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[Vic] Sunday Moto GP run, Learner Friendly, from Melbourne CBD

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Freeform, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    We'll theres 4 of us netriders heading out from melbourne cbd for the sunday moto gp, so I thought it warranted a thread for anyone that wanted to join us.
    We all have general admission tickets and will be meeting at Michelle's bakery on the corner of Flinders and Spencer street in the cbd.

    We plan to meet in the morning, have a coffee and a bite, then head out.
    We can separate at the island or you can hang with us and find a nice spot to watch the race.

    ATTENTION, this ride is suited to LEARNERS and will be at a RELAXED pace down to the island, at or below speed limits.

    If you want to hoon and show off, or are an impatient rider, or even someone who rides faster then most of the other traffic, you will not enjoy this ride.

    Anyone is welcome to join us for breakfast and make their own, speedier way to the island.
    I strongly encourage learners to join us, we have 3 already so you will be in good company.

    Meet Time = 7-7:30 for 8am departure.
    Meet place = Michelles Patisery, corner of flinders and spencer,ample parking in the sliproad if the front is full (just park next to the two black vtr's on the other side of the building).

    We can organise a return ride on the day if we have enough and you would like to.

    EDIT* If you would like to come don't forget to drop me a PM, and I will give you my phone number in case you have trouble finding us in the morning.
  2. All going well I will be there in the morning.........not a Learner but but a relaxed pace would be the go as I am sure the Police will be out in force on this weekend.....

    Regards Neil
  3. Yeah well thats it as well, it wouldn't hurt not to give them any ammunition :)
    cya sunday mate
  4. What time do you think you will be riding through Cranbourne? I am thinking of maybe coming along but don't want to travel into the city to travel out again.
  5. Looks good streetmaster, Didnt see that other thread.
    It depends on the weather on saterday really mate... If its pissing down and freezing as I expect its gonna be the direct route for sure.
    Guess we will see on the morning.

    Oh and uncosnail im not sure but I would say around 9, if you want to PM me your phone number I can call/message you on the morning and update you on progress/work out a meet point.
  7. uh yeah..
    Dont know what I was thinking there lol.
    We can meet you at cranbourne at 9-9:30
  8. Hey,

    Will be hanging down the penninsula most of the weekend. Would love to join you all for the cranbourne to PI leg. I can't seem to get the google map to work - what is the exact meet point? Will be there before 9:30.
  9. Cranbourne meet-up at the Settlement Hotel, Cnr. Sth Gippsland Hwy. & Camms Road.
  10. I am heading down but i want to just get there..i will just go early...i want to be there before 9am
  11. On this day I would prefer the more direct route so we can get there and enjoy the races and atmosphere etc...........Normally I would say the more scenic route but it will be an early start and a long day/ride for Learners

    Regards Neil
  12. Geez, would love to come....

    But had a really tough week, driving around Sydney all day yesterday, late flight back and home at 1AM so still stuffed now.
    Working tonight until 1AM too so will be sleeping in tomorrow.

    Probably go for a 2-3 hour loop in the arvo somewhere rather than watch the GP on TV.
    Prefer to ride than watch others ride... if ya know what I mean!
  13. I can hear a violin playing...
  14. yep, I would rather ride than see others riding. Will go down as long as not wet, and going to go the longer scenic way than boring straight line freeway riding.

    May meet you at the Settlement Hotel, Look for my Blue/Green box so I know who you are as there are sure to be plenty of other bikes going....lol!

  15. I'll be on the white/orange Z1000
  16. Are you meeting us at michelles streetmaster?
    Or are you guys doing a separate ride :)?
    If you are, meet us at the Settlement Hotel 9-9:30 and we can all join up.

    Just a final confirmation, tomorrows ride is all systems go, 7-7:30 @ michelles, depart as soon as we have eaten/drunk.

    Cya then, and fingers crossed for no rain!
    (but bring your wet weather gear for sure)
  17. And I thought you couldn't drive your z100 yet :)?
  18. Won't be heading down this year, but to all going, stay safe and COME ON CASEY!
  19. oohhh, can't wait to see it!

    Yep those violins are playing, 2AM and just got home :-({|=
    Usually need to unwind before hitting the hay.

    Safe ride down there everyone, and enjoy....