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[VIC] Stewy's House Warming BBQ/party, Sat Oct 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Deb aka Flipper

    After alot of hounding, Stewy has finally agreed to have a House Warming BBQ/Party!!!

    Date: Saturday 14th October
    Time: 6pm till late
    BYO: Meat and drinks

    Salads and Munchies will be supplied but if you have any "specialties" bring them along.

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  2. If you need the address, shoot a PM to Stewy :)
  3. hummm my brother's birthday or stewys party..... hummmm

    yo stew whats the address :LOL:
  4. I guess we will be turning up late..... if we have a place to crash. :grin:
  5. Who's Stewy? :grin: :p
  6. October. long way off, maybe, what suburb?
  7. The party will be in Rowville :)
  8. isnt that the baby in FAMILY GUY.........
  9. I MIGHT be able to attend :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ...... ;)

    Yeah, I'll be there. :grin:
  10. You did this on purpose right?........ I'll be out of the country :? attending an off-shore Pirate party :wink: Oh well, am sure we'll all have a grand night anyhows :) Happy Belated House Warming Stewy!
  11. Isn't belated when you miss something and wish them well after the event, not before the event? :p
  12. Isn't a house warming when you first move in - not 6 months later :wink: (yer I know its not that long, just padding the facts :LOL: )
    plus there's every chance I'll forget by the time I return :)
  13. we'll be there :grin:
  14. Yeah, but THIS Stewy is NO GENIUS! :LOL:

  15. Touche Grrrl!!
  16. Hey Stewy, is this housewarming party still on? I'm doing Ls at Carrum Downs that day and depending on how I go, may come along later that night, if the offer still stands!

    If I fail don't expect me...I'll be going home to drown my sorrows.

    If I pass, look for the lady doing kartwheels in your front yard!

    Also, can folk stay o/nite or are you kicking everyone out when you've had enough?

  17. yep guys house warming is still on, as per details on first page.

    Yes all are welcome to crash the night too, if you want to have a drink or 3..... have a 2 spare single mattresses, and one double and a futon, and couches, so if more people are crashing then that... you better bring something to sleep on.

    see you all there (or maybe not depending what time you get there)

    cheers stewy

    pm sent roise
  18. Hey mate, I'd like to bags a bed, as driving / riding after 3 (or more, many more) beers would not be responsible :)
  19. I guess I'll turn up to this one :wink:

    +1 :grin:

    Or more... :LOL:

  20. when have you ever been responsible :LOL:

    np mate seeya there

    Grrrl......you better send me a pm to get the address if you wanna invite :p :oops: