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[VIC] Spurs Ride (Urbans got his licence back), Sat Jul 22nd

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Jeff

    Well, I've got my licence back,

    Planning on a pleasant cruise through the spurs this Saturday.

    Will be leaving Ferntree Gully 7-Eleven, (burwood hwy, next to Jeffrey Honda) at 10.00am sharp.

    Heading out to Warburton via Gembrook then Reefto...

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  2. Shit, now I don't know which one to go on!

    And only 2 hours ago I was complaining to Vic and Jase about the lack of Vic rides :p
  3. Go on both.
  4. Nar, gotta spend some time with the lady!
  5. Id pick the sunday one and avoid Refton if your a newbie.
    Not for the faint hearted. And New to the group ride thing.

    last time I was up there I didnt ride for 4 months after it.
    not trying to scare you off or anything just a bit of advice until your more competent . Road conditions, and other riders overtaking you can be quite a Hazzard. Just ask me !

    If you want to take a run on Saturday Id be happy to go with you, for the company and all.
    PM me if you want.

    I wont be going via Reefton though.
  6. Aaah, thanks for the advice man. I'll go for the Sunday ride :)
  7. Make sure you wear your new boots :wink:
  8. Funny guy!
  9. Urban,

    Hows that eye?

    Don't know if I'll make it, but if I do then I'll be early so don't wait for me.

    Thanks for the company yesterday! What a day.

    Do watch all those bloody speed limit changes along the Wrby H'way THer're up and down like a brides nighty an the camers love it.
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    But yes - Warby h/w is a pain with its revolving speeds .....
  11. Well - you guys and girls must be very keen to ride.
    You must miss the Spur so much - you are itchin to re-visit since last summer (when was that....so long ago)

    My story is short but heres my take.
    It was a beautiful fine day in Melbourne and I thought, bugger this, I gotta get to the Spur, I wanna go for a blast.

    Wondering why I did not see any other motorcyclists as I passed Healesville, I soon realised why.
    As I entered Marysville freezing my ass off - I headed to Reefton Spur, only to marvel at the white snow on the bloody road......not!!!

    As I came this far, I did not turn back but very cautiously navigated the Reefton Spur praying I did not lose the front end.
    I could not wait till I headed home for a hot bath!

    A long story short......you will freeze your ass off - its snowing at Lake Mountain aint it?

    Have a fun ride
  12. As tempting as it is ....

    Echo that, http://www.lakemountainresort.com.au/snow_cams.html

    Have fun though
  13. I can see again so that's always a good thing.

    As for the Snow, I've never ridden in it before so that will be a first. The forecast looks good so while it might be cold we won't have to worry about an icy road.

    Just need to rug up a bit and watch out for the damp patches.
  14. Sorry Jeff,

    I've got work tomorrow & won't be comming into the snow with you :(
  15. Ride Report

    First up, my apologies for the following dry ride-report. Been dealing with sick children all week, and brain just isn't working.


    Jeff (Urban) - CBR600F2 [the duct tape special]
    Julz(Julz) - CBR2500RR
    Steve (xxsteve) - CBR1100XX
    Stew(Cathar) - R1

    Wow, what a great day! My first ride that didn't involve rain since the accident. Well, not for more than 5 minutes anyway. This is still Melbourne in winter and our fair city did its best to remind us that it can be fickle and still rain even when none is forecast.

    We all picked up at the appointed meeting place. Julz turned up riding Robs SV650S, and Rob riding Julz's bike, but Rob wasn't coming with us for the day so we waved goodbye and picked our way carefully through Emerald and diesel spills, at the speed limit. I think Jeff was happy to let me be the lead radar attracting bunny even though it was Jeff's organised ride. No problem mate, happy to do what I can to help you keep your license.

    Anyway, the ride didn't quite take the planned route. The path beaten include Belgrave, Emerald, C0ckatoo, down to the Pakenham Upper roundabout, back up to Gembrook and on to Launching Place. It still being morning this route gave us good insight into what it might be like up on Reefton. Down in these low-lying foothills it was still quite cold in spots, with wet patches across the road in shaded areas. At Launching Place we made the collective decision to go to Healesville directly instead and have our first stop there. En-route is when the heavens opened for a bit of a sprinkle, but it was light and brief.

    Stopped at a cafe with a warm and cheerful wood heater where Julz looked like we might have to either prise her away from it, or perhaps find a way to strap it to the back of the BabyBlade! Snacked out on some toasted sangers for an early lunch while the road dried. Julz finally farewelled the heater with whistful sigh, and we were on our way up the Black Spur with no real destination in mind. The Spur is dry and clean. Fantastic!

    Steve's still recovering from a knee reconstruction from having too much fun on the pocket bikes and we stop at the picnic area and contemplate our options. Jeff and I both want to enjoy the spur a bit more, Julz is happy to take some happy snaps, and Steve wants to head home to rest the knee.

    Julz, Jeff and I cut a few laps of the Spur. For me, my confidence had been somewhat shaken by my accident in April, but the Spur was just the tonic needed to restore my faith in the bike and tyres again. Its mix of smooth surface, friendly radiused mid-speed corners, and a dry sunny day meant that pretty soon I was able to focus on just riding the bike, rather than worrying, and man it felt good. Jeff, Julz and I stopped to chat, swap storied and bench-race, and found cejay and zeldagirl were also out enjoying the day.

    By about 2:30pm ominous weather rolled in from the other side of the mountain, the rain threatened again, and it was time to head home. Jeff wanted to be back by 5pm to catch himself on TV on "Talk To The Animals" on Ch.9 where he looked to be enjoying himself immensely being interviewed by Nicky Buckley! Could that smile of yours get any wider mate?!

    Thanks for the great day and company to all, and it truly didn't matter that the ride didn't quite go as planned. We all had fun just getting out on good dry roads for the first time in months for almost all of us.

    Yep, just what the doctor ordered!
  16. Yeah i made a last minute decision to head up that way. Did the Reefton spur and it was pretty wet in places at around 1pm. Rode into a shower just after lake mountain which was fun.
  17. Is reefton still covered in gravel from the roadworks a few months back or has all that been cleared up???
  18. Theres still a little bit. Not near as much as about 2 months ago when i last went up there. It goes for a couple of k maybe and its mostly in the middle part of the lane, cars have worn most of it from the wheel tracks.

    Enough to make you take it easy anyway. Theres no diesel though. Perhaps we should start a thread that alerts us riders where there ISN'T diesel on roads.
  19. Thanks for the ride Jeff, Julz and Stew, also the lunch/coffee was great. It has been 3 or 4 months since the bike has seen the road, whilst a little rusty it felt good to be back in the saddle, oops the surgeon told me no bike for 6 months, well stuff him I am back on the bike in 2 months, you just can't keep a good biker down.