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[VIC] TAC's latest attempt - Does it Rate?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Great - it gets an A

  2. Good - it gets a B

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  3. Fair - it gets a C

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  4. Fail - it gets a D

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  5. Waste of time and effort - it gets an E

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  6. Where and why did they come up with the idea that this will scare me - it get an E

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  1. The TAC have decided to target protective clothing.

    You can view their latest Ad Campaign here.

    My questions are - How does it affect you? Will viewing these ads make any difference? Is this campaign destined to be a huge success or a failure?
  2. Gasp ..Preach to the converted. Been there done that. But it don't scare me either.
  3. I will give it a 'C', for new riders I'd rate it high, but this will be offset by the lack of impact on existing riders.
  4. Going straight into the "Ohhhh! More shit you should have done 20 years ago" basket, eh? ;)
  5. This sort of thing just makes my life more difficult: more people waggle their fingers at me when I go for a little squid... :p
  6. Does every TAC ad have to be a splatter flick? :roll:
    I often wonder what motorcyclists would come up with if we had the funding and could make our own ads.

    The biggest impact that was made on me about protective gear was when i went for my licence. The instructor (a fellow rider) said to us, that if we were to slide down the road far enough without the leather on, we'd eventually work our way through the flesh into the bone, and if we ground enough off, the Doc's would have to fuse the bone together. He went onto to say, it's the bits that stick out, elbows, ankles, knees, shoulders that are usually the bits that do the grinding. And if we had to have a joint fused together, that could effectively end our chances of ever riding a bike again.
    He made his point pretty clear, if you love your riding, wear your gear.

    It was gruesome, more so than the TAC ad, but it hit its mark. It's stayed with me ever since, and I've passed it on from time to time and seen the same result.

    A bit of blood, the odd broken bone is no biggy, but never ride again.....
  7. Please forgive me guys - but I am going to vent my spleen at the TAC on this one.

    Here is the background:

    I have been trying to convince TAC that what ever message they put out needs to come out of the mouth of a motorcycle rider. Riders to Riders, is the only way to address any motorcycle issue.

    This ad package wasn't brought to the attention of VMAC - the first they heard about it was when they got a call from TAC inviting them to the media launch that will take place tomorrow.

    Last year I and a VMAC member pitched an idea to TAC which involved running a competition, with a $10,000 prize for the best 60 sec Safety Message Video clip made by a rider or a club.

    They took the idea on board, came back to us and said they wanted to do something with the idea. The result was a heavily watered down version of my idea which resulted in the Hints and Tips GP Competition. They promised to film the winners, which they did at the bike expo and they promised to put all the clips of the rider interviews on the TAC Motorcycle site - but THEY NEVER DID.

    What really pisses me off is that they enticed me to give up a day and go in and judge the entries. Mind you - they never really thanked me for my time..... they trashed my original idea and now they come up with this crap... finger waving - "don't do that Johnny I'm a doctor".

    At VMAC - the Protective Clothing issue has been given very Low Priority - why? Because we know its such a difficult goal to achieve and there are better things to focus on.

    Add to this the fact that VMAC have been working towards producing a version of that UK Ad where the car driver fails to see the rider coming at an intersection. VMAC has approved an allocation of Levy funds for this, which will be matched by TAC dollar for dollar.

    I spoke to several VMAC members today and they are really pissed off that TAC failed to warn them this was coming and that they didn't seek rider support for this garbage.

    I don't like having a doctor tell me what to do - in the manner portrayed. The message should have come from a rider's mouth - and it could have been done better in so many other ways.

    Sorry for the rant - but the TAC really have got me and several others right offside... :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. That's coz they can see Little Loz peeking out the footy shorts when you're squidding, dude.
  9. *picks self up off floor after laughing too hard at Ktulu*

    aaaanyway. hmmm all the TAC ads seem to go for shock value. i spose it works with a fair few people. it looks to be a good ad for the newbies, try and scare them into getting gear. i have mates going blah blah want bike blah blah no money for gear, who cares.

    i explain what wire brushes are really used for, and that generally does the trick at the time. or if im in my gear, i point out the damage done from a slide i had at 70-80km/h, in cow.

    its right there, above this paragraph. tadaaa! its NOTHING. short of a few grazes/wear on the leathers, i am perfect. possibly better, now i got knocked back down to earth, im not invincible.

    arrgh squidding shits me. even if its your choice Loz, but i just hate so many noobs do it thinking they look cool on their zxfzcbrrrrrrr250, wishing they were the other wanker on the R1 in the shorts n singlet. i the noobs just dont have the experience to avoid alot of incidents like a more experienced rider.

    seeeeee, im way OT now.

    TAC ad is good, but would more than likely be alot better if they consulted XXXX motorbike group.

