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[VIC] Sunday Learner Ride Report 2/9/2012

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Roderz, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. If you were on the Eden Ride, you know I like to put up a report of my experiences on a ride.

    I'm sure I'll get some names wrong, if so, I can only apologise. Also, if you're not happy with something here, please let me know and I'll edit it out. Alternatively, I know that one of the mods has edited a post on someone's behalf before, so have at it.

    For this ride, I made no secret of the fact that I was handing responsibility for getting us to the ride over to [MENTION=36798]White Frost[/MENTION], she'd have to get us out of bed in time to make the journey. For this reason, Saturday night entailed a lot of questions about how long I thought things would take. Just to twist the knife I let her know I needed fuel beforehand as well. She also checked where the closest Maccas was since she (and a lot of others) believes that Hungry Jacks coffee isn't worth the cups it comes in.

    In the end, I woke up early to oil our chains anyway.

    We headed down EastLink, and I indulged in a bit of, "ooh, look at the pretty orange light" in the left lane on the way down, since I was extremely stress free.

    Nearing the meeting point at about 9:25AM, she asked if we had time to go to Maccas. I chose to be frustrating and just said, "I'm not sure, up to you," and secretly chuckled to myself at the role reversal. I do believe [MENTION=34621]Greydog[/MENTION] saw us making a 'wrong turn' in order to head up to Maccas. She ordered her coffee, then started stressing when she saw I'd ordered breakfast, "Will you have time for that?" The role reversal was a lot of fun for me, since usually I stress when I see her order stuff.

    We headed to the meet point, well in time for the briefing.

    [MENTION=22523]GreyBM[/MENTION] gave his customary clear briefing, then led us away. Unfortunately he forgot to give his usual rule of, "No one is allowed to crash."

    Though dubious to begin with, we all agreed to go with two corner markers.

    I recognised the main roads, but it wasn't long before we were off the beaten path and having a ball on the roads GreyBM picked for us. I loved them and tried to take note of the turns but I'm sure I failed miserably.

    Our first stop was Gembrook. Unfortunately, some random troll had waved the corner marker away, GreyBM worked it out pretty quickly, and sent [MENTION=34185]Kingpin[/MENTION] back to mark it. It was almost in time to catch everyone as well.

    Unfortunately, when I got there, there was no marker. If I'd been paying more attention to the towns I was passing through I might have realised sooner, but I was enjoying the road too much. So I headed off towards Launching Place with a two-up Buell with me. Before long we figured out we were heading the wrong way. White Frost also managed to call me once we got reception. And I was soon reunited with the group.

    We were passed by a lot of other bikes throughout the day, and Gembrook was probably the busiest location. I don't think a minute went by without a bike going by. Great day for it.

    [MENTION=31233]gregb[/MENTION] pointed out that two corner markers was working well, but might work better if they didn't just sit together in the same spot, but rather split up to mark the corner ahead of time. Get out of here with your common sense and logic. It might have had something to do with wanting to know about blind intersections ahead of time too.

    So then we headed off again, towards our lunch location, Noojee.

    At one point I found myself behind GreyBM, who accidentally dropped me to mark a turn that he realised we wouldn't be making. It took me a while to see his hand signals trying to cancel my marking. I had a chuckle at my ignorance when I realised I would have sent people down a No Through Road.

    We all grouped up again before the twisty bit into Noojee, and GreyBM gave us another briefing. I joke, but they are reassuring, and probably explain why he gets such a big turn out to his rides.

    He offered people the opportunity to go ahead of him into Noojee if they wanted to set a swifter yet still under the limit pace.

    Finding myself already on my bike, with only my helmet needing to go on, I decided to take him up and headed off alone. It was the best part of my day. I had no pressure to catch up, no worries about corner marking and no one up my date trying to get past. No pressure. The corners felt very smooth and I wore off the new tyre surface quite a ways.

    [MENTION=15469]Anto[/MENTION], [MENTION=20128]Ned[/MENTION] and a couple of others and I came to the T intersection GreyBM told us of. Then Anto pointed out the bright idea to go for lunch so that we could break up the pack a bit.

    In Noojee there appeared to be two options for lunch, though GreyBM had already steered us to the right one. And boy was it the right one. I stood beside three people who paid for their lunch with shock in their voices and on their faces as they paid. The lovely lady certainly did us a discount. Then she sent out free cakes to go with the coffees.

    If you're in Noojee, don't go to the... was it called the Red Parrot or something? Don't go to that one. Go to the General Store I think it was, the lovely lady in there takes care of her customers.

    After Noojee we headed down a little goat track single lane road, covered in muck, yet a lot of fun.

    I don't remember all the twists and turns unfortunately, but a couple of things did stand out to me.

    [MENTION=38271]Lament[/MENTION] was awesome at considering riders behind him. He noticed them quickly and 'kicked' them through. The only downside was I saw him kick White Frost through at one point which was on a slight bend, and White Frost wasn't sure whether or not he intended to be passed right at that second.

    I also got waved through, by hand, by [MENTION=38306]sky9[/MENTION] I think it was. Pretty sure the bike was blue anyway. It confused me since it was a hand wave. If you find a bike behind you and you want to let them past, the general signal for this is to kick your right leg out. It is a similar signal to "Look out for that pot hole", but there's not usually much opportunity for confusion.

