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[Vic] TAC levy Extended Indefinately

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Media release
    From the Minister for Roads and Ports

  2. remove ALL cheese cutters around the state.
    that would save a few more lives.
  3. I'm not convinced.

    If it stops cars having head ons then thats a good thing.

    Perhaps remove/improve them from where a rider can strike them.......

    but removing them all isn't going to happen any time soon.
  4. im talking about the ones on the SIDE of the road. go for a ride from Geelong to Warrnambool.
    youll see what i mean.
  5. No you're not.

    You clearly stated ALL WRB's

    So which is it?
  6. enough of the semantic squabbling boys.

    You should be grateful you're not going to be slugged again for owning more than one bike!

  7. i like the part i have highlighted......can someone please explain why if it's to help all road users and just motorcyclists paying for it.....shoudln't that come from everyone who will benefit from it??

    Although the last part about owning more then one bike and only paying the levy on one is a improvement on the current situation how ever you look at it
  8. And after listening to all the hoohaa about these things, can anyone tell me how many riders have been injured or killed as a result of hitting them? I know I haven't heard of any?
  9. There have been 3 or 4 deaths.

    1 in Tassie,
    1 in FTG
    1 on the WRR
    I think there was a 4th somewhere
  10. Frankston Fwy. It was the first one to occur.
  11. Yeah this is the part that got my attention as well.
    It helps all road users yet we are singles out to pay for it.
  12. WTF??
    How is this a specific motorcycle safety issue?
    That stretch is all 40kmh limit, BTW. You're pretty unlikely to have traction issues there. It's not even a commonly used route for bikes. This should be paid for out of general road funding, not the motorcycle levy.
  13. Ah, I use that route a lot. When "finishing" the yarra boulevard I turn into (I think) studley park rd that leads into johnston then I turn left into hoddle st to head home (5-10 mins away). Maybe they kept seeing a "hot new bike" using that rd a lot and decided the gimpy boy riding along it needed some extra assistance somehow? :LOL: Sorry, just having a laugh at a stupid government decision (that costs us! :mad: )
  14. And their deaths have been deemed as a result of hitting the WRB's? That if nothing, or armco style barriers were there, they'd likely still be with us?
  15. Of note is the fact that the have installed "impact atenuators" at the WRB site in Ferntree Gully where Toby Noble died in the vicinity of WRB at the intersection of Ferntree Gully Road and the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road.

    It took more than 4 years for the impact attenuators to appear....
  16. Impossible to say.

    More riders have died hitting trees, do we demand that they all be removed?

    If I had it my way, all the roads would be coated in air fences so no one died. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen so we need to live with that "risk"
  17. Still none on Frankston Fwy. :(
  18. I dunno, but I've seen a TLR1000 that hit one. The posts sliced through the frame like a hot knife in butter. :shock:

    I nearly came down there on two separate occasions. Once because I was traveling at double the speed limit in the dark and heavy rain while day dreaming. The other time I was reading the gig guide on the wall of the Tote and ran a red light. :LOL:

    Here's where I get confused.
    Are these roundabouts not the same ones that the MRA demanded be changed to have bike friendly signage? Are they now complaining about it being done by using the funds specifically raised for increasing bike safety? I agree that if everyone benefits, then everyone should pay.... But as far as I can see the only benefit car drivers get from the signs is being saved from finding dead bodies on the road. :? Sounds to me that the "everybody wins" line was nothing more than an attempt to get political gain from thin air (something all pollies do at any opportunity).

    If we biatch and moan about these signs, the public will see it like this....
    * MRA biatch about the levy cause it's not being spent on the important issues
    *MRA biatch about the signs on roundabouts
    *Vicroads spend the levy on the roundabouts
    *MRA biatch about the levy cause it is being spent on the important issues.

    There's no win to be had here. :)
  19. And afaik with Tony Noble's death in upper FTG, he lowsided, hit the square gutter then the posts, before being knocked back onto the road, (saw where the body ended up, and it was nowhere near the posts).

    I know that corner well, drive/ride it every day (like many here), and if you are fanging it it is easy to come unstuck, always has been. (Treating it normally it is safe however).

    Still +1 for rider underrun barriers to be installed on armco, similar could be done to WRBs, thin modular galv steel, to stop limbs ending up wrapping around the posts. The foam is somthing, but the post is still in a collision path
  20. These 3 roundabouts are the ones on the way to the Island. There are others - that are not involved in the "trial".

    The MRAA met with Vic Roads and Vic Roads agrreed to conduct a trial - to ascertain how the posts would stand up to weathering/being struck etc.

    At the time of that meeting at which I was present, I didn't think that the funding was going to come from the levy. But, the Minister decided that the trial would be funded from the levy. I'm not sure what recommendation was made at VMAC - because I wasn't there when the decision was made and what goes on inside VMAC is covered by "strict Vic Roads Confidentiality" which means that "what is discussed by VMAC can't be relayed to riders by VMAC Members" and only the Minister can announce/approve advice to riders about VMAC related activities.....