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[VIC] Tacks/nails Yarra Boulevard

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by twowheelnut, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    Just a heads up to pass around, apparently some dickhead is throwing tacks and nails all over certain sections of the Yarra Boulevard, generally north of Studley Park Rd (Kew section of Yarra Boulevard)

    Probably worthwhile avoiding until the boys in blue find the prick!

    Safe Riding all.
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  2. Police have suggested is that the culprit is pissed off with cyclists. Which is no excuse at all for such a dog act.
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  3. Still better than the ol' fishing wire across the road.
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  4. in other news, an anonymous donator is giving away free tacks and nails at yarra boulevard
  5. I'm a Kew local (and cyclist) who's been out cleaning these tacks up over the past week. I've spoken to a lot of boulie users (runners, cyclists, and a motorcyclist) who have all encountered these tacks in the last 10-11 weeks. The motorcyclist reported two flats on his bike from them. I guess the bigger tacks go through those tyres too. :(

    I've put up a few photos, a map, and words about the recent tacks on my blog... I can't link to it... just Google around and you should find it.

    Please report any tacks to Boroondara council.

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  6. For those that like doing laps of the boulevard for reasons unknown to me, please don't get angry at the cyclists using more of the road rather than the shoulder until this tack problem goes away.
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  7. Made it into mainstream media. Although I wonder why about the phrasing used in the first paragraph; VIGILANTE cyclists are mounting a road hog offensive en masse


    Cyclists’ fury as campaign of tacks and glass ‘weapons’ cause crashes along Yarra Boulevard in Kew.

    VIGILANTE cyclists are mounting a road hog offensive en masse in a leafy Melbourne suburb after glass shards and tacks were deliberately laid in their path.
    The cyclists and motorist war on the roads has taken a dangerous turn that has alarmed police, who dubbed the actions “vicious and malicious”.

    For 11 weeks, cyclists have been forced to navigate their way around strewed pieces of “weapons” along Yarra Boulevard in Kew that have been puncturing tyres and causing riders to fall off their bikes.

    Ed Hore, president of the cyclist advocacy group, CYCLE, said Yarra Boulevard was a training run for cyclists and a popular route for those commuting.

    “Not using the road would be like bowing down to terrorists,” he said.

    “It is encouraging more and more of us to go there in defiance and we are now riding in the middle of the lane.

    “Regardless of what they are doing, we are doing the complete opposite.”

    He held fears for young children who could become innocent victims.

    “They (the glass shards and tacks) are weapons. The people putting them there are cowards,” Mr Hore said.

    “We are going to end up with a dead kid.”

    Boroondara police Inspector Steve Frost said patrols had been increased in the area to catch the those behind the cruel prank.

    He said injuries would be “quite catastrophic” if cyclists crashed.

    “We are really disappointed this behaviour is happening - it’s quite malicious and vicious,” Insp. Frost said.

    “It’s a worry for us, these sorts of issues are occurring.

    “The potential for serious injury or even worse is very real.”

    Boroondara Mayor Coral Ross called on those using the road to dob in the culprits to police. “We are horrified that someone is deliberately putting people’s lives in danger,” Cr Ross said.

    Insp. Frost said he could not understand the motives behind the cruel act because the road was wide enough for cars and cyclists.

    He said police were treating the actions as a “criminal act” and those caught faced damage and injury-related charges - some that carried jail terms.

    Anyone with information should phone CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.
  8. Hmm. Wording, angle, all wrong. We'll keep keep at this for everyone until it goes away. Cheers for the support guys and gals on motorwheels. :)
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  9. "Vigilante" is a pretty emotive term - replace "Vigilante" with "Concerned" and "offensive" with "campaign" and that first paragraph reads so much better.

    I read that article and picture a mob of cyclists with bicycle chains and bats.
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  10. The Feral Hun doing a bit of sensationalist rabble rousing for a change

    President Mitchell has taken a interest so all will be well
  11. Is Mitchell a cyclo?
  12. no but he has taken this on bless him
  13. How about putting up baricades at the entrances and exits, preventing cars from getting in there, but letting bicycles and motorbikes through. We have a lot more in common with each other than we do with cars, and I don't mind riding shot-gun to a cyclist until it's safe to pass (which usually isn't long) - I'm sure I'm far from being the only moto rider who doesn't mind paying our non-powered cousins this respect!
  14. It'd be interesting to see if CYCLE returns the courtesy...
    IMO, asking for ever more regulation and restriction is never the way forward. On top of which there are residents who are entitled to use this public road every bit as much as you, me and cyclists who come there to train.
  15. Most cyclists probably wouldn't return the courtesy, but it doesn't hurt me to lead by example. ;)

    Yeah, I knew someone was going to bring up the little matter of residents, access to parks, the hospital, etc, but the pipe-dream was fun while it lasted. Especially the bit that I didn't say, where there would be bicycle only days, and (more importantly) motorcycle only days with no speed limit... ;)
  16. On a side not. I went on this BLVD for the first time yesterday to see what all the fuss is about.

    Not only did I pick up a tack in my brand new rear tyre, but I was obeying the speed limit of 50kmph while taking in all the visuals.

    A particular visual that got me thinking is..... those cyclists are easily hitting 80kmph.....
  17. Well the tacks are still there, I picked up 3 in my rear tyre. and the people I was with got 1 in the rear and 1 in the front. They all went through and had a small leak....Dont think ill go back there.
  18. Unfortunately that's the aim of the locals who perpetrate this act. The police aren't to interested in finding the culprit.
  19. I dont understand though, on the little stretch that is off chandler hwy down to the kew exit part of the yarra blvd, its not like there houses there not that I could see anyway. Or is a vigilante local car drviers who dont want pushies on the road. Because the tacks you can tell are more aimed at pushies then anything else.
  20. And?

    They did put up one of those mobile displays with a warning about tacks and asking to report suspicious behaviour.

    I don't expect camo cops on the boulevard any time soon. They've got more important criminals to catch, you know! :D