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[VIC] Speeding in roadworks zone, but where is my tolerance?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rs101, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Sunday morning at 8:42 am, coming home from the icicle ride, I was pulled at the Eastlink roadworks on Ferntree Gully Road for doing 83 kph (confirmed with gun) in a 60 kph zone (the speed before the section is 80 kph).

    Now the measurement was done with a Prolaser 3, which has a tolerance of 2 km/h (As quoted to me by the issuing officer and on literature I have found on the internet), and as I understand, the 3 km/h tolerance also applies, so by my reasoning, I should be quoted an alleged speed of 78 km/h, however the Alleged speed is 81 km/h.

    Is it worth chasing up? does the bracket go from 15 km/h over - 25 km/h over or 20 km/h over - 30 km/h over? And damn, there goes that clean record. But I digress, the more I think about it, the more it pisses me off.

  2. they knock off the km on the detected speed not the alleged.
  3. It's worth chasing because i'm pretty sure at more than 20 over you just lost your licence :?
  4. As Vic said you were booked for the detected speed which means that the alleged speed is 3kmh higher than what was written on the ticket.
  5. Nah, it's 25+ the state or posted limit (if less than state limit).

    I'm all for realistic roadworks limits but some of those limits during the Geelong Freeway upgrade gave me the screaming @#$% regularly.

    Remember "Do the crime and be prepared to do the time or pay the fine".
  6. I was told that if I were doing 85 I would have lost it (25 km/h over), would have been a one month suspension automatically, so it should have been knocked off the alledged speed, so it should have been 5 km/h under, not 2 km/h under.
    Will look into applying to have the kms corrected then, via the internal review process.
    I admit that whilst I was speeding, legally, but ethically (a roadworks on a sunday morning, how many of those are active, joel? :p), it is bullshit way to get caught. Whilst workers are on site, I do drive 60, but not on the weekends...

    But still, heads up people, the areas are under a speeding operation at the moment so stick to the 60 for the next few weeks.
  7. How do you know that they're not? Eastlink is a continuing project, so there's every chance that there will be activity at any time, day or night. Whether they're doing a pour, or an engineer working with surveyors or whatever, we don't know until we arrive on the scene.

    I'm surprised that there's not more enforcement around such areas. Lately I've had to travel to MEL a lot, and going through there I always seem to be the only prick who's obeying the posted limits.

    Exceed speed limit by 10km/h or more but less than 25km/h is 3 demerit points. So it doesn't matter. You're still copping the same fine whether it was 79 kays or 82 kays.

  8. dont fckn speed through roadworks :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :p
    speed reduction isnt always because of proximity to workers, the reduction to 60km/h may be because there are changed conditions/unfinished work or 'you-could-sue-us-if-you-crash' shit happening.
    any site that requires traffic to travel within 1.5-3.0m of workers, requires a 40km/h zone (this is NSW regs, i am sure VIC is the same). whereas if traffic is >3.0m 60km/h is sufficient.
    sunday works are quite common, but realistically...if there were no workers, nothing was happening.
    if it were NSW, i would suggest you contact the RTA and see if the contractor/RTA had a DTR (Direction To Restrict [speed limit]) approved for the hours within which you were nabbed. if they didnt (more often than not....seriously :shock: ) then the normal limit applies, and you win. i have had my Job Item Reports (records erection and removal of traffic control plans) subpoenaed in excessive speed cases twice.

  9. Feel for ya mate.

    I'm in Essendon Melbourne and have to head out to near the airport for work. Has been 2 sets of roadworks for at least 6 months now on the way. 3 lane roads cut down to one, banked up cars for miles. Sick of it!

    When theres those massive concrete barriers between cars and workers please god why 40k/h?
  10. you're sick of it :roll: .....i have been driving through the SAME roadworks, ALL DAY, for just about 5 years!!! :rofl:

    concrete barriers mean they can put it back to 60km/h as long as the stop/go is via traffic lights, they are probably just being extra careful "for the greater good".
    max. approach speed for a living semi-human lollipop dood is 40.
  11. Had an interesting one today, At one of our more popular bypasses getting built up here. I had to attend a breakdown on one of our 20ton padfoots, (now these things cant be towed without alot of mucking around or causing mega bucks in drivetrain damage.) ended up it was a dead short under the dash / but spent an hr tracking it down 1st :evil:

