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[VIC] Steak Night., Tue Oct 30th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Blue14

    Ok all you meat loving bikers. This is the steak night we have been drouling over. Please confirm your attendance no later than the 23rd Oct so i can make final booking. Attached is the menu and the location is the Port Melb resturant.
    Pier 35 Marina...

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  2. 'll be there. Looking forward to it. :grin:
  3. G'day everyone,....

    Put me down to be there and dine on some fresh bambi flesh!!

    Dr Who?
  4. I'm in! :grin:
  5. The list so far..

    Dr Who
    LouLou72 + 1
  6. Count me in too.....
  7. Confirming 2 more! Happy.Grl and I will be there!
  8. I'm in. :)
  9. Me three! =P~ =P~
  10. Oh yeah forgot about you.. :LOL: Hey sms me your phone no.. i deleted my pm.. :oops:
  11. I am definitely keen to come,

    I cant let robsalv get ahead of me on the steak dinner challenge!

    It would also be good to meet a few people,

    The date is getting close to the due date for my kid, so I will confirm later
  12. Org, I owe you a beer, for giving me a good laugh. :)

    Game on doooood! LOL

  13. Ha!

    Went to Vlado's last night,

    I think that makes the score 2 all!
  14. me me me me... and a possible second person (to confirm)
    what time are we expected to rock up to this feast of nights?? =P~
  15. Oh yeah i forgot to put time in post.. 6.45pm is booking.. :grin:
  16. G'day everyone,.....

    Thats good to know!

    Now what about bike parking??
    :?: :cool:

    Dr Who?
  17. Hmmm.. this may be a problem for me... will let you know.
  18. count me in for suuuuuuure :grin: :grin:
    i'll tell work i cant make the shift, im having dinner then :LOL:
    anyone from out south-east wanna meet up n ride in? i cant navigate :grin: PM me if so :)
  19. Too early or late for you ?? Can be changed to accomodate..
  20. Plenty of parking - see the google sattelite map.

    >clicky linky<

    Org, I had a kangaroo fillet last night... does that count?? :p :LOL: Hey, how'd you find Vlado's?