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[VIC] The Great Ocean Road Ride!?!?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Shiftt, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. What is every ones experiences riding the great ocean ride.. I have yet to try it.. but looking to do so once the warmer weather kicks in!

  2. Take your time, lots of tricky corners and narrow road. Great views. Can get cold quickly.

    Loads of tourist traffic on weekends. All the above factors mean the cars will be going slow, weaving all over the place, pulling up for photos in the middle of the road (!) and driving on the wrong side of the road toward you.

    Personally I prefer the GO road at 6am on a weekday in the off season. It's traffic free then.
  3. I organised a small group down there last year, stayed overnight at Apoolo Bay. We included experienced and learner riders, both sports bikes and cruisers. Great fun! Take Hotcam's advice - take it easy, try to do it early in the morning, or otherwise be prepared to be stuck behind fools - in which case you'd better not be a rider who loses their cool and takes risks, or you might not come back!

    The risks seem reasonable if you cruise the road, but I won't speak for riding it fast - outside of 6am that would be a silly idea. Idiot cagers everywhere, many straight off the tourist boat. Cops blitz the place with hidden cameras at certain times, so obey the rules.
  4. It's a nice road, just try and do it on a weekday outside of school holiday periods. It is heavily trafficked by motorhomes and caravans driven by out of staters and people from overseas - and the police. There are signs along the way that state that we drive on the left in Australia - which may appear funny - but there have been numerous accidents there from people driving on the wrong side when visiting from overseas.

    Oh and windy days aren't the greatest time to ride it either - you can get some really wicked blasts coming in from the sea.

    But its definitely something you should do - nice winding road, beautiful scenery, plenty of great places to stop at - just don't use it as a race track. :wink:
  5. ill be interested... ive yet to go down there as well
    more interested in a day trip.....(leave early get home late) style
  6. A great Road to ride just ride to your limites and you will be fine.

    i would suggest riding down to Lorne then go the back way via Deans Marsh to Apollo Bay. Then if you want you can go back down the GOR to Melbourne.
  7. ooh ooh take me take me!! *bounce*

    This is definately on my to do list, but will go midweek and prolly stay overnight along the way.

  8. Worth noting that for some time now almost the entire length of it is limited to 80kmh. And enforced pretty heavily at peak times.
    Since improvements to the surface a couple of years ago, it is a pretty nice strip of tar, however.
    There's some nice roads inland off the GOR, especially near Apollo Bay.
  9. Did the ride midweek with a few friends during April. Stayed in Apollo bay overnight at good motel behind the pub. (fantastic night in the pub), and then off to the 5 Apostles the next day.
    Ride inside your limits and its fantastic. Most traffic pulls over to give space. Am looking forward to the next time.
  10. Definitely recommend doing it mid week if you can arrange it as others have said. Also you have to do the Deans Marsh Skenes Creek inland loop as well. Lotsa fun.

    If you have time the section past Apollo Bay through Lavers Hill also has its nice points.

    Map Clicky Linky
  11. I used to just dislike this road due to the crap condition and even worse drivers found along it.
    Now I utterly detest it as it's mostly 80kph zones because they'll let any idiot have a licence.
    Add in often police blitzes, jap tourists etc etc.
    The best part is Lavers Hill to Colac as it's rarely trafficed or policed.
    GOR is fine if you want to put along at the speed limit and be prepared to get stuck behind idiots. Personally I'd rather do it in a car.

    Plenty of more enjoyable motorcycling roads out there.
  12. best riding there in some ....nice cruise
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    Vic Roads have uploaded the Great Ocean Ride DVD onto YouTube.

    This is an initiative by VMAC and is funded by the TAC levy. Much of the content of the DVD - what the actors say - comes from the rider members of VMAC who played a huge part in its production. They actually decided what they wanted in the script and what important things which had to be included.

    On YouTube the video is in two parts.

    You can view Part 1 here [media=youtube]H_YtT2PsFMc[/media]

    You can view Part 2 here [media=youtube]7qipVmqXmAA[/media]

    It should answer most questions about the Great Ocean Road, as well as some handy hints that will keep you out of trouble :grin:
  14. GOR is my favorite road I've ever ridden. Used to go every weekend. Do a loop from colac, then through skeens creek, then all the way to lorne then deans marsh. Just awesum roads that don't last for 5 mins. Just goes on and on.
    You really gotta go the off peak times.
    The roads are really good on the actual GOR, skeenes creek has a few unsettling bumps but not much traffic so its good.
    And yer its best to wait untill summer time until there is a patch of really hot days so the roads aren't slippery, besides the cliffs under the trees etc.
  15. I'm a newbie on here and planning to come down in November and ride the GOR.

    It was great reading this post. I now have some insight into what to expect.

    Thanks. :)
  16. Sounds good guys
    thanks for the tips!
    When i do give it a go.. i most likely do it during a week day early so i dont cop all the bad traffic etc
  17. Drop me a line sometime when your thinking about going and i will join ya :grin:
  18. GRO

    The great ocean rd sadly the good days are over too much traffic 80 k limit,the best roads are from Gellybrand out of Colac to Lavers Hill,as some folk have said Skeens through Deans Marsh to Colac,also Colac to Lorne is fun these are the roads policed the least also Forrest to skeens is great. Lived in thr area for 10 years I was spoilt all before the tourists arrived.
  19. :grin: I have a house at the start of the GOR and drive along it to lorne and sit on the beer garden and watch the waves, its great. However the ride, take it easy , and be careful round the corners. idiots overtake and a few buses come along as well...many have experienced the short fall over the edge and taken a dip!!
  20. It's a sensational piece of road. I absolutely love it & enjoy it even more on my motard than ever. If you ride it fast enough on a sport bike there's no way a copper will have enough time to turn around & actually chase you down. On the motard I cruise the straight bits a few kays over (less than 20) & rip up the twistie bits. Thats where the fun is anyway :? :? You get far enough ahead of the knee draggers in the twisties they don't run you down in the straights anyway -so whats the point? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    As for traffic, I find it heaps lighter than the black spur. And I do ride them both on a pretty regular basis. As long as you keep to your side of the white line you will be fine.
    Just an observation -but I've actually seen more bikes on the wrong side of the white line than cars. Think about it.