  10. I just watched both ads,
    Pretty disappointed in them.
    Not very effective.
    Could have been better, if as jdkarmch suggested, a rider that has been injured showed their scars... etc...
  11. It feels like they are talking at us, not to us.
    Maybe we could have our own competition; Make a TAC Mockumentary from their clip.
    The winner get's $10,00....

    ...err.....bragging rights on Netrider. :grin:
  12. Yes, that's what I'm upset about - talking at us - not to us.

    Great idea - a Mockumentary, now that has merit.... :grin:
  13. The only time I'm really slack with gear is on short trips, and I see heaps of scooter riders wearing only their work cloathes.

    I like the ads. At least they are relavent to what we do and remind/nag us to make the extra effort with gear even on short trips. Most TAC ads I find completely irrelevent to most riders, usually aimed at people not paying attention, drink driving or speeding in cars.

    However Im not suprised the TAC have got riders offside as said above, they have a history of it :-( In an ideal world they could have made an ad warning car drivers not to cause bikers to crash in the first place but I can't see that happening.

    edit: remove false statement
  14. Nope not true.
  15. yeah I guess fatigue for example isnt illegal... you're right
  16. Very interesting to see which way the Poll is going. Yesterday, it was 60%+ for destined to fail. Today is 50% for likely to succeed.

    This surprises me, because I thought that it wouldn't have a hope in hell of changing the mindset of the average rider.

    Sure, the majority of riders I see out in the hills every weekend wear 'almost excessive' protective clothing. I was riding my bike out in the Yarra valley on a 40 degree day recently and almost every rider I saw was riding with full leathers or near full stuff.

    Yet, in the CBD the other day I saw two cute women on scooters riding with helmets only. Got to say it made me laugh at what they were wearing (no, they were not naked - just wearing what they would if they weren't on a bike).

    Anyway - how would you guys go about changing the 'average rider mindset'? How would you have designed these ads? have the TAC done it in the most efficient manner, or could they have approached it differently?

    TAC think its very important - otherwise they wouldn't have spent as much money on it as they have (and they have spent heaps - thankfully all their money - not levy funds).
  17. OT, but vaguely relevant:

    After watching this I started thinking about the gear I see people actually wearing around town. (Out of town most are in top quality gear).

    Apart from the obvious deliberate squids, most motorcycle riders have jacket and gloves. A fair number have Draggin's or similar (only a few wear full leathers in the inner city), but many wear ordinary pants and shoes. So where it breaks down is pants and boots. I'm occasionally guilty here too.

    Scooters are even worse. About half wear textile jackets and gloves (much less when it's very hot). None wear protective pants and boots

    I wonder if part of the problem is that there is not much gear designed to go over the top of ordinary work clothes. About 90% of textile pants are full waterproofs and unbearably hot and sweaty except in mid winter. Even the most breathable are way too heavy for summer.

    You can certainly get a suitable light jacket for town work, but the choices for other body parts are pretty poor. I know because I've been looking.

    I think the scooter boom warrants a re-think on the part of gear suppliers.
    If people could GET suitable stuff they might wear it.

    Back to the main topic...
  18. I don't think any amount of advertising would ever convince 100% of riders to wear full gear all of the time (or even any of the time). Where the money would have been better spent I reckon is into research on how riding gear could be improved to make it more practical, and also into reducing the cost of riding gear by making it tax exempt (GST, import tax on overseas orders etc.). Also be nice to see some sort of voluntary AS standard introduced for riding gear, no point in wearing leathers that fall apart on impact.
  19. Titus - you are not off topic. Your observations are 100% and go to the heart of the problem.

    Maybe the problem is with the manufacturers? They need to identify that they have a market which they need to serve.

    Where scooter girl riders are concerned - it certainly is a fashion thing.

    Where its "joe rider" - then I suggest Peer Pressure is the best approach.

    Until we see riders stopping and pointing and laughing at Squids in the city and elsewhere, there is little chance that we will see much change.

    While I'm still pissed off with the TAC. They have kicked off discussion with their crappy ad (IMHO).

    The big question is - where do we go from here? I am in a position to speak directly to the right people at TAC. What would you guys like me to tell them?
  20. In my opinion?

    (i) TAC ADS
    The idea / theme of ads themselves is Ok.
    The presentation needs work.
    Instead of a talking head "professionall" have a 6ft 2 hairy bikie showing his scars.
    I'd listen to the bikie. The Dr may have all the qualifications in the world. He doesnt ride.

    Not hard to do at all, but not by the TAC.
    Have approved M/Cycle safety gear classified as "safety gear" under the Tax Act. Hence you can claim a rebate, just like the one you claim for a plumbers work boots.
    This would require some lobbying of the Fed Govt and / or Tax dept.

    Titus is spot on. The gear available is not necessarily the right gear. Don't know the answer to this. Perhaps TAC could work with importers / manufacturers?