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[Vic] Switzerland Ranges ride Sunday 15th Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by FormerUser1, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. Meet: (if wanted...): Emerald Village Bakery from 8am for brecky
    Leave: 9.00am
    Distance: about 350km plus your access
    Type: Class 4/5
    Bring: the usual/ drink and wets !
    Return: laaaate afternoon

    LEAVE Gembrook IGA Supermarket (Main St.) at 9.00am.
    Across on the now all-sealed stretch to Launching Place, up the Old Don Rd (2km dirt at Pantons Gap) to Healesville, again cross the Hwy, up Myers Creek/ Toolangi to the top of the Slide, Melba Hwy to Glenburn, across towards Flowerdale, north to Yea, another short dogleg and up to Highland in the Switzerland Ranges, another 2km dirt (from memory) towards Seymour, another dogleg onto the Hume Fwy for about 10km towards Broadford, across via Strath Creek to Flowerdale again, then the usual way home via Kinglake and the twisties to St. Andrews/ Panton Hill....splitting somewhere along the way.

    The 2 short dirt bits should be ok...but one never knows.
    Total about 350-odd km Gembrook-Ringwood.

    Just to make sure: It's NOT a beginners- ride, full tanks at the start please (no servo in Gembrook).

    Thanks to whoever posted the Kinglake-gravel warning I saw this morning.

    It's a fairly long ride on mainly 2./3./4. grade sealed roads with some short dirt bits in between. Technical stuff. Gravel/ potholes fairly regularly. Could get hot up there, too. Might get a shower on the way back. This is NOT superslab-territory for sporties.
  2. you actually make it sound scary !
  3. this looks good, not sure if i can definitely make it. If i can, I'd meet somewhere other than Gembrook as I'd doubling back on myself. Any idea of numbers?
  4. No intention :)
    But it's not the standard Hwy stuff, roads in the Switzerland/ Strathbogies are fairly crappy compared to the Black Spur. Mainly farm traffic guarantees ALL sorts of surprises.
    Don't want to hear: "You coulda told us" afterwards.
    With appropriate care, any bike will do.
    Racing around there will end in tears.
    Countryside is spectacular...but the roads are ...hmmm....not really good. (depends on who looks at it, I guess).
    Traffic will be sparse though :)
  5. 3 firm so far, no need for corner-markers at this stage.
  6. +1 most likely :grin:
  7. If I can wake up in time, I'll be up for it.

    ...Big if!
  8. With you, that'll be an


    :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Now, now, for all you know I might have been waking up at 5.30am every day for the last month!
  10. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    :---) :---) [-( [-(
  11. So you are waking yourself up with your snoring and farting...justice is finally served!!!!

    :LOL: :p
  12. will be leaving the Bakery at 8:30am at the latest, (MEL-127-E-5)
    to make the leave point Gembrook before 9:00am.

    btw, for last chance petrol Emerald only has SHELL and AMPOL.
  13. I will be there, Pete. :)
    And will split off at St Andrews to head back home from there. Same as last time.
  14. It was a nippy morning out in them hills...
    Liners in place and only crossing the main highways we just about owned the roads through the first half of the day, yeeha :grin:
    A small group of 5 made for a good, relaxed pace.
    Found some new stretches of road, the remembered dirt out of Highlands proved to be sealed, the clouds lifted later in the morning and things started to warm up by the time we rolled into Yea.
    Some gravely bits here and there, the short dirt-stretch at Pantons Gap led to a former lookout up the Donna Buang Rd., mostly overgrown nowadays.
    Totally different to the one above Strath Creek, on top of the hairpins.
    Magic views from here. The huge-granite-boulder strewn paddocks in the Switzerland Ranges were another beautiful sight.
    The C383 along/ above the Goulburn River turned out a gem.

    Good bunch, good fun, good riding on great roads away from the usual weekend-fraccas....what a day :grin: :grin:
    Will do it again...soooon (gotta suss out that other now-sealed bit towards Seymour).
    Thanks to those who were there.... :butt: to those wo "couldn't make it" :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Bwahhahaaahahahaaa :LOL:
    Low, but..... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Oh, was that TODAY?

  17. An absolutely fantastic ride it was!..Interesting, varied, well paced with plenty of opportunites to have a go in some twisties and the company was great - looking out for each other as well as a lot of comradery. :)
    Weather!..pfuh!..does'nt get much better.

    And I managed to keep what I'd consider as my "bonehead moves for the day" to only two occasions. (coff). Ah well..:)

    I'd do that ride again anytime - try for zero "BM's"

  18. thankyou to everyone we rode with! :grin:

    Adam (doesn't have a computer; so i'll speak on his behalf)
    and i are very grateful to ride with experienced and thoughtful riders.
    i'd say that it is possible to ride for many years without learning as much as just one ride with you guys. :)

    with our leader selecting roads not frequented by daydreaming tourists,
    it felt like a weekday ride and we had the roads to ourselves,
    barely any traffic at all, awesome! :cool:
  19. Hey is Carver your surname?

    my mothers family are carvers. she was Mauritian..
  20. Hey mate...you picked up THAT many bad habits in just one day?.. :LOL:

    psst!..now all we have to look forward to is next week - shish!..ah well...it's a dirty job, but sombody has to do it!. :grin: :grin: