 C10
    Depart Time: 10am
    Ride Class: 4 (Experienced)

    LOTS of twisties. No unsealed roads. Very minimal highways.


    1st Leg: Meet Point to Moe for Lunch and Refuel (144kms)
    Beaconsfield Upper, Pakenham, Nar Nar Goon, Longwarry, Jindivick, Noojee, Willow Grove, Moe

    2nd Leg: Moe to Yarra Junction (Fuel and Drinks), via Thompsons Dam (179kms)
    Yallourn North, Tyers, Rawson, Thompson Dam (stop for a squizz), Erica, Willow Grove, Noojee, Powelltown, Yarra Junction

    (Then as time permits, and depending on group's enthusiasm)

    3rd Leg: Spur Loop, ending at Healvesille (98kms)
    Warburton, Reefton, Marysville, Healesville and ride-end.


    3rd Leg: Yarra Junction to Rowville (79kms)
    Yarra Junction, Gembrook, Pakenham Upper, C0ckatoo, Emerald, Wellington Rd to Rowville BP and ride-end.

    Ride should be finished by around 4:30-5:00pm.

    Sound good? See you there.
  2. Sat. Morning bump. Hope to see some Netriders out today.
  3. That Dam is one spectacular place. The road to Walhalla is particularly good as well. Was up there a couple of years ago and was blown away by the whole place.
  4. sorry i missed it. hope you had a good time guys
  5. Ride Report

    Well a great day was had by all, all consisting of CamKawa and myself.

    'twas a fairly eventful day.

    On the first leg through to Moe, on the Labertouche/Jindivick road, I rounded a sweeper only be confronted with an articulated milk tanker trying to make its way into a farm property. The corner itself was concealed by dense willow tree foliage, so I was unable to see through the corner. The problem here was that the tanker, due to its size, was positioned across the ENTIRE road, INCLUDING the gravel road shoulders. All this on a 100kph posted road, with the property driveway literally on the exit of the blind corner. Heart goes to throat and I hit the anchors at high lean looking desperately for ANY escape route, but there simply isn't one. I decide to aim for the ~1' of visible gravel road shoulder to the rear of the truck, and hope that the truck moves enough. Fortunately it did and the rear of the truck moved just enough to allow for some bitumen to be available just as I rounded the rear of the truck at around 30kph. Had the truck not moved at all, it would've been touch and go if I could have pulled up in time. Fair enough that these tankers need to do their job, but if they're SO large that to enter a property that they have to block the entire road and the road shoulders as well, then that's just outright dangerous.

    While I was shaking off that scare, about 3kms down the road Cam and I see people waving their arms frantically on the crest of a hill. Hit the brakes hard and crest the hill to see a fallen tree blocking 3/4's of the road, leaving about half of our lane only left clear, and that half was covered with chunks of bark, broken wood, and other tree fragments. Had the people not waved us down we probably would've still been okay, but attempting to get around the tree at speed with bark and wood all over the road would've gotten rather "busy" rather quickly.

    Fifteen minutes up the road, in one of the many Neerim's, and an unmarked highway patrol officer had an old farmer's ute pulled over and was busy writing him a ticket. Must've been desperate for some quota points to start hauling in the locals for going about their business.

    Yep, it was just one of those days.

    We eventually get to Moe without much futher event, and I ask Cam for a ride of his new GSXR1000K6. Very nice bike. Super smooth engine. I reckon they put the gear position indicator on the instrument panels just so you're actually aware that the gears did change, the gear changes are that smooth. No notchiness, nothing. Smooth as silk gear changes. The gixxer was effortless in its ability to go fast, whereas my R1 vibes quite a bit due to it missing bar end weights, so it lets you know when you're going fast. Where the R1 feels like a raw and raucous brute, the gixxer felt utterly smooth and refined. The R1 has had a small amount of engine work and I was somewhat surprised to find that there was no real power difference up to the 10000rpm limit that Cam asked me to stay below. The R1 steered a little quicker, but this is due to its raised rear ride height steepening the steering angle, but the gixxer felt smaller and tighter, very much like a 600cc bike, but only with a 1000cc engine. Actually, almost a little too small and tight for my 6' frame, with the footpegs pushing my knees up very high. The gixxer steered very sweetly, surely, and handled bumps with aplomb. An extremely nice sports bike. I can see why people love them. After about 60kms we swap back to our regular bikes. The R1 fits me like a well worn pair of jeans, and is soon exciting me again with its razor quick steering, and raw engine delivery. I couldn't say which bike I liked better. They are so different in many ways, yet so similar in others. I don't think I'm ready to sell the modified R1 for a newer bike, but the K6 was an excellent experience, and better (in my opinion) than the 2006 CBR1000RR I test rode earlier this year. I was very impressed.

