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[VIC] The almost dawn till dusk ride, Sun Aug 20th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: roughcactus

    Well the waether forecast looks pretty good for Sunday so it's time to go for a nice long ride...plan is to meet up at Ampol servo in Healesville at 9:45 for a 10am depart time. Route will be Chum Crk Rd, Mt Slide, Kinglake West, Yea for a quick break...

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  2. Soft!
    A proper full day (dusk to dawn) ride is through to Bright, over the top of Hotham, and back down via Omeo and Gippsland.
  3. I was going to call your better half later to see if you could get a day pass and actually come out on a ride... :p

    PS: I was all for an 8am start at Healesville but there was a mutiny :)
  4. Mutiny hey? Can't slow across riders get out of bed early enough? :LOL: :LOL: :p

    PS, i'll try make it for this ride :)
  5. I was the mutineer, me being the slow R1 rider. :shock: Last 8am ride Roughcactus dragged us out of bed for had him leaving at 11am.

    Some of us live well over an hour from Healesville, and the thought of romping through the hills on morning dew covered cold roads is less than desirable. Many of the roads around Healesville don't even begin to dry out until 10am at this time of year, so it was my call.

    Come Daylight Savings and I'm all for 8am starts, and heck would even do 6:30am in Jan/Feb where I'd be happy to lead a high country round loop, although unlike Mouth's route above, I wouldn't woose out on throwing a trip up to the top of Mt Buffalo and up and down Tawonga Gap in the mix too. ;)
  6. D'oh, sooo tempting

    ........but it's my weekend of chores, what to do, what to do
  7. I can't believe there's even a decision to be made here!


    Yup, think I know what my decision would be :p

    I was there for the last RC ride...had to go home early or something. We carried on and had a ball! And this time Keith, you're ride leader, now you've got the Bird!
  8. I'd love to go on this, but we've got the geek night the night before, so I doubt I'll make it. Ah well.
  9. All depends on much guilt and disoganisation exists from pervious weekends of taking the easy way out.
  10. Nothing (and I mean nothing!) cannot be delayed for another week. Or until you can't move in the house for the clothes/dust/rats....

    Just live with 2 dogs and 2 cats to make you realise that the place will never be the same again!
  11. love to go on this ride but will be skydiving in Nagambie :grin:

    have fun all, post up a good report with lots of pics :cool:
  12. I see you point but it's not a problem of what's accumulating in my place. The problem is what's not accumulating (other than motorbikes). We have an apartment with 7 rooms and 3 of those rooms are completely unfurnished (with the exception of a matress). I like minimalist but it's kind-off a bit beyond that.

    After 6 years of having a good job and plenty of opportunities to buy some of the basics (like lets say a bed) I figure its time to stop making excuses and go shopping. So for just one weekend I'm going to attempt to put aside my loathing of sales people, crowds, screaming kids, shops full of crap and zombie like consumers intent on achieving "savings" through "spending" and oblivious to the call of life passing them by - in order to buy some furniture.

    Wish me luck! If successful there may even be a house warming at some point.
  13. Well, that's different then!

    Mmmm, furniture shopping for nice stuff. That's not a chore!

    Good luck, the screaming kids will love your company I'm sure.

    I share your love of minimalist too, but I'm too lazy to do more!
  14. What do you mean slow across riders (coming from a cbrr rider :p ). I could get up that early if I wanted to. :grin: :?
  15. Tempting....mighty tempting
  16. Damn, yet another ride we will have to miss. We have a BBQ for a certain 11 year olds birthday the day/night before ;)
  17. She can't hold her head up long enough up as yet, let alone answer the phone :p
    Would love to be there :(
  18. Ok, am still deciding what route to take, but will probably be something like this. If this seems like a lot of riding, blame roughcactus. He chose the destination for the day. :LOL:

    Healesville to Yea - Short Drinks break and everyone fuel up here (210kms to next fuel stop). Aim to depart Yea by 11:30am.

    Yea to Whitfield - Pub counter-lunch. Aim to be in Whitfield by 1:15pm. Leave by 2:30-2:45pm.

    Back to Mansfield Refuel + quick drink. Hopefully ready to rock by 3:30pm.

    Time will tell then if we go the long or short way around Lake Eildon. The long way is more fun, naturally, but if time is getting late (as in if it's later than 3:30pm by the time we get back to Mansfield), then we'll just take the quicker way back to Healvesville and down the Black Spur. The long way means going down to Jamieson, around the bottom side of Lake Eildon, and then home. The short way is 1.5hrs and 136kms. The long way is ~2hrs and 170kms.

    If we push on without stopping for long, we can do the big trip easy.
  19. I would love to come but working. Im not allowed any more sunday sickies.

    Anyway I would just bee tootling around the back and miss all the stops.

    Give it a miss this time, next time make it a saturday.
    Have a good run guys...;)
  20. Where are the usual suspects????

    Realm, Pnut, GSXBusa, Hakin????

    You guys coming or what?...and Kathryn you should be ashamed of yourself...furniture shopping FFS...come on it's riding time you can sleep on the floor for another week can't you :p