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[VIC] St.Andrews to Kinglake: love it or hate it

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by bonjoji, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Weather forecast today was "few showers" but it was bloody warm with the sun shining brightly, blue skies with bunch of clouds hovering, a bit windy. I left home at ~1pm to partake 250km of this glorious day. My routes were as follows: start and return.

    I had fun to say the least, but what's with the subject of this post? Well, tackled two new (for me) roads, Kangaroo Ground to Kinglake via St. Andrews and Toolangi Chum Creek Road on my way back.

    I collected mix feelings when I was riding towards Kinglake as the road is sort of a pure definition of twisted evil :twisted:. The twisties are good but hell they are not wide at all :shock: and to make things worst there are no road shoulders. There were left turns that I had my head hanging along the cliff edge while negotiating the bend and avoiding to go too wide and end up at the opposing lane. After reaching Kinglake I paused for a while and collected my thoughts - "was taking that road worth it?" I asked myself, half of me was saying yes but the other was saying otherwise.

    So, I decided to post it here to get some insights from you guys & gals. Cheers.

  2. Being someone who has grown up on mountain roads, I'm going to go all out and say that that road is as good as the spur runs. Perfect asphalt, tight twisties, and no forgiveness for people who go off the line :p (But then again, I don't find mountain roads intimidating, I know some people who are just happy to drive/ride all day at sea level on boring light bits of road)
  3. I like this road too, good ona 250, but Id hate to navigate the kinglake road on a big bike......
    Toolangi is great, one of my friday after noon runs in the summer.
    Would hate to be up there in winter though so I avoid it.
  4. A great bit of road but not one to treat lightly...any minor mistakes will have you severely punished...and it's a long way dooooowwwwnn :)
  5. I hate the Kinglake - St. Andrews road and avoid it at almost all costs, especially on the bigger bike. I used to ride it a lot on the smaller bikes, only 'cos I didn't know any other way to get to the fun stuff on the other side. I pretty much always come across gravel at the Kinglake end and always have to deal with vehicles in my lane.

    As far as I'm concerned, there are a lot of better roads in the area that are waaaay more fun and faaaar less headache.
  6. I was introduced to this road at a very young age by a girlfriend who grew up on Eltham.
    I've grown up on that road and have always found travelling on it like being on the razor's edge.
    Some Bevelutionaries call it the "Benchmark".
  7. The first time went up this road I really hated it. So much so I was ready to take up smoking again. :shock: But thanks to some words of wisdom from Flipper I made it to the top. :grin: Now I don't really mind it ... however it's still not my favorite stretch of road.
  8. love it love it love it :grin:
  9. It's a road that isn't to be treated lightly as if you get it wrong you will be in trouble.

    Any ride that includes that section should at least be rated as 'intermediate', it isn't really a road for beginners on motorbikes.

    It's fine for the average P plater with a bit of experience as long as they aren't hooning though...
  10. i love it for some reason... :shock:
    went for the first time with russel aka the brick on his zx 12r and i was on the gixer and had the missus on the back as well and had a ball
  11. I'll whimp out & take the Kinglake - Flowerdale - Glenburn roads instead :)
  12. G, you could package some of these saying and make a living from them!

    This road is ok, just treat it like every other (I think Aretha said R.E.S.P.E.C.T) and you'll be fine. I'm sure there are some really good viewing points to, I'm just always focused on what's ahead. And it can be cold like buggery in winter!
  13. The first time I took Shaun for a ride was on this road on the back of my CBX 550 ( now, that was a sight ) I love the road and have been riding it since I was a 18. I was having such a good time and giving the anchors such a workout that he snapped my Gearsac rack off on one corner. Both brackets stuffed, only thing left was the small midclamp holding it to grabrail. He shat himself. I dont mind it at all. the only time it gets hairy is when other riders come around a blind corner on your side of the road. Word of advice though: if I am doing that run on my own, I always text home to let em know Im up there.Cause if you do go off the edge, its a long way down and you will possibly be very hard to see. The car wrecks down there will testify to that. :shock:
  14. i love it the first i went was with 'the brick' aka russel on his zx 12r and i had a ball.. i had the missus on the back and she was loving it
    i been there a few more times since then
    though i have never seen a wrecked car.... prolly cause i never looked down there :LOL: :LOL:
  15. I agree it shouldnt be ridden by learner riders.. I did the Kinglake run 4 weeks after getting my L's.. Oh what a mistake that was and it was wet and foggy.. I survived but didnt enjoy it..

    I now love that section of road.. I prefer heading into Kinglake as at least you can see around the corners.. There are a couple areas you need to watch you speed or youll run wide. But like any stretch of road once you have learnt the route its great fun..
  16. Two or three near misses on it but I'll be back for sure. Buts its definately not a road for those who aren't confident in either themselves or thier machine at the time.
  17. I can't get enough. I love it to bits. :grin: :grin: :grin: :twisted:
    Treat it with the respect it deserves and it will repay you with a hell of a lot of fun. :grin: :grin:
  18. I'm fairly certain I've been on this road ages ago on a netrider ride, not long after getting my L's. I must say that if you take your time even on your L's it can be great fun, I loved the tight twisty stuff.
  19. Great road, a few things I find to keep you safe !

    1-Take is slowly, there is NO room for error
    2-Stay focused on the road, target fixation (the cliff) is a real danger here.
    3-Watchout for paniced car drivers driving in the middle of the road, nearly every corner is blind.


  20. This was the first piece of twisties riding I ever did. On a cruiser, alone, after dark on a Wednesday night. I didn't like it very much. Totally clueless.

    Still, while I don't mind riding it now, it doesn't give me the cues I need to go fast. Blind corners, cliff faces either side, narrow road, ravel on serious corners.

    I ride it and enjoy it, but not at a quick pace.