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[Vic] Springvale Road Bus Lanes.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Firstly,

    MOTORISTS on one of Melbourne's busiest roads will have to make way for the introduction of a 20km bus lane.

    VicRoads is pressing ahead with plans to remove one lane of traffic in either direction along Springvale Rd.

    rest of this story is available at:

    following this

    Media Release 23rd June 2009

    Motorcycles in Bus Lanes

    Following the announcement that Springvale Road is to have a vehicle lane replaced by a bus lane in either direction, the Motorcycle Riders Association (Victoria) has called on the Minister for Roads and Ports to ensure that motorcycles will be permitted to use these lanes.

    MRA(Vic) President John Karmouche pointed out that in the UK and Europe, NSW and the ACT motorcycles are permitted to use bus lanes similar to the proposed Springvale Road lanes. There has been a subsequent drop in the crash rate for motorcycles and no conflicts have arisen.

    Mr Karmouche went on to say today that riders have now been waiting for nearly nine months for the new Powered Two Wheeler Transport and Safety Strategy, which hopefully will address issues such as use of road space. He called on the Minister to release this strategy as soon as possible.

    For further information contact:

    John Karmouche , MRA(Vic) President – (03) 9877 3004

    Email: president@mraa.org.au

  2. Press release sounds good; Being able to use bus lanes here in NSW is great. Real red carpet treatment for motorcyclists for once. :LOL:

    The only annoyance around Sydney is that the M2 Motorway's "Bus Only" lanes have signs which say, "Bus Only... Oh, and all the other special vehicles who aren't a motorcycle can use it too" :cry:
  3. opinion from publich transport: Awesome

    Cars : Going to tighten up traffic along springy

    Bikes: Don't mind either way
  4. Tony can you fix the bus lane on eastern freeway whilst your at it? (ie so we can use it)
  5. That's very high on the agenda. Once the transport and safety strategy comes out there'll be a formal framework we can work with for that sort of issue.
  6. Wouldn't you rather ride in the transit lane? Much nicer and safer there due to no knobs trying to shortcut the on and off ramps to save 5 seconds.
  7. :shock: I think that could be the first thing that has come from the mounth/keyboard of JDK that I actually agree with completely.
  8. Thats going to be bad news for all car users. Probably force them onto eastlink if the are heading to freeway.

    Good to hear bikes maybe able to use it, Would certainly improve safety along there with all the trucks that use springy rd.
  9. agree....BUT you also get noobs cutting into the transit lane to overtake cars....but heresay, less so then compared to bus lane.
  10. This is all about Brumby and his pack of Dumbys looking after eastlink,Hes a sleazy prick.It might sound a bit far fetched but just look at the guy and the shit that comes out of his mouth.Transport plan,its not my fault the trains can run when its hot ,cold or the weathers just right blame Connex,oh wait a minute we will just get some new sucker in and now we can blame them.I fully suport bike in bus lanes but he will never agree to that.Just remember speed cameras save lives.road toll yesterday 151 same time last year 152.Fines collected shitloads.
    End Rant :wink:
  11. Tell me - do you post much in the Herald-Sun comments pages, it sounds like it... :LOL:
  12. Bravo, more of this please. :grin:
  13. I don't venture into this part of town much but this sounds brilliant. Good work all those involved. :)
  14. Don't hold your breath though - but I think we've got an excellent chance of getting access here.

    Same with the Eastern Freeway bus lane. Last time we met with the Minister I put it forwards and he seemed to think it was a good idea - and VicRoads couldn't come up with any resons why it shouldn't be the case.

    The Transport and Safety Strategy looks at road space issues (among many other things) and when it gets released (it's only 3 months overdue now :evil: ) we'll have a solid basis with which to tackle all this stuff.
  15. awesome as...SOON we can take the transit lane off to alex prde and bus lane to skip onto hoddle... right on

  16. I agree with this much of what Z900 wrote. If you are within 5 minutes of Springvale Road then its not worth your while to pay about $5 to save 0-5 minutes on Eastlink (based on my trips to the Eastern Fwy from Notting Hill at times varying from peak hour to after peak hour when Eastlink opened) when you can go along Springvale Road for a lot less than that cost.

    Its the same as the leaked Brisbane transport plan which showed the Brisbane City Council's plan to reduce one lane in each direction over the Story Bridge at the time the new tunnel opened up. Why would they do that? To enhance the public transport system of course. They wouldn't cause more delays/congestion on the non-tolled road in order to push more people onto the tolled road in which they provided some capital. In fact, it would be extremely offensive for anyone to suggest that. :roll:

    TonyE, if bikes can get access to transit lanes and HOV lanes then that's great. Thanks for putting it forward for the benefit of all bike riders.