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[VIC] Tarra Valley, Aust. day long weekend, Fri Jan 26th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Dec 5, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Caz

    We are at it again folks.
    Another weekend to Tarra Valley.
    I have booked 3 cabins.
    We have plenty of bed space for everyone.
    Cost is $40 per night, so thats $80 for the weekend including breakfasts and BBQ diners. BYO booze and bedding. I will upda...

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  2. Ok, since the thread in general has been removed, I'll try again :)

    After receiving lots of positive feedback after our last trip to Tarra Valley, except for the fact it was too short, we are going to have another trip on the Australia day long weekend.


    I have made tentative bookings for 2 cabins, one of them sleeps 10 people. Beds for 16 people, plus happy campers in tents.

    No ride route or meet point has been set at this stage, I'll wait to see if Woodsy can make it before I organise that.

    So far we have a few confirmed to join this ride

    Caz *deposit paid*
    Motoplast/Tex and Bundy
    Crazy Dave
    Ray & Mel
    Jafu (camping)
    Drew (littleboyonbigbike) *deposit paid*
    maybes are


    maybe speed and cruisingal for one night depending on which night.
  3. Thanx for relocating me to the confirmed group.
    I'll be camping BTW
  4. As I said in the other post, I'm down to crew for the Skandia weekend. Not sure what the hell to do now!!!!!!! I wanna do both!!!! :(

    Keep me as a tentative for now. I have some prioritising to do. :(
  5. Whoohoo can't wait for this one (again) :dance: and I promise this time to stay upright and not get a close up nature :eek:wned:

    And as for you miss Rosie, come on, there is no substitute for a weekend away in TV.

    Lets try to make it bigger and better this time with numbers \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ but if the numbers aren't big we know we are gonna have a ball regardless :beer:

  6. Hmmm, what a tough decision to make, I'm glad it's not me having to choose. But rest assured Rosie, there will be more weekends to Tarra Valley if you can't make this one. :cool:
  7. oh cr@p!!

    and now i've gone and got no job :evil:

    if the job faries come and visit i'll be on this one. i'll let you know closer to the date.
  8. I haven't met any of you folk as yet, but if ok with you guys I might tag along on this one. The last trip sounded like a blast.

    This will depend on committments, can I let you know a bit closer to the date ?
  9. Of course it's ok, you are most welcome Hopper.
    I have added you to the maybe list :)
  10. Another TV

    Dunno about Australia day weekend I think thats the weekend of Confusion Rally @Licola and if I can score a weekend pass thats where I'll be as its the 21st occasion of one of the best Victorian Rallies.
  11. Looks like I'm going to miss out on this one, I'm working that weekend :(
  12. Oh no Mike, and you are always such the life of the party \:D/ :beer: \:D/ what will we do without you ](*,) Can't you sweet talk your boss and work the weekend before or the weekend after? :-k
  13. :( Sorry guys...spewing to miss this, but Skandia only comes around once a year and I can't imagine dropping out. Think of me on the high seas *cough*PortPhillipBay/CorioBay*cough* while you're sitting back enjoying a few. :)

    My biggest regret will be not seeing the NSW gang. :( Oh well...will catch up with you all again in January. :)

    Give Bundy a hug for me Tex. Give Tex a hug for me Bundy. :)

    Rosie :)
  14. And Mike, if Tarra Valley's not possible, you could always ride down to Geelong sometime over the weekend. I'll take you for a sail on 'my' ship. :grin: Same goes for any other Netriders. :)
  15. I don't like my chances.. but on the bright side, it is over a month away, theres every chance I will have quit or been fired by then :)
  16. I might take you up on that depending on how I go with sleep between my night shifts..
  17. Very true Mike, we all say that sometimes about our jobs :LOL:
  18. I finish the morning before. If the missus hasn't got anything planned for me I might tag along for a day run or something. I doubt that I'd camp or stay overnight as I only live 20-30 mins. from the place.
  19. Very disappointed Rosie, that u can't make it, :cry: Bundy appreciated the hug, but wants a hug from u !. :grin:
    I am trying to get one or two others to come along, unfortuneatly, they are sporting rather large thumb imprints on their foreheads! :roll:
    Having a couple of day's down at T.V. will be awsome, won't have to rush, i'll be able to keep an eye on what Bundy is eating :LOL: . Anyway, I look forward to catching up with everyone again and maybe some of the daytrippers from the last run will be able to overnite this time and soak up the magic (drunken!!??!!) atmosphere.
    Tex & Bundy
  20. Thanx for the notification caz, I will have to see how things go as we get closer to the date.