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[VIC] Sunday Ride ~ Faster Riders.

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by zauronus, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. [VIC] Sunday Ride ~ Intermediate/Advanced Riders

    Ok people, as we have plenty of interest in sunday rides, the thread has to move here, So enjoy.

  2. Enjoy what?
  3. looks exciting ::|
  4. how fast is fast ??? im not that quick but I can get around corners ok....

  5. I'm down for a ride but don't see too much interest.........hmmmm.
    How fast is fast?????? Now that is the question we all ask ourselves.
  6. yeah there are a few quickier riders at the front, but it's like all group rides there there is always someone faster.

    It probably has a bit of a mix, but from the rides i have been on i would suggest it ranges between l4-l5, as there are limited stops etc.....
  7. so about 200km between stops ??
    (approx range of a sv1000) :)

  8. So what's going on for this Sunday? Any one up for a Saturday run of the great ocean road?
  9. Hmmm, I'd replace "confident" for "faster" here. Someone who is confident is, by nature, faster than someone who isn't.

    This thread is derived from this thread here, which was started a while back in the wrong forum section.

    Really, these are just rides for people who aren't learners, and who are confident at riding for longer distances (meaning 300-600+kms in a day), with at least an hour's riding between stops, ranging up to two hours. They are rides for people who are confident in their abilities to tackle pretty much every road type without concern.

    They are also rides for people who ride their own ride, meaning faster riders may disappear into the distance and will happily wait for you at the next intersection, and that's cool with everyone. If you want to improve your skills at negotiating technical roads, there'll be people there who will lead you down such roads, and you'll emerge at the end of the day, bloody tired, but happy.

    In short, they are not beginner/novice friendly rides.

    I am free for Sunday. Forecast is for 17C and Sunny. I'm happy to lead a ride.

    How's this. Let's meet at the Yarra Glen servo at 9:15am, for a 9:30am departure.

    Ride Date: Sunday 29th August, 2010
    Destination: Mystery Ride - full of fun technical roads
    Meet Point: Yarra Glen Servo: Near Corner of King Street and Melba Hwy, Yarra Glen, Melways 274 K2 Google Map
    Gathering Time: 9:15am (at Meet Point)
    Depature Time: 9:30am sharp
    Lunch: Around 1pm, wherever we are at the time
    Ride Break Up: Healesville, estimate around 5:30-6pm
    Ride Length: Approx. 450kms from meet point to break up
  10. I am down for this ride and look forward to meeting you Flux. Have to travel from Ormond so I guess the the big ride will start a bit early for me :)
  11. Great! See you there. Takes me 50 minutes just to get to Yarra Glen myself.\\:D/
  12. If anyone else is planning on coming, drop a reply here, or send me a PM. It'd be nice to get an idea of numbers.

    Tomorrow's route will be stopping at about 130kms for the first leg for fuel and a snack, 90kms for the second for fuel, 70kms for the third and lunch, 65kms for the fourth and fuel, and then about 90kms and a quick breather, and finally 80kms for the final run into Healesville.

    Actually, that's closer to 500kms for the day.
  13. Hey guys, just found this thread and it sounds like a good ride tomorrow. I'd like to tag along if that's ok. The ride to Yarra Glen from Willy will be a nice way to start the day!

  14. Hey Rickg, yeah,the weather tomorrow looks awesome and Flux seems to have the trip planned to the tee. Look forward to riding with you.
  15. I'm about 90% that I'll be along to this one too... Although I expect I'll be the one you wait for at a few intersections as my right-handers need to work still! :D

    RickG, if you see this message in time, maybe we can ride to the meet point together? I'm going to fuel up and check my pressures at the BP on Melbourne Rd. What time would you be heading?
  16. Damnit! Why did I have to accept Sunday work? Damn enticing double-pay rates ):

    Flux, when do you think you'll be free to lead another ride? That last one you did around Gippsland was one of the best rides I've ever been on. Might try and get a day off next time you're heading out.

    Have fun everyone.
  17. SHhould be good except my bike is running a bit lean as I've just put on a new muffler. The bike starts and runs ok so I think everything should be alright until I get it fixed through the week. Hope those headers don't glow red!!
  18. How could I deny myself another Sunday riding?
    See you all there...
  19. Better to have money, and to wish to be riding, than to have no money and not be able to afford to ride at all!
    Aww shucks. Thanks! I generally average about 1 ride per fortnight, depending on weather and family committments. Sometimes it'll be 3 weeks in a row, sometimes I won't be able to get out for a month. I love Gippy rides. Been up Mt Baw Baw yet? Will lead one up there when it thaws out.

    Some more riders coming eh? Great! Means more eyes to look out for each other.
  20. Sounds good mate, I missed the Sat ride, so will see you in yarra glen!