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[VIC] Stickers on screen

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RustyO, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Yeah, really daft question, but I don't know the answer?

    Is it legal to have stickers on your screen?

    Or more to the point is it illegal to have them on there?
  2. do you think that it will obscure vision if you have them ?
  3. Probably not at all.

    Just curious on the legality of it all (there's a longer story behind it all)
  4. nakeds dont have screens --- I dont see any issue personally as you in no way obscure vision
  5. Are you really Mark Webber and does you sticker refer to nanny state?
  6. dont put nothing on there, u might give the gov an idea to put rego plate stickers on there :D
  7. Longer story is argument with body corporate and parking where I live. ](*,)

    They want me to have a sticker on my bike... no chance of that happening.

    Telliing them it's illegal would be a fun way to change/ignore the rules.

    Hey, I warned you it was a daft question! :bolt:
  8. put it in a rego holder, and tie it to your locking chain. Compromise!
  9. Completely legal.

    From a roadworthiness standpoint, the screen is not a "windscreen or window" but part of the fairing / bodywork.

    You can put 20 stickers on it, or paint it Candy-Apple red.
  10. I take it they just don't want to have to actually read/record your numberplate? Slackers....
  11. Some people just have too much time on their hands / not enough of a life.

    Thanks for all the answers, most appreciated.