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[VIC] Stupid Police Operation Names

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by joetdm, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else sometimes laugh at the names they use for their operation.

    We all remember operation pipedown, dragnet, raid, slowdown, etc....

    Now just this week they have 9 different operations for a 3 week blits on public transport...

    I mean like who comes up with these names.....:-s

    Major public transport blitz launched

  2. 9. Operation Safe Number Plate – Transit police working at targeted public transport car parks will arrange for tamper proof number plate screws to be placed on approved vehicles free of charge to prevent number plate theft.

    After my plates got stolen a few years ago (in Sydney), I fixed my new plates with phillip heads, and then drilled out the slots.
  3. Some of them are ok, but operation V/Line? Come one, really? Nothing more imaginative than that?
  4. Operation OnTrack?
  5. See, how easy was that?

    Operation We Don't Give a Shit, Operation Coffee Run, Operation Get Beer, Operation KKK (Krispy Kreme (re)Kover)

    Operation Preload is pretty good, actually...

    What was Operation Surreptitious about again? Seems to have been kept pretty quiet! :rofl:
  6. How about this for a Police Operation name...

    Operation Wank Factor!

  7. From what I understand they can't make up there own Operation names anymore and they have to be so they can cause no offense to anyone.
    example - There was a big hoo-har when an Operation in to what Kath Pettingill was up to was called Operation Cyclops

    *note - She only has one good eye.
  8. Motorcycling counter measure operations run in the Reefton and Blackspurs

    Operation Surreptitious
    surreptitious [ˌsʌrəpˈtɪʃəs]
    1. done, acquired, etc., in secret or by improper means
    2. operating by stealth
    3. characterized by fraud or misrepresentation of the truth
    [from Latin surreptīcius furtive, from surripere to steal, from sub- secretly + ****re to snatch]

    Operation Goad
    goad [gəʊd]
    1. a sharp pointed stick for urging on cattle, etc.
    2. anything that acts as a spur or incitement
    (tr) to drive with or as if with a goad; spur; incite
    [Old English gād, of Germanic origin, related to Old English gār, Old Norse geirr spear]

    [EDIT] Sorry they're a bit off topic because they're not stupid. They're actually quite fitting.
    1. done, acquired, etc., in secret or by improper means
    2. anything that acts as a spur or incitement
  9. Operation lube - bend over and prepare to be ****ed in the arse
  10. :rofl: :bolt:
  11. I always wondered if Operation Purana/Purana Task Force investigating the Melbourne gangland killings was so-called because some plod couldn't spell "Piranha".
  12. My favorite are the road signs that say Police Targeting xx&y.

    Or in sydney 90% are spray painted 'Police Targeting Lebs'