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(vic)statewide motorcycle crash day next week

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by slowmark, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. just read in the paper TAC will be encouraging all road users to drive with their lights on next thurs 10th december. ](*,)](*,)](*,)Obviously after a significant reduction in motorcycle fatalities over the last year they would prefer that we blend in and camoflage into the surrounding traffic, therefore bumping up the road toll before the new year.=D>=D>
    Thank you TAC. And to think, I was just warming to you after your accurate portrayal of motorcyclists in those ad's on tv......=D>=D>

  2. I tried to think like a TAC idiot, but I can't turn off enough of my brain and still ahve a functioning autonomic nervous system.
  3. Genius! The TAC can now prove once and for all it has 100% support from motorcyclists!
  4. I'll be turning mine off then. :p
  5. :-s... so whats the idea behind this?
  6. Try a frontal lobotomy, seems to work for most public servants!

    Bloody idiots...
  7. All the living drivers turn on their headlights in support of all the non-living drivers, which earns some minor bureaucrat a pat on the back and justifies their university degree. It also makes some individuals feel like they are involved in something worthwhile to give their lives a little bit of extra meaning for a day.

    Oh... and it raises our attention. About stuff. (y)
  8. Once again, I am going to ask the thoughts of MRAV, Bikes get the chance to stand out from the crowd a little by having the lights on. It sometimes is the diference between being noticed and not.
    Could it be worth a couple of letters to editors, if not a formal complaint about the stupidity of the TAC???
  9. I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me
  10. I've already written about this to the Hun - and put a comment on the online pages (and the ABC as well). Unfortunately the next VMAC meeting is that same evening.
  11. And for that day increases the risk to those of us who ride with our lights on by making us a little less able to be noticed...
  12. Given the fuss that was made over the right to turn those lights OFF, it might be considered a little bit hypocritical.
    Could be a day to leave the bike at home, though...

    (And what are the funeral processions supposed to do?)
  13. when I first started riding, I was taught “put your headlight on all the time so you are more visible” It doesn’t cost me anything and it has the potential to increase my safety, so I always do it. So no hypocrisy from me, as I never argued either way.
  14. no different to saftety vest now, to start with they were a good idea, but now every farking this is bright yellow or orange they have no impact anymore ](*,)
  15. Tbh, 'storm in a teacup' does not begin to describe.

    1: The vast vast VAST majority of people won't even know about this. Of the tiny minority who do, the vast vast VAST majority of them won't care/won't remember etc etc and thus will leave their lights off.

    2: This is why, on the Eighth day, FSM touched a motorcycle headlamp with His noodly appendage thus creating the Headlight Modulator. And He saw that it was Good.
  16. True... Functionally it will do SFA…
    But the fact that the RTA are so blind as to not think about it sais something about there mindset.

    I was under the impression that modulators were not legal
  17. Can't call an extraordinary meeting?
  18. So we one up them and ride with the high beam on.

  19. My wife and I ride with them all the time.

    They are listed as allowable in the current (2009) ADR's, so Yes they are legal, but you should always have a copy of the relevent portion of the ADR's to prove it to the Uneducated Copper who does not believe you.

    We have ours connected to our Low beams so the Coppers cannot say that we are flashing our High beams in a built up area.

    Have been stoped a number of times for a random license check etc and have only had one think they were not legal.

    There is an added advantage to them, in that cagers think it is a cop bike so they move over for you and when in the twisty's I have had cars almost run off the road getting out of the way.

    For a simple plugin module I would not be without them.
  20. I don't see what all the fuss is about. So more cars (might) have their lights on? I think complaining about that would make us look like whiney little bitches. There are bigger fish to fry.