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[VIC] Tessa's (motormouse) Farewell, Fri Feb 16th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Tessa

    I'll be heading for Canberra soon and would love to see you drinking at my place before I go. It'll be on Friday 16th at 7.30pm in Albert Park. I know some of you Saturday night coffee people only get one night away for the kids but I'd love to see you...

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  2. Oh no. I'll be tied up in Hobart. :wink:
    I'll be missing out on one last sqeeze. :wink:
    Have a great night, Tessa. :grin:
  3. I'll be there to give you a goodbye kiss Tessa. :grin:

    Not that it's goodbye by any means. Now that we have accomodation in Canberra, a trip up through the mountains can easily turn from a fun idea to an absolute must do. :wink: :grin:
  4. Sorry Tess, I'll be in Tassie, so all the best and have a fantastic night :grin:
  5. I'll be somewhat inebriated in a pub somewhere in Hobart, celebrating the birthday of one Mr Scumbag. Oh, mine too. But amid all the shenanigans I will be thinking of Tess and her move to the Policentral.
  6. See you then hun, not happy to see you leaving us though girl!! :cry:
  7. Is it at your house??? i never knew you lived in Albert park????
    count me and azz in!!! and maybe hamburger aswell!!!!! (lil ed!) :dance:
  8. I'll be in Blind somewhere in Tassie too.

    Take care, have fun, farewell ;)
  9. Dave and I will be there :grin:
  10. yeah I moved from Bentleigh in November. I was wondering what happened to you two. Glad you can make it.

    Thanks to those who are rsvping, it makes organising catering a little easier. :wink:
  11. I'll see what I can do.

    This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.
  12. Must have been a dud (like your ass atm)

    Count me in ;)

  13. To the party or his arse?

  14. Da bomb…shesh you kill all my good jokes!
  15. Shaun and I will be in attendance too Tess.
    Colleen, Lousie, Tess, hmm, our girls weekends away are shrinking in numbers. :( . Oh well, girls weekend to the ACT!! woo hoo .Im a dork I love Canberra. The war museum is cool.
  16. Tess hopefully should be there and hopefully with Lenna too but won't realy know until closer to the date

    Can you pm the address

    Cheers stewy
  17. Well looks like my RSVP's been taken care of :grin:

    I'll be there with bells on Tessa :beer: might be the last time I get to see a lot of Netriders (well the ones that aren't in Tassie) coz Jadey and I are off to start our adventure in March :grin:

    Might catch up with you in the ACT some time in April, but I'm sure Jadey will call when we're passing down the east coast :cool:

  18. Wadaya mean Aaron? You wont never be too far aways. What nn dem bigbore 110cc mile munchin postie's, :moped: reckon I could leave 3 weeks after you and catchup for a coffee and afternoon tea chat in-oooooh-lemme see, around Lorne or maybe even Port Fairy I reckon. :rofl: No offense dude, takes balls to do what your doing :applause: , but nuff hijackin

    Mwah and Carri will see ya there. :grin: Can you PM us address please Tess. I remember you mentioned Albert park way at Sth Bank Coffee :?:
  19. Hmm... thought i'd responded to this already, however i shall be there :)
  20. Hi tess, i'll hopefully make it down after after-work drinks :beer: