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[VIC] TAC Levy/Anti bike Petition

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by NWRAP, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. I just picked up the latest copy(and my first ever copy) of AMCN and found this little blurb about an online petition to abolish the TAC levy imposed on riders.


    I did a search and did not find any reference to this being posted before, so im sorry if I missed it.
  2. supposedly this levy is to be spent on subsidising rider training and other motorcycle safety stuff....... if this is the case, surely its not a bad thing ??

  3. If that's what it was actually doing, and doing something constructive, I wouldn't care so much.

    All I've seen from the TAC on motorcycle safety recently is some bloody idiotic TV commercials and a few billboards.
  4. TonyE has said there have been a few positive benefits.
  5. from figures given ages ago, nearly 11 million has been collected, that was designed initially to cover getting hurt and claims. I pay registration tax on a car and a bike and out of that 11, only 5 million has been used. The rta and tac cant even produce a budget on what they have spent it on, as they dont keep up to date records.
    Hurry up and call an election as im sick of paying the increase, sick of roads being tolled and sick of them! They dont need to put up safety barriers , even the ones on the freeway cheesecutters are being put up and they are solely designed for cars venturing over to the wrong side.
    They can see people are going onto bikes and scooters and there feeding their own snouts!
  6. Firsstly, although the levy is unfair in that it doesn't get put on other high risk groups like P plate drivers etc. there have been some good things come out of it. Having said that, I'll still encourage people to sign the petition.

    Firstly the TAC don't spend the levy money. Anything with the TAC name on is funded directly by them.

    There has been a lot spent on motorcycle black spots and engineering work.
    The resurfacing and realignment of some motorcycle specific roads and sealing of entry roads and parking spots to prevent gravel being dragged onto the road - trivial issue for cars but important for motorcycles.

    Ther's several trial barrier protection projects being funded - unfortuantely (or fortunately) to date no one has actually hit these barriers to test them - however the testing needs to also take into account durability issues as well.

    There's the VicRide project - (mentioned elsewhere on this site - I can't be stuffed searching so do it yourself) which is a major piece of research involving a couple of thousand recently licenced riders being given a mentoring session. This is probably the first major piece of research looking at a longer term effexct of on road training.

    There was the Look Again for Motorcycles advert last year - based on the excellent UK advert and adapted for local use.

    There's the Victorian Road Safety and Transport Strategic Action Plan - a plan that at the World motorcyclists conference in Europe a few months back was regarded as being the benchmark for motorcycle strategies. (if it is adhered to...)

    Out of that currently are studies into road space and road sharing issues - conclusions are still some way off but generally looking positive for bus lanes (at least). There's a heap more - I post all the communiques from VMAC on here - do a search on VMAC communique to see what else gets up.

    VMAC (Victorian Motorcycle Advisory Council) signs off on the recommendations for use of the levy funds. While VMAC does not have final authority, it's unusual (but has happened) for the Minister to go against their recommendations.

    Another thing has been in the training of road engineers in motorcycle safety. Vic Roads has held several forums on the issue and has also started to have the subject brought up as part of engineering training at university. I believe that there have been classes at Monash so far.

    There's a lot more stuff but a search should drag it out.
  7. Followed by excessive and unfair enforcement/harassment on those same roads.
  8. I signed the petition.

    For me, it comes down to the fact that paying $1122.40 per annum Rego/TAC for a motorcycle and motorcar is enough without slapping a $61.60 discriminatory tax on top of it, particularly if you're the only person using said vehicles.

    The above are 2010/11 figures, sourced here and here.