    Anyway, we make it to the Thomspon Dam (some video footage to follow) and find that the observation tower is almost totally visible above the water's surface. Methinks it won't be long before Melbourne is due for even tighter water restrictions if this very warm Spring is any indication of the Summer that we're about to have.

    Back to Moe again for more fuel, and then on too Noojee. En-route we notice a large group of riders on the opposite side of the road near Icy Creek, with bits of bike fairing and some poor fellow lying down on the side of the road. We get to Noojee and notice an ambulance making its way towards the fallen rider. We didn't stop to ask details, there were plenty of people about and all obviously looking rather emotional. Still, the ambulance's lights were on, and that's a good sign.

    We're off along the excellent Noojee/Yarra Junction road (Powelltown road) and make our way to Woori Yallock to end the ride.

    The day consisted of 480kms for me, from door to door. Many thanks for coming along Cam. Really appreciated your company. I had a total ball, even if we seemed to be reminded of the dangers of riding almost every step of the way. When you tour about for long enough, you do get a see an awful lot, and today will be remembered for a long time by me.

  6. Piccies (Part 1)

    Cameron's Clean Magic Carpet Ride


    Stew's Raucous Brute (also clean)


    Thompson Dam Looking Empty (composite image)

  7. Piccies (Part 2)

    The Usual Suspects At Thompson Dam Car Park - now filthy from plagues of insects mashed at speed


    Yallourn Power Station Cooling Towers (composite image)


    Man (Cam) and Machine (K6) - At Woori Yallock after a day in the saddle

  8. Oh, forgot to mention the veritable plague of insects. Never seen so many. Cam and I had to stop every 50kms of our trip to clean our visors.

    Another honorable mention goes to the mother magpie at Thompson Dam which took a great disliking to Cam and I being there, and swooped us endlessly with very loud swooshing as it flew against the near gale force winds coming over the Dam wall.

    Just more moments to make the day memorable.
  9. Sounds like you fellas had fun; all except for that tanker. :eek:hno:
    Perhaps a bit more notice next time and you'd get a few more along. That said, there was a huge crowd at the Motorcycle Expo today. Wonderful weather for it. :grin:
  10. Re: Ride Report

    Hey Stew, were you sitting outside a cafe in Noojee, I saw a group of riders there as we went past (I am an ambo an was in the passengers seat...small world huh). The guy that went down had the usual sort of stuff for that kind of tumble. His leather pants and Dririder did a good job and literally saved his skin. Man it hurt me having to cut his jacket off, I just bought the same one a few weeks earlier and I know how much it cost him.

    Maybee I should put a NetRider sticker on the ambulance :LOL:


  11. Re: Ride Report

    Hi Mark. Thanks for letting us know that he way okay. I was concerned that it may have been something more serious.

    Yes, Cam and I were sitting in front of the Red Parrot Cafe when we saw the ambulance (presumably yourself) going past towards the accident scene, at around 4:30pm I would guess.

    It sure is a small world.

    Careful. That may be seen as a conflict of interest as some may think that you're attempting to drum up business. :wink: :LOL:
  12. I don't have much room on my web-space to upload as many videos of the size and quality that I would like to from yesterday's ride, and rather than post up a few videos of crappy quality, I decided to opt for a singular video of decent quality of following Cam from Icy Creek to Hill End (much earlier in the day than the accident mentioned above).

    The thread for it is here: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=26572
  13. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic day. I've never done that route but I think it needs to go on my list as a must do ride :)

    I picked my new bike up yesterday (675 again) and will probably take a day of next week to put a few kms on it. Was planning on my usual GOR run, just because I'd never do that road on the weekend. But I may be tempted to retrace your ride.

    Glad to hear that the guy who stacked came out of it ok.
  14. We got dispatched from Warragul about 4:20 and were the only crew sent to this one, so it was me. Looked like a nice day for a ride.

    I don't like to talk about a patient's injuries (respect their privacy) but he was in pretty good shape considering the speed.
  15. Good to see you guys had a good day pity I was at work although the 480 k's may have been a bit to far on no sleep and a ten hour shift :wink:

    Yea they are nice those gixxers but Im sticking with the Honda

    So I guess its time for a name change cam as camkawa on a suzuki wont work mate :wink: :LOL: How about cam-the gixxer man :LOL: enjoy the new bike mate