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[VIC] The Lazy Libran Intervention Thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aussieak, May 12, 2012.

  1. It has come to the attention of VIC riders that @Lazy Libran has been on his L’s for way to long and should be doing his licence test. @Lazy Libran has been on his L’s for longer than required to the point where the L plate turned white and with embracement has removed itself off his bike with shame.

    @Lazy Libran is more than capable rider and would pass his test with his eyes closed. Let’s encourage Lazy Libran to pass that test before the next L plates turns white and runs away as well.
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  2. I'm up for the joke; GET OUT AND DO YOUR TEST, you slacker!
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  3. I agree its about time [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION] did something about removing the L's. Maybe he thinks the (now) white L is an attractive addition to his bike.

    [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION] has certainly got his monies worth out of the "L" permit fee, just cause its valid for 15 months doesn't mean you need to wait 15 months to go for your licence...

    In any case [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION] I reckon your 15 months must be up by now :)
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  4. Hell [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION] you'll be paying ANOTHER fee soon. Can't be having that!! Get onto it!

    (you realise he's gonna really HATE all the mentions?? Fantastic!)
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  5. Hey, great thread. I learnt how to do mentions (finally).

    Lazy, this is what happens when you don't show up to practice and let us accost you in person.
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  6. Well @ Lazy Libran is his name, so it makes sense that he's being lazy, hmmmm?
  7. Just do it @lazy Libran!

    Can't do mentions...I suck!
  8. This is why he didn't call himself "energetic Libran"
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  9. Come on Lazy, you can do it!!!
  10. Gotta get that mention count up.

    To do a mention, hit the "go advanced" button, highlight the name (which has to be typed exactly correctly), then hit the "mention" button at the top.
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  11. Lazy Lazy Lazy, dont be so farkin Lazeee lol

    Mate, they made me do this
    they threatened to take my fluro vest away from me, so please please please get your lazy arse down there and get your bloody license ASAP !! lol
    see you next week if you're at prac session..
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  12. [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION]

    Well whadd'ya know, you learn sumthink every day.

    Do ya feckin test Lazy.
  13. Lazy libran... Off to the naughty corner for you to think about what you've done or actually haven't done.,.

    Hop to it... Go get that licence
  14. Gee I hope [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION] sees this thread.... :) I wonder if there anything we can do to get [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION]s attention ??
  15. And as a Haiku; brought to you by the letter L, and the word "Lazy".

    Lazy [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION]'s
    Learners license lacks legit.
    Less leisure, Lazy?
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  16. Along with Gundy's poetic theme

    There once was a Libran named Lazy
    whose reasons for long L's was hazy
    his fellow bike riders got tough
    and in a group announced that's enough
    if he don't get the hint then he's crazy.

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  17. Intervention!
  18. Oh tell me it isn't so.

    What a lazy, lazy [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION]
  19. [MENTION=34346]Lazy Libran[/MENTION]
    come on nmate, you rocked up at the satdy learnners around the same time as i did, im now 6 months from fulls......

    its time to let it go and move on