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[VIC] Sunday the 27th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by zauronus, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. hey guys and girls, im looking at going for a run next sunday,

    about 400km ish and probably a good 100km of gravel roads.
    nothing hectic but something different....

    if anyone is interested let me know on here

  2. That's the track day at Broadford on that day, so I'm guessing that not to many riders will show up.

    Cheers B
  3. Yeah im aware of the track day, but that isnt everyones thing....
  4. Yeah not too many people who do track days then throw their bike onto 100 km of gravel
  5. I'm going up to Broadford on Sunday if anyone from the Ringwood area wants to join me.
    PS : I'll be going via Kinglake.
  6. What time you looking at heading off?
  7. 9ish or whatever time suits people.
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  8. Count me in for the run up to Broady Biggs :)

  9. What time and Where Biggles ?

    And... you wanna do a bike swap stuey ?

  10. My short ass wouldn't fit on the Speedy :p
  11. Some of do exactly that, albeit the next day :D

  12. Part from a soggy start the closer we got to Broadford the clearer it became and when we got there it was warm & sunny.
    I got to see Nightowl do her first track day, listen to many howling R1's, Arcs screaming ZX10 and ZX9A6's beast the F4.
    Top day.