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[VIC] Sunday Coffee/Lunch, Bendigo,

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Slade

    Beechworth Bakery (Bendigo), 12pm Sunday
    158 High St, Bendigo (Corner of Don and High St's)

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  2. thankyou to whoever fixed this.

    Will see all those who wish to come this sunday at the bakery.

    18th March will see a change, with a much larger ride being conducted. Same meeting time and place intially.

    To anyone who would like more information pm me.
  3. I'd like to wander along to some of your Bendigo Coffee Meets, but this weekend coming is the Phillip Island round of the World Superbikes so I can't make the next weekend.

    I'll keep an eye on the thread though :)
  4. Pleasure was all mine.
  5. Ok here goes again... lol

    only 2 of us made it out today, others with prior commitments, and others who just arnt showing up, come on you lot where are you all :p

    Today we zipped up to Mt Alexander, had a bit of a peak about and took some snaps while I was up there :grin:
    I was going to say a bit more about todays ride, which I had already typed up, but then knocked the back button on my mouse and lost it all, so forget that now :LOL:

    Next week we may be heading off in a different direction, but the location at this point is a mystery :wink:
    But as alway, same meet up, same time, Bendigo Beechworth Bakery 12pm (lunchtime)
  6. And as before... I am committed this weekend... got a wedding to go to.

    I'll check back next weekend and let you know why I can't attend then ok :LOL:
  7. Hehe thanks mate, hope to see yah soon :p

    Here is a pic I took while up Mt Alexander.
    Obviously since i took the pic, the bald guy in the photo is not me :)
    Guess Who ??? :LOL:
  8. ok, this sunday (11th) I wont be able to make it :(

    im having alot of troubles with my bike and will be working on it half the day, then have to goto work the other half. I really need to get this biatch going before the next weekends ride, or its going to be miserable

    If anyone was planning to go and decides they would rather work on a oily 2stroke under the hot sun let me know :LOL:
  9. Hope u get your bike sorted by next weekend as I'm in with a passanger.
  10. Don't forget that this weekend (18th) there is a meet at erm.... someplace going to erm... some other place! Yeah I know. More info shortly.

    To Mt. Buller I believe and meeting in Benalla???

    We leave usual cafe at 12.30 I think....
  11. I'm not able to make it for the Benalla - Mt. Buller ride. Sorry for the late call. Following Sunday as normal though, I hope.
  12. I'm ok for the Mt. Buller ride this weekend.

    Will be at the Bakery at 11:30am.
  13. That's ok, can postpone until another time.

    At least my record of not being able to go on central victorian rides is still intact :LOL:
  14. umm is this weekend on or off, i am available for a meet/coffee on Sunday...

    and i'm planning a tour of central Vic tomorrow as i Have the day off if anyone feels like coming.. most likely, Kyneton, Macedon, over the Mountain, Trentham And Lunch at Pig and Whistle. Then Trentham, daylesford, Maldon, Castlemaine and home again to Kyneton....should fill up my day rather nicely :grin:
  15. Ok, well im still out of commision and dont believe I will be right to go this weekend :(

    Got my new gearbox plate today, So tommorow I will be back to work with it for the little time I do have in the morning to try get all 4 bearings out and go get new replacements.

    Hoping to have the gearbox done by the end of the weekend.
    Also got a new/old set of 2piece pv's coming for my bike, so lets hope they arrive next week sometime although not "essential" I really do want to get them in asap.

    Please dont take my absences as a reason to cancel everything, Im sure a few of you can still work something out :).

    If not I'll see you all there NEXT sunday, If the bike aint going i'll cage it just so im at the freaking bakery :LOL:

    Sorry again for the inconvience and cancelling the big ride last weekend but there really was not much I could do :(
  16. i'm a maybe for a coffee
  17. Sunday 1st April

    Sunday 1st April

    Weather permitting (as I have yet to purchase waterproof trousers) I shall be sat outside having my usual coffee and roll up. Being new to the area I have no idea where to ride or what constitutes a good ride, so I hope one of you (at very least) will turn up and bring some interesting route suggestions. If I remember, I'll bring a map so that they can be marked and later noted both here and on Bendigo Forums along with reviews and hopefully some interesting photos too.
  18. I'll be at the bakery, but not on the bike, still being fcuked around by the lovely fellows at the bike wreckers, Who were nice enough to send me the wrong part, and then take over a week before they even posted the correct one to me apparently, as im yet to recieve it.....
  19. I'm currently up in mildura (and posting this via a wireless usb modem) and will be for a week so I can't attend.