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[Vic] Stolen Number Plates

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by enforcer, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Sometime between 1:00AM to 11:30AM this morning my parents cage number plates, 1987 Blue Tarago, were stolen. I have reported this to the police but if anyone sees the following numberplate on any other car please call police:

    RNG 750

    Note that the plates were stolen from the Delahey area in the western suburbs.
  2. someone wanted to fill up with petrol and drive off Id say.
    Im in that area alot...I'll keep my eye's open.
  3. That's what I think as well.

    I have no proof at all but I'm going to blame those damn teenagers :twisted: :LOL:

    I hope who ever stole them gets caught and gets a criminal record and is unable to get a job in the future.
  4. Be thankful they didnt take the car as well.
  5. Not to hijack the thread.. but :grin: I lost my bike plates sometime on Thursday, I didn't think much of it. I rang Vicraods who told me to get onto the Police straight away. I rang them and reported the incident. It was then that they explained what people do with plates when they get them :shock: So just for the record "I didn't do it".
  6. My bike rego plate fell off during the week...got a new one on friday..$13.10..reasonable.
    just not too sure I like my new rego number...I'm a tad superstitious.. the letters are ...DI
  7. I lost my NR frame and L plate in the process :? Maybe if I smile at the admins enough they'll get sick of my ugly face and give me a replacement so I will go away :grin: (I would really like a neck warmer too guys) :grin:
  8. Hey Ruthy, welcome to the forum, but do you reckon you could give our old fingers a break and shorten you nick S370HSSV_O773H :LOL: ???
  9. Don't they have to issue you with a new rego if your plates are stolen??
    So there are not 2 sets of the same number floating around??
  10. Hornet read her nick backwards, it may make sense.
  11. err, yeah, ok, thanks (I guess!)
  12. YEP.....
    but funnily enough, when he printed out my label..he forgot I said bike..and printed out the label for the same rego but a car...in some other blokes name.
    And...when i was online looking at personalised plates.....
    I can have my name for the bike...but not for the car...its taken already.
    So that means you can have a bike...and a car with the same rego numbers.
    I rang vicroads about my label..they printed a new one...with bike...not car and its got my details etc..so Im happy now. just gotta hope mr plod doesnt pull me up in the meantime while Im waiting for the label in the post.
  13. Look at it upside down Hornet600, & thank you for the welcome! :grin:

    *Didnt do intro post* :oops:
  14. All items in stock.

    Bring your cheque book :)
  15. Rego numbers can appear on cars & bikes and also on vehicles from different states as well, hence when the Police do a rego check by radio with D24 (VKC) they specify if it's a bike or from interestate to cut down confusion.

    Rule #1. If you lose a number plate or it gets stolen you must notify the Police first so they SOG don't break down your front door looking for you if it's been used in a robbery or similar and then get a completely new number from Victor Roads so they cant possibly nail you for something in the future.
  16. I reported it to the Police as soon as I found out. I only have a few points on my licence left so I didn't want to get a nasty surprise in the mail.
  17. I just got a call from the Police.

    They've found my plates on another cage in Sydenham :!: Also a Tarago but a silver colour.

    They wanted to know why the car was parked in the same spot for over a week. I said that the licence plates are stolen and they replied "oh yeah, it is".

    They'll be sending a cop car to check it out as the car itself is probably stolen as well. Hopefully they may get some evidence from it and catch the scum that did it.
  18. Damn those Sydenham/Delahey teenagers.......

    Is the other Tarago in better nick than your parents one cos a swap could be a good idea ! ! !