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[VIC] Stolen Yamaha YZF R1 2004 Candy/Lava Red

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by jusingh, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. [VIC] Stolen Yamaha YZF R1 2004 Candy/Lava Red - $2500 Reward

    Hi all

    Im new this site. I must post this notice about my stolen R1. Ive only had the bike since Feb this year. Had a low side in April but bike has since been painstakingly repaired and was just return back on the road this week before some low life asshole broke into my garage and took the bike in the early hours of Saturday 07/06.

    2004 Yamaha YZFR1 Candy Apple Red or Lava Red and Black.

    Rego: 1B-8RX

    Distinctive features: Dual under seat chrome Hindle pipes (Hindle badging removed), Tinted double bubble, No pillion pegs, Missing R1 stickers on right fairing, Missing Yamaha stickers on lower fairing both sides and Yamaha sticker on seat fairing / ducktail.

    Engine: N509E-017716

    Bike was not insured and has been reported to the police. Bike was stolen from my garage in Taylor's Hill VIC 3037.

    Good person providing info leading to recovery of my baby will be rewarded $1500.

    Increasing the reward for information leading to recovery of my bike in "1 piece" ie in the same state it left my garage. No questions asked to $2500.

    Thank you.

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  2. hello
    as the owner of the same model I feel for you
  3. That's a kick in the balls mate. Sorry to hear about it.
  4. Will keep an eye out for you mate, R1's are pretty easily spotted if the thief is silly enough as to go joy riding on it.
  5. Apologies for the loss, but no insurance on a bike like that? You are one brave man. Consider claiming on your home and contents insurance? Assuming you have home and contents insurance ...
  6. Does not cover vehicles at all
  7. Thanks to all your replies.

    I do have home and contents. i don't know if it covers motor vehicles however. Max cover is 1000 per item on my policy anyway.

    I'm not able to get comprehensive insurance on a bike for another couple of years.

    Just hoping theres acall soon from the police saying they have recovered it. i know its a slim chance but still hoping.
  8. There you go, I stand corrected.

    Sadly I know a few guys who've had R1's stolen, none have been returned. I hope yours turns out differently!
  9. I'll keep an eye out for you, hope you find it soon though!
  10. Insurance company advised that if its more than 50cc, its not covered.
  11. just claim that something esla that was colse in in cost stolen or something like that
  12. Wouldnt you have to get a report from the police? And since what you're reporting is false, isn't that against the law? (don't know the correct wording for it)
  13. So, only just out of range of the cover, then. Damn.

    Sorry to hear mate. Hope it is found. The 04 R1's are beautiful.
  14. i don't know about getting the report but yeah it would be against the law but what the use of insurance if you can't use it
  15. Thanks for all your replies and sympathies.

    Call it an added incentive or what you will, I'm increasing
    the reward for information leading to recovery of my bike
    in "1 piece" ie in the same state it left my garage
    No questions asked to $2500.

    I didn't have insurance because I couldn't get insurance. This is the best way to for me to
    repay the good person helping to get my bike back.
    Hoping anyone can assist.
    Thank you.
  16. i don't understand why you couldn't get insurance...

    you bought an expensive bike the first thing to buy for it should of been insurance...
  17. "Fraud" is what it is called.

    Man I hope you get your bike back, sorry for your loss.
  18. It's none of your business. Insurance is something that each of us decides is right or wrong for us.
    So much opinion around here lately from people with no idea.
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  19. Sorry. deleted post
  20. Lol the mod just said the op's decision to get insurance isn't our business and that there's too many opinions flying around lately and you do Exactly the same thing in the following post ?! A rider has had his bike stolen it's a shit situation that I wouldn't wish on anyone - why bother kicking someone when their down?
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