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[Vic] Spurs, chum etc run 6th jan

Discussion in 'VIC' started by natta, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Loz and his incident with the dreaded wombat on the spur has inspired the run up spur to hunt the bugger down. LOL
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Meeting point: Caltex servo healsville 930am
    Route: Black spur followed by group decision.
    Distance: depends on how long it take to find the wildlife.

    Just a ride with friends, come along for a spurt. Go whatever pase u want.


  2. im in :grin:
  3. I am a maybe at this stage..... I will be on a GSX1400 - so if I am not there by 9:15am, dont wait.

  4. So are wombats good eating then? :grin:

    Providing I can get my arse out of bed early enough tomorrow I am in. How long will it take to get from Clifton Hill to Healesville, I am guessing 1 hour?

    Let's hope I don't get lost and if you see some guy on a dark blue '86 VFR750 that would be me.
  5. See you at the servo.
  6. be vewy vewy quiet... we're huntin' wombat....
    shall try and get there for a few runs of the spur.
    9.30am? natta you heading out the usual way? via kinglake?
  7. I finish work at 1pm but will head that way ( weather permitting )
  8. I'll be riding out to Coldstream tomorrow to watch my girlfriend jump out of a plane! She'll have a parachute 'n stuff but still.... WOW!

    I might be on the Black Spur about the same time as you lot, so if you see a blue zzr250 dawdling along at zimmer-frame speed, gimme a wave!

    Have fun y'all!
  9. 9.30 is pretty early for me. so i think i will take the yarra glen way.
  10. i think its illegal to hunt and eat wombat. Not sure if u run it over and eat it. :LOL: :LOL:

    1 hr sounds about right from clifton.
  11. If the weather is OK when I wake-up, you might see me at the meet point at 9.30 for a bit of wombat hunting.
  12. I will try and be at the meet piont at 930 Sat and if any one wishes I can show them the alledged corner where alledged wombat :roll: hit the alledged motorcycle :cry: with the alledged Loz onboard :shock: ..
    Catch you then :grin:
    Cheers Ray
  13. So, how was the ride? Everyone get back ok?
  14. Hey Tiga, I hooked up with a few of them at Rays, and we did the Spur a couple of times.
    I'd say everybody got home safely. But if they feel anything like me they're to pooped to post.
    Probably hear from them tomorrow.
    Cheers Scheff
  15. Sorry I missed everyone, I went thru too early and decided to do the spurs + reefton then the back way home via cockatoo etc.

    Catch up next time, also found there is a lot of loose stuff on the reefton run from Marysville.
  16. A day of misses for me.

    I woke up and missed the alarm clock. I missed the meet point then missed the first run up to lake mountain. recognised the grey rgv in marysville. stopped for a chat went up to lake mountain anyway. thanks natta for tagging along. hope you weren't too bored staying behind me. it was nice to watch you lay that knee down for a few corners in the spur - that is before you disappeared. ooh yeah had a near miss - rear lock up coming down lake mountain. let's just say leaf litter is such a pain even when it's dry. bumped into a bunch of guys at the watts river picnic area. couple laps of the spur, stopped in at Rays, laps of spur, myers creek, chum creek, warrandyte and home. got all of maybe 10 drops of rain on my visor.

    Jen, hope the rain missed you too.
  17. Well it was a good day.
    Started at the caltex servo, i rolled in to find 6 netriders. We all waited and decided to do a run of the spur and then to lake mountain. Jeff had already made the run up the mountain and warned of the gravel hazards.
    Off we went through spur and stopped at rays place, but veefur didnt realise we stopped and continued on. The chase started by we couldnt catch him. In the end he met everyone up lake mountain.
    It was a realativly good run, a few corners covered with gravel, stray rocks on the road, just the usual.
    After a short break up the top, ceajay headed off before the rest of us. We all followed sortly after and then stopped at maysville for a bit of brunch. The ride ended there with a few guys going to buxton another to yea and nee (im.on.it) and myself heading up lake mountain again.
    Another good run. We then headed down to spur and stopped fernshaw picnic ground to find stookie. Then saw jenstarlet ride past, so 3 of us chased her down to rays place. Were we found more netriders.
    Everyone then did the run back to healsville to find PNUT at the picnic reserve.

    Netriders were our in force today!!!

    Did the run back to healsville watching sparks flying of PNUT's slider. WHooo :grin: :grin: Waved goodbye and i was off home.

    It was a great day, thanks to all for coming on the ride, expecially to thoses more experience guys.
    Hope to do it again soon, once engine rebuild is done.


  18. No probs mate. Ur lines and speed sure has increased. Good work. That corner where u had the small mishap was a really messy corner. Gravel, leaflittler so u couldnt see the road well, bumpy. Not a good mix.

    As for knee down. "Wank factor" :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: HAHAHHA
  19. ah yes a much better (more accurate) recount of the second half of day. my memory is hazey. zoomed past rays and saw him and the guy on the black gixxer kitting up. only to be passed by them not even half way down.

    I forget to mention it was a fun day!! natta going on GOR run next saturday?
  20. I didnt see a drop at all! (Unlike the last time I made the mission to Gembrook and surrounds, got caught in a storm).

    You held a great pace through Myers creek - Chum creek Rd.. Was the highlight of my day! Thanks!

    Thanks for the ride peeps.. hope everyone is home safe!

    More thanks to Steve and Paul? was that your mates name? :oops:
    Was great to play around Gembrook for the morning!