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[Vic] TAC attempts to diffuse Rider Reaction

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jdkarmch, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. I just picked this up on another forum. It appears to be a release sent to the media by TAC about what MRA and others have been saying....

    Thought it may be of interest.

  2. Yeh, I'd like to interview the bonehead who thought that stringing every bit of bad rider behaviour in a 30 second add and equating it to instant injury/death was a fracking good idea?!

    How on earth did they think it would relate to the general population of riders?

    One thing I'd like to know, is how the frack does the rider go tumbling into the path of an oncoming truck from an overtaking move?? How about making an add that featured solely that clip (or any one bad riding behaviour) and explaining how advanced rider training might have avoided the risk of a boneheaded over re-acting extreme SR resulting in an upright bike, on a good road, getting all pear shaped and ending in the rider's demise.
  3. What riders now need to do is take this expression of frustration with the TAC and transmit it to the media.

    Right now the TAC has the upper/controlling hand. Unless the media hears what you and other have to say, then they will continue on their merry way.

    Some handy emails:



    If a letter gets published here then that represents at least another 20 that they have received on the same subject.

    I attended the launch and there was no mention that Phil Markham was speeding at the time of his accident. Phil said that he wasn't even over .05.

    I'm certain that Phil would be very upset to hear what the TAC has said about him or that they are using him to push their hidden agenda....

    Also, Phil (when asked) said that he had never undertaken any formal rider training over the 15 years that he had been riding. I think we all agree that training is pretty important......
  4. John, it's DEFUSE, as in de fuse or stop blowing up.
  5. Re: [Vic] TAC attempts to defuse Rider Reaction

    Damn that spell checker - you are right
  6. Ah, but on a subtle level, they really do want to 'Diffuse' rider reaction. Freudian slip perhaps?
  7. Anyone taking this issue to the TAC would do very well to not get bogged down in details about the specific scenarios shown in the ad.

    The statements are thus:

    "The ad has problems - it is inaccurate, and does not relate well to it's target audience. In fact, it works the opposite direction: getting riders offside and much less likely to accept future safety information from the TAC."

    "It has these problems because the TAC neglected to consult a number of groups they have previously promised to consult on these matters, before things go to print and celluloid at great expense."

    "Motorcyclists are not angry at the ad. Some are frustrated at the complete wasted effort that has gone into it's message, and some are simply bored by it's ignorant portrayal of motorcycling which is completely irrelevent to them.
    Motorcyclists are angry at the TAC, however, as an organisation that collects our money and supposedly works in our best interests, these ideas are pure lip-service and wasted effort when the TAC will not even speak to a single community rider representative to gain some information and perspective even after they say they will.
    The TAC can not expect to deliver lies to riders and then expect other information to be received with anything but skepticism and disdain."
  8. Cut, paste email to Herald Sun and the Age...=D>=D>

    This is an excellent summation Bonk.
  9. Since when has the TAC put to air a "real" ad.

    Look at all of the previous drink driving and speed kills adverts and you'll get my drift.

    It's just time for the 2 wheel fraternity to participate in what journalist Bill Tuckey has referred to as "The great road safety lie".
  10. I see the TAC ran this ad again tonight during channel 10's footy coverage.

    I think they thought it was fair time to be stupid again. that ad is ridiculous, and funny enough I still find it bullshiet
  11. WTF are they up to? They've got the ad back on high rotation tonight, and here they are trying to justify it all over again?

    Has some nob in the TAC hierarchy decided that HIS campaign just has to be pushed through regardless of how badly received it is? (ie. someone trying to save their own neck?)
  12. I really wish I could opt out of TAC coverage. I'd save a buttload of money and wouldn't be fleecing the pockets of those left of the bell curve genetic throwback jizzmops.
  13. The [attern is still there, as soon as people meet with the tAC we get reamed it's like they treat us with contempt
  14. While I agree with everyone that this ad is terrible, its all the TAC have to play with at the moment.

    The fact that so many riders are killing themselves recently means that TAC need to do something. Unfortunately, this is the only weapon they have in their armoury at the moment.

    That MRA(Vic) met with TAC recently means that this may change in the future as MRA(Vic) strives to develop better tools for TAC to use in their battle against the road toll.

    TAC are not treating us with contempt - ignorance of our feelings maybe - but not contempt.

    Smee - I hear what you say, and if I have anything to do with it, there will be a change. It won't be quick and will take time to achieve....
  15. What percentage of those killed fit the mould of this TAC commercial though? If it's less than 20% (and I think it would be based upon what I've been reading about the bike fatalities), then isn't this commercial is totally missing the mark.

    Isn't that point plain enough to get through the noggins of the TAC ad guys that a campaign focusing on the behavior that isn't shown to be a significant factor in riders deaths isn't going to achieve its goal, and that's true regardless of whether the riders are complaining or not.

    ie. We should be playing the ball and not the man over this issue.
  16. New message from the TAC...

    Getting out of bed can be dangerous... Don't wake up! Its up to you.
  17. + a big number

    The central theme of the ad - managing risk - completely fails to resonate as every rider I've ever talked to would say that they manage the risk every time they get on the bike. I don't think anyone rides a bike because they think it isn't dangerous. But we all keep riding because we believe that either it won't happen to us or if it does we will still be able to walk away.

    IMO the issue is not the same as when TAC launched speed kills however many years ago. I bet most of us know someone who has been seriously injured or killed on a bike - if not been injured ourselves. We are not ignorant of the risks so trying to shock us won't work.
  18. BULLSHIT!!!
    How about the olde one where the driver and rider swap places.
    Or they could grab the SA one about why the road is not a racetrack, or the English how close does a rider have to be…
    There are lots of other opportunities if they just use there head a little.
    They have other content about rider safety.
    Even there own ones about waring gear are better than that piece of Garbage.
    And yes it is contempt.
    The fact that they have a media release about the response to the add identifies that is not ignorance. They know… They just don’t F#$king care.
  19. quote" The ad is generating quite a bit of discussion and debate amongst the
    motorcycling community. It can be viewed at:

    ...if you are a new rider or interested in riding and checking out this forum and teh interwebs in general for info/research>
    don't let that scare you away from the spokes website...it's actually a good website with heaps of helpfull stuff and links to heaps more., if you take the time to look beyond the current scare campaign...some people have really done their research and put a lot of genuinely helpfull stuff in that website, just dig deeper
  20. I agree with what you are saying. Right now this is the ad they are choosing to use. All the others - in their eyes - are dated. You make a good point about all the older ads.

    As a result of the meetings that MRA(Vic) are having with TAC it is hoped to get TAC to understand exactly the points you have made above.

    For now - get this into the public eye and get others to debate it in the media is the best suggestion I can make at this time....