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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. The push to reduce the road toll goes on. No doubt, with ever decreasing tolerances and increased enforcement.

    I'd like to know in what speed zones the fatalities occured and what proportion were above the speed limits.

    It's sad that people have died, but the sad fact is, we're in moving vehicles, carrying out an activity with risk attached, controlled by fallible humans, at speeds which can maim or kill... the ever increasing addiction to the speeding ideology is not going to get this road toll reduced to zero.

  2. true, interesting enough, on sunrise or one of the morning breakfast shows they were going on about the road toll and, surprise! they had someone on there talking about driver training, following distances etc etc, didn't mention speed at all! I was really impressed for a change. Maybe there is hope after all?
  3. The road toll in Victoria during 2009 was not statistically significantly different from 2008, and yet thay claim a victory.

    Also, the analysis takes nothing into account with respect to the improved safety of roads or vehicles. All the reported statistics are highly suspect. For example, one of the deaths was a man in Manningham, who ran into a ditch, refused help from a passerby, got out of the ditch, clipped the passerby's vehicle and ended in the ditch again, then died on the scene. There was no significant damage to the vehicles. Authorities suspect he died of a heart attack. Well surprise! He was obviously in difficulty, ran off the road, not thinking right or just too stubborn to accept help when he was seriously ill, and died of a heart attack. His death was counted in the road toll.

    Whatever. Ken Lay got his bonus for reducing the road toll, and we get even more politically driven bullshit through the media.
  4. So that was the reply, what did you ask them in the first place rob?
  5. Centrifugal or centripetal.
  6. Who cares what Rob asked. It's a useless email because all that information
    (& more) is available on their website.
  7. I didnt ask them anything. I'm on the mailing list. That email was pure unsolicited PR.