    The roller was only just off the road and I had plenty of help in the way of traffic control / 2 way communication etc etc . Yet I had a real F/Tard who thought he was being funny accelerate and swerve towards me as I was getting down from the roller. :evil:

    Guess who didn't realize that the work site is 12k long and in constant radio contact throughout :LOL: [ it needs it with 30 scrapers, 60 odd rollers, cranes, excavators etc etc. ] My 2nd lollipop guy radioed the incident through with make,color and rego, I heard one of the truck and dog combo's moved across and blocked the highway :shock: and waited for Mr plod to arrive. I'll find out tmw I guess on how many and what charges :LOL: :LOL:

    ps: Mr plod was there in about 2 mins ! WHY ? because there bitzing the site booking the work vehicles for illegal turns on /off site etc :?
  12. I have worked on a lot of road jobs over the years and until you try spending a day getting covered in dust or stones thrown over you it would be hard to understand speed restrictions... the speeds are set by Vic roads but often the insurance company will demand a lower speed. main problem is people watching the work site and all the activity and not the car or BIKE in front of them.... next time you pass through take note just how many of those concrete barriers have been knocked...
  13. Cheers for the tip about the Restriction Times joel, will look into that, see if there is a Vic equivalent, I understand your frustration at people ignoring the OHS of personnel on site.

    The route is straight through, and the road is not being rerouted at present, so it is possible to see through the roadworks to check for hazards, I'm just kicking myself that I wasn't in a state of mind to notice a hiding vehicle.

    Regardless, the point you made has not fallen on deaf ears, I admit I was speeding for the posted limit, the detected speed was just before deceleration for the actual roadworks (gets technical and is about a 60 road in the middle of it, so they did make sure to get the best possible outcome for the state government.)

    If there is are set times for the speed limit then there is one hell of a get-out-of-jail free card, but being Eastlink, and the state governments flagship, they would just about make their own rules, I imagine...

    Cheers for the positive (and not so positive...) feedback.
  14. dood, i would be telling tall stories if i was to say that i adhere to every roadworks limit that i go through. and i am the bloke who's job it is to call the wife/husband of the dead worker on my sites..... so i am no angel, its more the people that do 80-100 in a 40, that pisses me off. we also use a similar technique to bobs. we use uhf's, coordinate the stopping of the vehicle and we let them have it. none of which is legal, but when they know that we have the authority to have them booked for neg. driving, driving endangering others etc. (special ticket req'd) they pretty much tell us to fudge off and proceed slowly on their way.
  15. well I was going through roadworks in the Astra on sunday through Airport west
    posted sign said 40km's and it was cutting into one lane from 2 so falcon up my ar*se I was up it in 2nd gear STILL under 40lm's when the D%$^head lollypop dude stuck his slow sign right out across the road in front of me!!!!

    what a tosser

  16. Just to let those who don't know FTG Rd well it's two or three lanes wide along it's entire length and has a normal limit of 80.

    Where the EastLink Tollway is being built over it they have lined the sides with concrete barriers (I think they've also narrowed the lane widths as well) hence the permanent 60 limit at present.
  17. Sounds like a typical Vic road trap . They are good at setting up close to road speed changes .
  18. his bionic built in radar must be out of calibration :LOL:
  19. i recall watchin sumtin once on today tonight or one of those shows bout speed camera regulations and guns etsc an i think some said sumtin about that u cant actually be fined in a road work area cos of the inconsistancy of the area and conditions,

    sumtin like that, it was in the police regulations guide for setting speed cameras and using laser guns etc which the public wasnt meant to see

    might be worth lookin into or i could just be wrong or dreamin
  20. there are heaps of loopholes in the laws regarding busting you speeding, but if you are over the limit, a cop will give you a ticket. it is then up to you to dispute it.
    but i KNOW that if all appropriate DTR's are obtained, correct size signage is used, relevant traffic control plan has been adapted/designed, with the correct spacing between warning signs - regulatory signs, you can be caught with no (successful) avenue to dispute it.
    a bit of useless information - a lollipop man has the authority to STOP a policeman, ambulance, fire brigade or any other emergency services vehicle. serious penalties apply if they fail to obey a roadworks stop/slow sign regardless of their need to get through.but, nobody i know has ever denied access for an emergency vehicle. worst case for us is we stop them to explain where they should drive so they dont become glued to the road.