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(VIC) Stolen CBR250RR – Norlane

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by Beza, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi guys and girls,
    I woke up this morning to find my CBR250rr stolen from my back yard some time between 11pm and 6am 20 June, 2011. Pretty distinct colours as it's a bit of a mish mash.

    This photo was taken yesterday afternoon.

    Licence plate GJ832


    Cheers, Adam
  2. damn dude! that is a sweet looking bike!

    obviously already reported to the police? shove it all over FB if you have it, straight onto other bike forums. this bike will be EASILY spotted with its unique looks!
  3. sorry to hear that mate, will keep eye out
  4. F**k that sucks man. In your backyard? So you mean then the bike's been watched and the theft planned out?

    Definetly get the word and pic out as wide as you can cast - its unique looks will make it easier to spot.

    She's such a looker too. Good luck and keep us updated!
  5. Sorry to hear about that. Hope they DIE!
  6. Yup all reported to the police and posted it up on FB and a few bike forums. Getting the insurance sorted today as well.

    Shame really because it was my first bike, done 44,000kms and such a fun bike to ride plus I only just gave it a clean last night.
  7. Good news, the police called and found it three doors down in the back yard of a empty house with the ignition drilled. I have a feeling I know which of the neighbours nicked it too.
  8. Lucky man.

    Maybe you should organize a lynch mob/ride to show them who's boss?

    Sweet little ride you got there! Glad you can enjoy it a little longer.
  9. good to hear its found! write an anonymous letter to them

    "i know you stole your neighbours bike. if you do anything like this again, i'll cut your nuts off"
  10. Heh, what kind of idiot steals a bike and keeps it 3 doors down?
    Glad it's been found. Are they gonna be idiots and have it towed or are they just gonna let you push it?
  11. I pushed it. Had a good chat and I told the police I'd had a few beers, they were cool one rides a Firebird the other a CBR250 as well and told me it's best to chain the bike down in this area.
  12. Nice. how much are you up for for the ignition?
  13. Dunno, I literally just pick the bike up an hour a go. Any one got any ideas? I'm gonna see Peter Steven in Geelong and see what they say re price.
  14. www.findapart.com.au

    Someone tried to steal my friend's bike when he'd parked it at the station (we gave him a good lecture about riding to a station as opposed to riding straight to work). Anyway, 2 keys, ignition barrel, fuel tank and seat locks for $150 from a mob in syd.

    Check ebay, there were a fair few for a cbr up there
  15. Great looking bike. Happy its all good for you. Can you claim the new ignition on your insurance ? Or is it cheaper than your access ?
  16. Excess will cost more than replacement I think
  17. Man that sucks. I’ve found in that general area; anything that moves will be stolen; anything that doesn’t will be trashed.

    Peter Stevens in Geelong are very reasonable and should be sympathetic. I walked my old bike there from Geelong station after someone attempted to get away with it. They sourced a used part and only charged me 30mins labour. But since it’s at home id try to diy first.
  18. That's pretty much what the police said. It's all chained down to the house now and I'm already looking at moving out apparently Norlane has the highest ratio of ex-crims to citizens in Victoria.
  19. Yeah I'm not surprised really. I think it's also got the highest level of government housing, first port of call after Barwon Prison... There are some decent pockets in the area but I know from experience that it's best to stay away.

    Have you considered an alarm/alarmed disk lock? Even a cover would help draw away attention.

    I'd personally be sitting in front of the zx6r with a shotgun :D