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(VIC) The pathetic revenue raising speedcamera state

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by crackajack, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. HI all,
    Who is sick and tired of getting done 86 in an 80 zone or 64 in a 60 zone?
    Eastlink Sucks! Geelong freeway sucks! The spur sucks! Hidden speed cameras suck, faggy little cops laying in the bushes with camo ( cause they couldn't get into the Army)and a laser SUCK!!! I hate going to the mail box only to find fines. I am a responsible rider and never go over 200 (joke).

    Seriously, they give us this crap about making the roads safer blah blah. So they hide and rely on us to speed so they can raise revenue. It has been proven that the way they do it in Vic has not made it safer.

    The first thing you do if you see cop car, speed camera etc is slow down. So why won't advertise their presence? Because there's no money in it.

    They set up in nice big open places like free ways so they catch you. Why don't the set fixed cameras with big signs in the Spur. That will slow us down. No they want you to speed. And then the its "all for safety" wank.

    Yeah, I agree there are heaps of dicks on the road but target them, do your research, Actually use the hoon line info, get them off the road. Go after the repeat offenders or the 5 tosser P platers who have lost their licence, drive pissed have no regard for the law and kill their mates. Their the ones that are dangerous.

    Put big speed camera signs everywhere so we all slow down. Your just a shit rip off state that doesn't know how to make money for itself, other than ripping off its residents. I spend more time on the road looking for cameras and my speedo trying to do the right thing that I am actually more dangerous.

    I ask for no (Lets defend Victoria road laws) comments, or overly in depth psycho analysis.. Just comments on how we, as Victorians can make this Govt change the laws so they are fairer for all. Like I said, I totally agree on safety and getting knobs off the road, but this entrapment system is pathetic! You all know how easy it is to lose 12 points in 3 years on a bike.
    There goes your job, house etc. You get less for real crimes.


    I'm pissed so so sorry for ranting:-({|=
  2. how fast were you going?
  3. How does a fine in the post three weeks after the event slow you down. You cant even remember where it was.

    But a cop car with all the fancy signs and lights, slows you down instantly. even if you are well under the posted limit.
  4. They'll only stop once they've achieved their version of Utopia.
  5. I don't see that there is much we can do about it, short of everybody electing to take the matter to court & clogging the legal system...

    Speed is the only easily measurable, quantifiable thing they have to grasp at, & they make money by us speeding, rather than spending money to have more police on the road & actually making it safer.

    The flip-side is that we only have to be on the lookout for rear facing cameras & the occasional cop car.

    I find paranoia to be quite benficial while riding, don't you?
  6. They won't stop...EVER

    "safety camera and speed revenue" is to government what crack is to a crackwhore... they are addicted to it, the fact they budget for it just confirms they rely on it to balance the books. Hell if you want to raise more revenue drop the tolerance(sound familiar anyone?)

    This will only change when it costs them enough votes to make them sit up and take notice...or when the opposition grows some balls and comes up with a realistic alternative...however the PR spin, bullshit and painting of anybody with and alternate view as a hoon makes this pretty unlikely

    Unfortunately the media, motoring bodies and almost everybody else with a voice of reason has sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver, you have to understand road safety is an INDUSTRY, from speed camera manufacturers, the cretins who man camera cars, MUARC, TAC, VIC ROADS, the media etc... they all feed on the road safety gravy train

    Imagaine if nobody sped anymore, what would all these blood sucking parasites do...oh thats right they would probably try to start fining smackheads...rather than tackle the root problems of heroin addiction because as we all know that won't keep them in a nice cushy job for long...
  7. I find Paranoia quite dangerous when driving or riding.
    I find the 100 klm limit quite dangerous as well, The govt recognize this fact by their take a power nap signs, 80 klm limits are going to be even worse if you are doing a few long miles.
  8. Never a wiser word spoke.
  9. It'll never happen, as Bamm said they make, and allow for millions and millions of dollars of revenue from cameras alone. And they'll always come back with the same arguement, if you don't speed then you won't have a problem. Of course if you're getting done for 86 or 64 it also means you were doing 89 and 67 detected speed, which means your speedo probably said 93 and 70 and if you can't notice your speed is 10kmh over the limit on your speedo then maybe you aren't watching it enough or need to work on your throttle hand. Aside from the camo cops its not like other cameras aren't blindingly obvious or in the case of fixed ones all well known anyway.
  10. This is my post from the unlimited speeds thread.

    Nothing is impossible and persistence usually pays.

    Politics is a numbers game. The more complaints to our elected representatives the more chance of success especially leading up to an election.

