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[Vic] Sth Gippy ride, Mon 12th March

Discussion in 'VIC' started by barn, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Hi all...
    we're starting from Korrumburra at 10. 00, heading to noojee for lunch, coffe,, bike admiring, then on to willow grove, traf, thorpy, mirboo nth, and then home...
    learners welcome as i only have my l's and will be riding, barry will stop at turnoffs for all those following him, (inc me). :cool:
    no doubt he will pick the speed up as he tends to do, and then wait at the next turn....
    dont know what cat ride to put on this, but all welcome..... :grin:
    meeting korumburra bp, south gippsland hway, [melb end of town].
    9.50 meet, leave at 10.00

  2. Is there a chance of organising a pick up point at either Drouin or Warragul? Might be able to drum up some business on this side of the hills :)
  3. no probs can meet at mackas at warragul at 10.40
  4. Heya Liz, I will play this one by ear, I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow yet [​IMG]

    I'll put a post here or send a text if I am going to come :grin:
  5. is there a chance to drop an address? im thinking how far it is frm my home :grin:
  6. :) edited original message, check it out, hope that helps :)
    hope to see you there.
    am possibly meeting others at maccas in warrigul at 10.40, if this is easier for anyone
  7. Would love to be a part of this ride. See how the finances and bike servicing goes ;-)
  8. If I come, I will meet you at Warragul Macca's :grin:
  9. damn too far away... :( hav fun there :grin:
  10. Hi guys, I've spent the weekend at the motox in newborough so I cant make monday, have a heap of fun for me :grin:
  11. See you all in the morning.
  12. Will see you at Maccas :cool:
  13. bugger...., have only just got out of bed, wish I had seen this ride earlier...maybe next time....
    have fun guys.. :wink:
  14. Get back to bed you lazy bum…it’s a public holiday :shock:
  15. Nice day out

    Thanks for the company today, had a good time and hope all the rest did too, [I know Barn had a nice ride also]. :grin:
    Catch you in the near future...
    Liz :grin:
  16. Great to meet up again with a few familiar faces, and also to meet a couple of new ones [​IMG]

    Turned out to be a great day for a ride. I went home for about a half an hour, then took off again for the rest of the arvo :grin:

    Look forward to the next [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. What a great brunch!
    Thanks all for the ride, Baw Baw next?
  18. Baw Baw ride in the pipeline...at this stage it looks like it will be April but a definite date hasn't been decided on yet.

    Will have to call an executive meeting...you listening Woodsy? [​IMG]
  19. Yes Dear :p