    I also had fun with Anto, playing tag through one section, and assessing my riding against him, so thanks mate.

    Once we came to the fuel stop by the highway, a group decided to head off home directly. The rest of us took in some more interesting roads before ending across the road from where we started.

    I did pass a few people on the day, but tried my best to pick good locations and not startle anyone, particularly those sporting the yellow square on the back. If I failed, I apologise.

    As far as I know, no-one was passed on the left, which is AWESOME! It also meant no-one had to be tarred and feathered.

    I know [MENTION=34537]ultram[/MENTION] and White Frost were playing tag trying to hear how awesome each other's pipes were, which gave me a chuckle.

    There were a lot of people on this ride, not huge, but about 20 or so I think, probably higher at its height. Everyone contributed to make it an awesome day for me, but unfortunately and shamefully I didn't make the effort to try to meet everyone, and I certainly can't remember all those I did meet. So in no particular order, thank you to [MENTION=36798]White Frost[/MENTION], [MENTION=15469]Anto[/MENTION], [MENTION=34537]ultram[/MENTION], [MENTION=34621]Greydog[/MENTION], [MENTION=31233]gregb[/MENTION], [MENTION=38306]sky9[/MENTION], [MENTION=35383]Jimmy37[/MENTION], [MENTION=37850]Portagrug[/MENTION], [MENTION=33076]Biggles[/MENTION], [MENTION=31430]presti[/MENTION], [MENTION=38386]jezsmith[/MENTION], [MENTION=38230]aaa765[/MENTION], [MENTION=20128]Ned[/MENTION], [MENTION=38271]Lament[/MENTION], [MENTION=37133]HOTROD[/MENTION], [MENTION=28381]Nizmat[/MENTION], [MENTION=37640]The Toad[/MENTION], [MENTION=37000]Blueyy[/MENTION], [MENTION=15417]Jafu[/MENTION], [MENTION=34185]Kingpin[/MENTION], and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Not to mention, I probably would struggle to put a lot of names to faces and bikes, my apologies if I missed you.

    Most importantly, huge thanks to [MENTION=22523]GreyBM[/MENTION] for leading us, especially with the way his day panned out, and to [MENTION=32441]Strife[/MENTION] as well for the thankless task of TEC for the day. Special mention to [MENTION=34621]Greydog[/MENTION] for offering to tag in as TEC as well.
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  2. There was one other thing I forgot to mention.

    At least part of the day was spent trying not to be mesmerised by the ENORMOUS back tyre of Kingpin's Diavel which was carving up the twisties in front of me.
  3. Nice write up Roderz.

    And if you got confused by those roads wait until you do my ride where we go from Diamond Creek to Healesville passing through Hurstbidge about six times.
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  4. Thanks.

    Hmmm... I have a better chance there since I'm slowly exploring around my neck of the woods.

    Mt Pleasant Road is fun but harrowing for the number of people who use it, and there's one that goes from Eltham Road through to St Andrews that is similar. I know some of the goat tracks.
  5. remind me not to get lost on that ride ](*,):cheeky:
  6. I accidentally found the Mt Pleasant Road you speak of this weekend. Unfortunately I was in the cage. I was going from Epping to Nunwading and didn't feel like taking the burbs/direct route so my wife and I just turned here there and everywhere semi-randomly. Found some great tracks.

    I look forward to doing this on the bike. Just be careful for the next few weeks around 5pm. Until the sun shifts it's position in the sky, there's a horrible hill (Eltham --> Warrandyte direction) that totally and utterly renders you blind for 3 seconds.

    EDIT: Also, great write up. I wish I had of been on that ride!
  7. Why? Sounds like if you wait in Hurstbridge he won't be far away.

    Mt Pleasant is on my way home if I don't mind doubling back just a little bit. I've only really done it in the dark too. In a way it helps because you can see incoming headlights.
  8. Great report Roderz, you've got a fantastic memory!! An awesome day it was, can't wait for the next one, bring it on.....
  9. Got it, right foot kick to pass :)
    Also learnt the hand flashing signal from WhiteFrost haha
    Didn't get it at first, thought she was stretching her fingers haha. Second attempt and I thought was another gesture to slow down. Only was it the 3rd time I realised it was the blinker signal :p

    Is there a hand/leg signal thread on here for newbies? haha
  10. A long while back someone did start a thread about signals. Can't remember though if it was serious or not. You could do a search and see if anything comes up.
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  12. hahaahahahahaaha ^^^^^
  13. well written mate, thou was Nizmat ;-) who went back to corner at Gembrook
    and to the MUPPET who waved the 2 corner markers through... your a fool, don't come on a ride again unless you understand the rules!!
  14. Nizmat... i actually heard that the waver could have been from another group.. and id be likely to believe that since our group was pretty muppet free i rekon :)
  15. Don't take anything for granted. Run across the occasional muppet on our rides too.
  16. For sure Greydog.. but i rekon last weekend was pretty good. :)
  17. It had 'moments'. I don't need to comment further here, 'cause I fixed it at the time, and hopefully it won't happen again.
  18. [MENTION=34621]Greydog[/MENTION] for the Netrider ENFORCER anyone?

    Since I didn't get a talking to, I'm assuming it wasn't me.
  19. Rusti seems to be otherwise occupied these days so I'll vote for her.