    We pay these people an absolute fortune to represent our interests.
  11. I have always wondered what would happen if no one and I mean no one on the road broke the speed limit for say a year and all revenue dried up

    Bet they would lower the limits again even lower and then what do you get -- angry frustrated drivers who in sheer frustration brwak the speed limit by 5kmph
  12. If governments were serious about the safety aspect, they could prove it in no time by removing the fine element from speed camera offences, you'd lose demerit points but not money, you are still being punished. but not lining the governments coffers.
    That is the only way they would truly be able to then concentrate on road safety without being blinded by the corrupting influence of the steady revenue stream, don't hold your breath for it to happen but
  13. I got done for 1 klm over, Ararat,
  14. Love yas all!
    Even DRMAT for pointing out my awareness of my speedo.=D>

    Great comments. We've obviously been bitten.

    As we all know, If we kept tabs on 5 to 10ks on the free way all the time we probably wouldn't be watching the road properly, or the blind spots, or staying out of the blind spots, or the chick texting in her car, or the Mario searching for Lady GaGa on his Ipod, or getting out of the way of the Linfox thats up your arse! etc

    Safety my foot! Its absolutely an industry of corruption and a Lazy Govt.

    Great comment Sir Ride Alot!

    But, because we all stand back and cop it on the chin and say "it'll never change" and " don't hold your breath"! We are letting these bastards rule our lives and steal our money. So if its a business, why can't we make it our business to fight against it? To protect our lively hood.

    The turd that pulled me up said we just makin the roads safer. You heard about the five kids in Mill park didn't ya? I was clocked a 87 mind you. Not at 165 without a licence and 4 other pissed dickheads yelling abuse at other drivers. I didn't quite see the comparison, maybe i'm just dumb:-s

    Anyway, I recon we should have a massive rally and make them come clean. Make them prove we have a democracy.

    We want Big signs saying speed cameras ahead. Big placards on the free way Identifying the cameras so we can see them from a distance and we can consciously slow down. Make hiding in the bushes like army rejects illegal (thats just entrapment). By all means, put more speed cameras around but with big yellow signs identifying them in your face. We'll all slow down!

    They do it in Europe. I lived in Germany for a few years and it works. It works there because everyone obeys the equivelant to the Keep left rule which we ignore here.

    The traffic just flows no one sits in the fast lane, unless they are going fast! which allows for more realistic speed limits.
    Our fast lane has soon become the left lane](*,)
    Anyway, thats another topic.

    Lets Rally!!! Help us NetRider!!!!:angel:

  15. Ironic that the VIC govt promotes speed as well.
    F1 and Moto GP
  16. Too right,
    The pot calling the kettle black!!
    Plus all the car adds like HSV, FPV, Game over, The game has changed. All teasers.
    I guess they won't make smoking illegal either, but that only kills you. Just a small price to pay I guess.

    I hate em! Grrrrr
  17. Perhaps we have different definitions of paranoia? I meant paranoia as in "Is that a speed camera?" "Is that commodore going to merge into my lane?" Is that guy at the intersection going to stop?"

    I usually take the answer as "yes" to these questions, except for the last one of course!
  18. I'm actually at a loss as to why there isn't a body that lobbys for motorists.. that used to be RACV but they sold motorists out a long ime ago when they bought into the whole "speed kills" bullshit and became a default propoganda arm of the state government. These days they are only interested in selling you finance, insurance or road side asistance.

    If Bicycle Victoria can exert the sort of political influence they do and get results then surely a lobby group of Victorian motorists could achieve the same thing. If we counted all motorcyclist and car forums there would be a massive member base to start with, can you imagine how many people you could recruit to the cause at World Supers, Moto GP, V8 supercars or other events where enthusiasts gather who know that road safety is more complex than simply fining people for speeding and hooning.

    There is nothing that makes a politician take notice like a powerful lobby group, if you have 100,000 people saying you don't have my vote they WILL pay attention, if they agree to change and don't do it kick the ****ers out at the next election. This is the only way things will change
  19. Ahhhh have you read the stories about Frankstons new smoking rules???

    Anyway, I agree that it's based mainly on the revenue, not the safety aspect of it. I currently have 6 points on my licence, and all of them (bar one) are less that 10kph over the limit fines.
  20. Well lets do it!
    Lets recruit. Get the 100,000 or more bikes and motorists together blocking off the city.
    During a work day. Block accsess to Civic Compliance office. Total grid lock. untill they do something about it. Just like in those African Movies but without the Machetes and machine guns:)

    Lets set a date. I'm sure we will get the numbers. Lets get it on the radio. spread it to other forums. Make everyone aware that we have a say and this is our state!!

    I'm sick of feeling guilty everytime I get in my car or on my bike!