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[Vic] St Andrews-Kinglake Road, diesel spill

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by arc, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. In the upper twisty section covered in saw dust and a diesel spill on many corners. This morning's rain and a road crew which was seen on their way to clean it up should help.

    Officially the road is "Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd", but most of us know it as St Andrews-Kinglake.

  2. Was up there this morning.

    Looked like it was pretty much clear, still a few small patches of saw dust about.
  3. Thanks i was going to scrub my new tyres in,as this is my favorite road to do this.I might wait until later in the week weather permitting.
  4. was also out there this morning and didn't notice anything going down hill. looks like there's been a bit of rain that's cleared it up.
  5. Was up there today.no problems