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VIC - Thanks to the guy on the Blue Honda - Eastern Freeway Thursday night 6/12

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jem, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to the guy who pulled up to check if I was ok yesterday afternoon on the Eastern about 4.30pm on the Blue Honda

    I had pulled up to sort out a group of 3 (shall we say nicely) fools who had managed to run into each other and then walk over to the side of the road and just leave the cars there blocking two lanes of the freeway near the Blackburn exit. So I was all good but it was very nice to see a fellow rider pull up and make sure I was alright.

    Also though I am sure they will not see it on here a big thanks to the guys in the two trucks who agreed to pull up and shield us from the traffic why I got the above mentioned fools to get their cars off the freeway. Thanks guys it made hearding the cats who had the accident a lot easier.

    Got them all off the road before the police turned up who I must say were good blokes about it all just told me to take care as they said and wait for it - "The fools don't see us even with the lights and siren going flat out."

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks, bike and rider looked familiar thought I might have seen him at Sat practice but was a bit busy at the time but thought it was a very nice thing to do.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  2. Ohh, but it's a crime scene! You can't move the evidence...Geez that shits me when people do that. Should see some of the damaged cars we move around.
  3. Not much of a crime scene ... two pushed in fronts and two pushed in backs all except the last car in the chain were pefectly drivable... and stuff it getting the freeway working in peak hour was a better option IMO....

    Of course I might have just been trolled - in which case well played sir!!!
  4. Glad to hear that there is still some common decency left in the world.......

    .........if only some.........
  5. A group of 3 caged nose to tailers?? ............... i have a feeling i may have slipped past with a wry smile on my face and muttered a little "f*ckwits" under my breath.

  6. And the new record for biggest multi post goes to....... Lol

    I know I know it was the `unspecified error
  7. That was the best dog with a new bone impression i could muster at the time.
  8. sorry lionz could you just repeat yourself one more time? not sure i heard you the first 5 times :D
  9. If at first you don't succeed ................
  10. If you are riding your motorcycle outbound on the Eastern Fwy during peak hour, be very careful when in the left lane and approaching the Bulleen Road onramp (see here). I've seen many rear enders here over the past few months.

    Good on ya for helping out, Jem.
  11. Yeah, I agree. Unless something serious has happened move the vehicles