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[VIC] The Monash...

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by DRMAT, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Title says it all... could it be any worse between grading, loose gravel, unmarked lanes, sudden lanes deviations and cars and trucks going everywhere? At least the new bits and nice and smooth, pity it will take them every weekend til the end of the year to finish it!

  2. So what's the story with next weekend, Melbourne cup? First I heard there is no work then they are working. Anyone know for sure what's going on?
  3. i was driving on it last thursday night around where it curves around scotch college, road was down to 1 lane and i was doing about 60, i could hear this sound of metal on concrete

    look up, there are 3 bits of steel about 30cm long flying accross the road, blown from one of the construction vehicles.

    Victoria - promoting safer roads my fkn ass...
  4. New report on the weekend said it would be closed every weekend until Christmas... but just cos they say that doesn't mean it will be either. VicRoads website only lists roadwork for the next couple of days.
  5. How's the big drop going from one of the smooth sections to the graded sections going southbound about 5-10k's out of the city - I never see it until I'm in freefall and always feel thankful the bike is upright before and after!
  6. Saw a link on TV to the Monash Upgrade. Had this report for the Cup weekend>

    "M1 during Cup Weekend
    27 October 2009

    Though there will be some ramp closures and night works, there will be no roadworks on the M1 upgrade during the day this weekend (Saturday 31 October to Tuesday 3 November)."

    Good to know.
  7. Same for the westgate

    8pm Friday 30 October to 5am Monday 2 November 2009 No works scheduled this weekend.
  8. Not happy with the resealed sections either, bumpy as shit! And what's the deal with the out of profile manhole covers sticking up all over the place, even on the new sections?
  9. Really? Have found the new, finished sections to be largely perfect. I know what you mean about the large drop from new to old though and the access plates in the graded sections. There's a couple of massive pot holes southbound near Warrigul Rd you could get lost in as well.
  10. Yeah, I have found the new sections to be great. It's just the weirdly elevated manhole things in the graded sections, the height differences old and new, and the massve potholes and ruts that make life interesting!
  11. I was getting sick of the dust between Warrigal road and High Street, though it seems to have settled now. Yes I agree, the new stretches are smooth.
  12. Seems they must have had complaints about the massive potholes, they were filled in last night although the lumps and bumps are like ramps.
  13. I must have set my expectations too high for the new sections. However if is related to recent perspective, ANYTHING is better than the graded crap we have had to put up with for the last 5 weeks.

    My comparison of smoothness is compared to the new sections of the Tulla and Calder interchange, they're great.
  14. I hit this last weekend; rain, thunder and lightning at around midnight, in the left lane Southbound a couple of kms before the toorak rd exit. Fark! I thought the same thing.
  15. Has anyone else found heaps of asphalt stuck to their bike?? I cleaned my bike on the weekend and found all these little deposits of asphalt all over the bike! :evil:
  16. yep i saw ashphalt and hot rocks melted into my tyres once. havent been on it in yonks and did today. they seem to be repaving it, but why for the love of anything in the world, have it 1 lane from pretty much the city to where ever, i got off at warrigal. and only have like 2 or 3 sections with work. the rest empty. cant they do all the work in one section at a time, not one here one there and one further up
  17. Paging Joel to this thread JOEL!!!!!!