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[Vic] TAC Rider's Tips Competition

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdkarmch, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Just a reminder - if you have ever submitted a tip in the Netrider "Rider Hints and Tips" area - why not also enter it in the following TAC competition and win the Ultimate Moto GP Experience?

    Submit your tip Here

    PS This competition is being funded totally by the TAC and No TAC Levy money is being used to pay for this competition.

  2. :roll: :LOL:
  3. Actually it says "Motorcyclists and road safety experts...
    (and in some cases they are even the same thing)

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  4. A quick update.

    There are quite a few riders taking the time to submit their tips, from what I am being told by the TAC.

    One of the spinoffs from this compettition will be the issues that the TAC will be able to identify from what riders are telling them. From the tips that riders are submitting, the TAC will be able to better identify where to spend its "advertising/communications" dollars.

    The competition closes on the 19th Sepetember. So - keep submitting those tips. And remember - you can submit more than one tip.
  5. From the TAC ( www.spokes.com.au ) - and the winners are:

    [Note - special mention to Netrider's very own Vic for making the list of winners. I was on the judging panel and wish to hereby state that all entrants names were not shown to the judging panel at the time of judging - and it was only today when I went to the TAC site that I saw Vic's name appear]

    There were a total of 196 entries submitted. Congratulations to all the winners and to all who made the effort.
  6. Wasn't just Vic's name on that list john
    There are a few more netriders that are on that list as well
    I think 4 in total

  7. But I am the sexiest :)
  8. At least 4 Netriders - as I don't know all of them by name I apologize for not recognizing them as well.

    Just goes to show that Netrider gets out to a lot of riders.

    The filming will be done at the MC Expo by TAC between 1pm and 3pm on Sunday. I will try to be there to see it done and to hear the winners being recorded.

    Well done to all. It took well over a 6 hours to assess the final 20 and there were some good entries.
  9. I'm there booked in for 1PM filming of my tip. I wonder if I should wear my arm brace while giving the tip on film. :twisted:


    :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Wow - 196 entries. I was thinking perhaps there were only 20 entries.. :LOL: Were you there today John?
  11. He was the big bald bloke that's put on 318kg since I last saw him :p

    He was there.

    They finally got around to filming my tips at 3.45pm. I was booked in for the 1pm slot but our Darling Rosie took 34809438750943829046789573489750984798435983769870849340986035798574398754985809437
    takes to get her tips filmed :rofl:

    Ya got there in the end sweetness and you got your tickets, thats all that matters.

    Congratulations to the other 18 finalists and good onya to the winner.
  12. Was nice to meet JK in the flesh
    Despite the bashing he cops in here by all of us he is a decent bloke easy to talk to and get along with and a goos sense of humour.
    won't stop me piling shit on him tho in here :LOL: :LOL:
    I was there for the 2.30 filming at 3pm by the time we got on
    I was with a big burly MRA bloke Don I think his name was.
    He's the bloke who assesses the road for the Cranbourne GP ride each year.
    Only took 2 takes with me and that's cos they stuffed the first take.
    Thanks to the TAC for the tickets and congrats to all the winners.

  13. Ditto for the thanks + congrats.

    Sorry Rosie for letting Vic put you off, I should known and dragged him outta view as you can't not help to adore him whenever you see him ;) Well that's what your nick says anyway :p

    I was a bit too good I think for the filming, they were surprised I did it in one take (not surprised that they were surprised as I was after rosie *ducks* for cover!) The crew got me to say my tip again and answer an extra question for good measure.

    I hope the films are available for people to see on a website(s)? No idea if it's been said but judging from the form we filled out to releasing our images/voices to be used whenever I reckon they might show it at not just the GP. We may make TV???? :LOL:
  14. Smee - you are too kind :grin: .

    As for piling the shit - isn't that what Netrider is for? Keep it up :cool: .

    It was good to put some faces to the names of the people who entered the TAC Competition. The video clips should be on the Spokes site in about a week or so..... Give the TAC some slack - they only have 3 staff working in their advertising area and are exceptionally busy - they put a lot of effort into this while dealing with many other things for all the areas which the TAC is involved.
  15. Nah, we get rid of the shit, they go off to other forums :p

    Hope they don't pay full price for the film crew that turned up 40 minutes late :evil: