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[VIC] Sunday nights $5 parma eastsiders

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Chef, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. The Sparks Bar are currently running $5 parma and chips at the Sandown Hotel in Noble Park. Not a big feed but not a bad feed for your buck.

    There's a resident two piece band who are a bit of fun and not bad at belting out songs. Plus pool tables if you're keen.

    A few of us get there at six which is the best time for ordering food. Come and join us if you're feeling social on a Sunday night and don't feel like cooking (if only there were $5 parmas every night [-o<)

    Hope to see you there.


  2. Re: [VIC] Sunday night $5 parma eastsiders

  3. Re: [VIC] Sunday night $5 parma eastsiders

    give me a yell next sunday mate, i'll drop in :)
  4. Re: [VIC] Sunday night $5 parma eastsiders

    Can you call me in the morning so i can give you a yell in the evening? I'll forget otherwise.
  5. I'll raid the kids piggy bank when they're outside.
  6. Think we need one of these in the West.
  7. Don't think they have parmas, but Taco Bill near Springvale road is half price until 20:00, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I have only eaten there once, though
  8. i like your thinking :)
  9. Seconded! Tacos are win!
  10. Highly likely that I'll be making an appearance - I might even be able to unglue the spawn from the computer
  11. Looks like it might just be me and you (and the spawn) if Kishy can't hack his kids piggy bank...
    ...no-one seems to have put their hand up.

    Ah well, after doing some gardening today I'll be ready for a pot or two. I'll see you there hon, about 6:00 :)
  12. Taco Bill has poor service and quality on the half price nights. I say this as a former half price fiend.
  13. ...maybe i should start a Taco Bill thread.....hmmm :-k
  14. I may come along with a buddy. I've been promising my boys I'd cook them dinner for about a week now and keep bailing. But that chicken in the fridge might go bad if I don't get my butt in the kitchen soon.

    So to be advised! I'll go next week more then likely
  15. My tip of the day...

    Let the chicken go off, feed it to the yappy dog next door to shut it up, bring the boys down to the boozer to see the band (who love the kids), feed the family for less than twenty bux, have a couple of drinks and meet some eastsiders. :dance:

  16. 'S likely I'll turn up.
  17. Sweet :)

    I can't pronounce your name so i'll likely refer to you as 'hey you'.....as in "Hey you can't sit there this table is for riders...."
  18. Haha kids? Rofl. By boys I mean, guys I live with rofl. They all seem to have plans anyway. Gonna cook the dinner regardless of anyone eating it. Will keep you posted :)
  19. You cook for your housemates????

    Do you have any spare rooms?
  20. Full up I'm afraid, we even have a couch dweller who is free to good home fyi :)