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[VIC] tac benefits if bike not roadworthy?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kara, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. hello all,

    probably an obvious question , but here goes..

    if you have modified a bike to an extent where according to the law it is not roadworthy...eg, loud pipes, non-standard running lights etc...can the TAC use that as an excuse not to pay benefits in case of an accident?
  2. They have a no fault policy for road accident.

    Your in-sewer-ants company will not have the same idea though
  3. For medical they will pay regardless, for loss of income, pain and suffering etc, they will take into account what part the condition of the bike had to do with the accident.
  4. I believe the only caveat (sp) is that the vehicle has current valid registration.
  5. so tac will still pay, but i may have voided my insurance policy for having running lights that actually makes me more visible?

    i think i'll call my insurance company and get their opinion,,,,i'll report back
  6. if you have those four HID running lights burning all the time and that causes someone coming the otherway to be blinded and they drive into you, you think that makes you more visible?

    No idea where you got the idea that running lights make a vehicle illegal!
  7. :WStupid:

    What he said.
  8. i'm ordering running lights from the US and the front indicator lights are hard wired..i believe that this makes the vehicle unroadworthy in victoria (not sure about aust)
  9. Download the ADRs and check/document that your vehicle meets those ADRs - they are available to the public domain for a reason.
  10. No, but you may be voiding your insurance by not telling your insurance company you have the lights or pipe or whatever - most policies have some sort of "duty of disclosure" clause in them which you might want to read carefully.
  11. Be careful as the US drive on the other side of the road so lights from there project light differently so could blind oncoming vehicles.
  12. haha very funny,

    the us model of these running lights which come with indicators (relocated) are hard wired so they are all on at the same time..illegal here in victoria

    did i really need to explain that again :?:
  13. Why?? What color are they?
  14. if a car or bike isn't roadworthy the insurance is void. You'd be wasting your $$ paying for it.

    This is how Just Cars etc works - they charge a lower fee but count on most of their customers being young guys who modify their vehicle, making it unroadworth and so JC won't have to pay for an accident !
  15. i read the policy document for my insurance and it basically states that if the bike is modified all is ok provided i notify them of the modification. if the modification however makes the bike unroadworthy (which it is with those amber running lights) then the modification "contributed" to the accident then they can refuse to pay the claim.

    i can see it now....cager quote " i couldn't see him cause of his bright running lights and i was blinded!"

    so, i will be cautious and not proceed with those particular lights...

    thanks all