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[VIC] The Gumboot 2007- Ballarat - Help a Charity Ride, Sat

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. [VIC] The Gumboot 2007- Ballarat - Help a Charity Ride, Sat

    Added to Calendar by: Luke Grainger

    Well you've heard of the Gumball, this is the Gumboot!

    A charity known as Mission Without Borders is trying to organise pickup of children's gumboots across Victoria from donor Pumpkin Patch stores to be sent to Romanian Orphanages.

    This ride is ...

    ... more

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  2. Gumboot charity ride

    I am interested in attending the ride but I am busy in the morning.Is it possible for me to start the ride at the werribee location?If so could someone PM me the werribee location and the estimated departure time thanks.
  3. Weather

    Weather looks good ;p

    Forecast for Saturday
    An early shower or two over southeastern suburbs, then fine and mostly sunny.
    Light northwest to northerly wind and afternoon bayside seabreezes.

    Precis: Becoming fine.
    City: Min 9 Max 18

    Laverton: Min 7 Max 18 Yarra Glen: Min 4 Max 17
    Tullamarine: Min 6 Max 17 Mt Dandenong: Min 6 Max 12
    Watsonia: Min 7 Max 18 Scoresby: Min 6 Max 17
    Frankston: Min 8 Max 16 Geelong: Min 6 Max 17
  4. I forgot who I spoke to at the Mystery Ride last night but I have decided to knock off work early to go for this charity ride. I was just wondering if I could have someone's number so I can give you guys a call after work just to see if there are any changes to the schedule of meet up points?
  5. blah

    Moochie I have private messaged my contact number to you.
  6. Thanks man.... Got it. Will give you a buzz after work or meet up with you at BP around 10:30AM.
  7. Goodo Moochie I will see ya tommorrow :)
  8. See you tomorrow.....
    Will be there with my small tank bag and big backpack...... :grin:
  9. Re: [VIC] The Gumboot 2007- Ballarat - Help a Charity Ride,

    Yeah - what ever!

    So this turned out to be a great ride with great weather. Ballarat locals were very interested in the bikes, 4 in total, and many stopped for a chat.

    There are photos... here
  10. Re: [VIC] The Gumboot 2007- Ballarat - Help a Charity Ride,

    There was a guy who told his kid that I was riding a slow bike compared to the others that were there....... :(
  11. Gumboot Ride

    I just got home and dusted off the helmet after stopping in at the watershed coffee night.
    I'm glad that I went today,weather was good,company was good and the ride was good.
    Moochie your bike might have been a bit slower than the others,but you did a good job at keeping up :grin:
    It's good to know that we have done our little bit to help out those Romanian Orphanages.
    It's lucky that we had the use of your G.P.S. Steve,Or else we would probably still be on some dirt road in the black forrest somewhere. :LOL:
    Thanks Luke for organising a top day.
  12. Re: [VIC] The Gumboot 2007- Ballarat - Help a Charity Ride,

    Hey Mr Moochie - That kid had nothing but respect for you!!! RESPECT :!: I know he was only about 3 years old - but he had respect.

    As for the old man, well he was just trying to explain what the L meant!!! Chin up mate you had a great ride!!!!

    PS. That kid admired your bike with the same enthusiasm that he admired the rest of the bikes - you should be proud!! :wink:

    PPS. Anyone seen the pics yet?
  13. Re: [VIC] The Gumboot 2007- Ballarat - Help a Charity Ride,


    I didn't take it to heart..... Was just joking about that one. :wink:
    I had a top day with you fellas and hope to do it again sometime.
    Just got back from the Spur and gonna take a nice long nap. 500++KM over the weekend is good enough for me......

    Tribos : Been working at the clutch thing and think i'm getting better at it. Thanks for the tip. Helps alot at the lights....
  14. Re: [VIC] The Gumboot 2007- Ballarat - Help a Charity Ride,

    My pleasure my friend - we've all been there... and a very good friend of mine once told me the same thing. Look fwd to riding with you again :)

    Listening to Camille - Ta Douleur (on JJJ hottest 100) FANTASTIC! :)
  15. Re: Gumboot Ride

    Hey Pete - fair enough, but not enough to keep us off the dirt eh!? BTW have humbly requested to be on wait list for 4M :)
  16. Gumboot Ride

    Thanks for putting the pics up Tribos.Ijust had a look at em.You are right we do look better with our helmets on :LOL:
    I noticed that you put your name down for the 4M (about time) :p I agree with GarethK "It's gonna be a real blast" :cool:
    Moochie I didn't see you at the end of the ride did you go to the watershed at all?
  17. Re: Gumboot Ride

    I took the wrong turn on the highway but made it home alright. Was going to the watershed and was waiting for another netrider to call so we could ride in but he was a no show and by that time it was pretty late so i just stayed home had some beer and watched a movie. Lol......
    Looked like it was an awesome outing tho......
  18. Thanks

    Many thanks to the guys that attended the ride. Hope you enjoyed it and appreciate your doing something for charity.

    I had a great time, and really love that road from Daylesford through to Woodend.

    See you around!

    Greets out,
  19. GarKI! Did you get the boots that I dropped off?
  20. I went out to the mystery ride to pass you the books but you weren't there.
    Maybe I could meet up with you some other time to pass you the pair that I have.....