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(VIC) - Stolen Bike!! Black GSXR750 07' model **UPDATE!!**

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dougz, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. No, not my bike thank God, but a very good mate of mine's. It was stolen last Tuesday from his locked garage in Reservoir by, according to useless witness reports, 2 x teenagers approximately 16-17yrs old.

    Rego # FY591

    The little pricks also broke into his house and stole both bike keys too along with a laptop, GPS and other such items. The one distinguishing feature the bike has is NO EXHAUST CAN! It had just been removed to have the baffle taken out.

    If anyone hears anything or see's anything PLEASE pm me. Thanks guys.


  2. God that makes me angry! I'll keep my eye's peeled.
  3. Sorry to hear about that mate. Breaking into someones house and stealing shit. THEN stealing their bike too.

    That takes a cold hearted person.

    Good luck getting it back from police/insurance/whoever.
  4. F@cking pricks, they should lose their hands for stealing shit...

    Did he have insurance?
  5. Re: (VIC) - Stolen Bike!! Black GSXR750 07' model

    I think plenty of people will hear it before they see it in that case!

    Good luck getting it back though
  6. Or at lease have them crushed, that way they can keep their hands (which they want) and have them made useless (which we want)

    WIN WIN!
  7. IF, they get caught, i bet they'll get less than our 170 in 50 zone friend.
  8. What is the world coming to?

    Let us know if anything eventuates.
  9. Bastards.

    Utter fcuking Bastards!

    Hope they get their just deserts.
  10. Two words.


    Plus a chain will set you back no more than a couple hundred.
    Cheaper than an insurance excess.
  11. :shock:

  12. But would it really slow thieves down much? In my garage I have an angle grinder, it would whip through cables & chains real quick.

    I remember playing a trick (or teaching him a lesson) on my little brother once; he had his motocrosser chained up in my parents garage, right next to the oxy/acetylene torch. Before he got home, I cut through the chain with the oxy torch and pushed the bike behind the garage; he freaked when he got home until he saw the smile on my face.

    I really want to stop bikes from being stolen, maybe some might want their bikes to go missing sometimes but those of us that have lost uninsured bikes, it's a killer (yeh some dicks on here will say "you should have insured it".)

    Maybe we could start a website, funded by bike insurance companies, that could list eng & frame no's and pics of stolen bikes? I guess insurance companies aren't worried about it, if less bikes were getting stolen, riders might not take up insurance, then the companies are the loser.
  13. Over at ocau.mc, some guy had his bike stolen by some local thieves.

    He had a suspicion of where it might be. Rang up the police, and they wouldn't do anything because there was no proof.

    He had to stake out the house himself, obtained pictures and evidence of his bike in their garage, took the evidence to the police, and then they took action.

    The police rocked up, got the bike back for the guy, but here's the kicker. The house didn't belong to the thieves (was apparently the g/f of one of the thieves), so the thieves couldn't be charged for possession of stolen property. Her fingerprints weren't on the bike, so she had an alibi that she knew nothing of the bike's origin. The thieves' fingerprints were all over the bike of course, but apparently a motorbike is classified as an externally touchable object, meaning that fingerprints count for nothing as the thieves could've walked by it while on the street and touched it. It's not the same thing as finding fingerprints inside a car for example. They claimed that they knew nothing of the bike in the garage and how it got there, and their fingerprints were just from touching it when parked somewhere.

    So, basically the guy got his bike back (some minor damage I recall), which wasn't worth his bother to claim, and the thieves got off scott free despite being caught red-handed with his motorcycle.

    Just goes to show. If you get caught speeding without causing any actual harm, you're f*cked. If you get caught stealing, dealing drugs, bashing up people, killing people through negligent driving, glassing people in the face, hospitalising people and causing life-long injuries and/or brain damage to others, you can basically walk awak with little more than a slap on the wrist.

    Far better to get caught actually cause harm to people and/or steal their property, than to get caught doing something that may cause harm (as if no one ever gets hurt at below the speed limit, right?).
  14. Wow that sux! I remember giving the cops a rego number of the ute that was seen driving away with my R1 in it. I found the the address for the ute; Altona, but I don't think the cops even went around there.
  15. Several words: not going to be too useful given they broke in the house and stole the keys...
  16. yeah if they went to the trouble of going inside and getting the keys I don't think anything would have stopped them unless you rigged up some kind of device that electrocutes/stabs/shoots/burns them when triggered.... but sadly you would be in more trouble for having used it than they would for being there to pinch your hard earned valuables
  17. The bike was insured which is some comfort I guess, but the poor bloke is so disillusioned by the experience he's not buying another bike, lappy etc until he's moved out of the area. It's the second time he's been burgled in twelve months.

    The bloody neighbours saw 2 x teenagers riding the thing with no helmet and then pushing it across a creek and didn't think (or didn't care to) call the Police etc.

    People really shit me. :evil:
  18. i live in a suburb near there. having a big dog is the only thing that lets me sleep at night

    the new bike is definetly geting theft insurance
  19. I don't blame him. It was probably the same people that burgled the place last time. If it happens to a house once, it will happen againand again until security is upgraded bigtime. The ****s know they can get in so it makes sence to them to keep targeting the house rather than risk an unknown property. I'd move too.
    I'm amazed he's been good enough not to smack his neighbour in the head. what kind of stupid prick can witness a burglery in progress and not report it? Deadshits..., they're everywhere I guess.
  20. Makes you wonder doesn't it. We have a cleaner come once a fortnight and she set the alarm off and had to wait outside for about 5 minutes until it stopped. She said noone looked, cops never showed, nothing. WTF is the world coming to? Neighbourhood watch my arse. So many people don't give a shit about anyone but themselves then wonder how things got so bad that thieves do whatever they like.

    I'm a believer in vigilante justice - it's just hard to find good vigilantes nowadays.