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[VIC] Speeding fine, 95 in a 60 zone. First offence, help?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Booki, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. Alright. Ill cut straight to it. I know it was a stupid thing to do. Though i find it hard to believe i was doing that in a 60 zone :S.
    80 I would believe, but 98 (95 cause of allowance) seems a little high.
    Mind you i am still on my CBR250R as well, Learners.

    I have never gotten a speeding fine or lost any points before on my car, ( i am a probationary driver, i have green p's, i will have had them for a year on december 10.)

    Would there be any chance i could fight this, as according to the fine it says i loose my license for 6 months.
    Thing is, thats gonna cause some problems....i have some debt i need to work to get rid of and i live out in the semi bush with little public transport. So getting to and from work is going to stuff me up big time, and i work nightshifts.

    Do you think its worth objecting to the fine or taking it to court? (ive never been to court before!, not got a speeding fine so i have no idea what to do :? )

    Any opinions or advice would be great!

    Btw; the Fine is a whopping $408. Would there be anyway i could keep my license and maybe go on a good behavior licence or something along those lines?
  2. If it's a greed camera fine then I reckon you're stuffed. The best thing you can do is seek legal advice and take it from there.
  3. Under the Bracks rule, he brought in MANDATORY sentencing for traffic offences.

    My advice is to PRE-lube, as it hurts a little less.
  4. How do you know if it is a "Greed" camera?
    Would it say on the fine?
  5. Was it a speed camera or were you intercepted?
    Either way get ready for PT.
  6. Sorry Dougz, I know your trying but it aint gonna happen.

  7. Woah you think the warning might work??
    Well apparently on the fine it says i was done from "george road,south morang between reid street and thomas street" I don't know if this means i was busted by a camera or by a copper, i did not get pulled over or anything just the good old surprise mail.

    All this legal advice, is it worth it? Cost wise? I do not work full time, though i was going to during the holidays, im a student.

    and yea, i just saw this point...
    "# Were caught doing less than 10 kilometres per hour over the speed limit."

  8. mate you have no chance. even if you take it to court, you cant fight it. you were doing that speed. unless you can PROVE you werent doing that speed, taking it to court to try and get the fine changed is jsut gonna result in you having to pay court costs as well - $2000 maybe?

    seriously, i know its gonna screw up your life for a bit, but start making plans for using public transport, pedalling to places, and scabbing lifts of mates/family etc.

    i've got 1.5 months left, of 9 months suspension. unfortunately, you'll be doing 9 months too. the first six is your instant 6 months, and take note with your fine of $408, comes 6 demerit points. with 5 on the Ps, you can either take another 3 months, or wing it for 12 months after your 6 months, but if you lose only a SINGLE point, you will get another 6 months suspension. think about that, 4km over the limit and on camera, and thats another 6 months. so i suggest you take the 9 months.

    but yeah, i dont care what anyone else says after me, but IMO, there is no point you taking this to court. you did the speed and unfortunately got caught, so now you've gotta cop it.

    on the bright side, theres a 40 day gap between the 6 months and the 3 if you choose to do it, lol. and if you buy a pushy, you'll get fit :p

  9. What the fcuk, 9 months. Aw man. Bullshit. Just out of curisotity what happens if you are caught driving while ur licence has been suspended?

    There is no way i can just get a special curfew to drive to and from work/school? Ive heard of friends of friends doing that?

    Well $2,000 is not something i can afford for court costs. I have $6,500 owing so i need to still keep working somehow.
  10. You'd have to go to court to try and get a special allowance to drive to and from work only. A friend of mine got that in Qld but he got busted for DUI. I don't know what your chances are like in Vic so either have a go to be allowed to go to and from work or take Nibor's advice. They look like your only two alternatives. Good luck with whatever you choose.

  11. You're 18, male, hold a green P, bike learners and gone 30+ over the speed limit. You're screwed.

    Basically no experience (1 year is not enough), no good track record. I very much doubt that a judge will let you have your licence, no matter how much it inconveniences you.

    With all the cops out there especially now that we're in summer time, they'll be doing more random checks on regos and licences on bikes. Your chances of being caught riding on suspended licence are pretty high. Listen to nibor, time to get fit on a pushy.
  12. Penalties for driving whilst suspended (s.30 Road Safety Act 1986) First offence: Up to $3300 fine, or up to 4 months imprisonment.

    Hey! Look on the bright side......you can pay your fines by installments or even apply to have community service instead ....

    Regardless tho, I think you'll be walking for quite a while....
  13. That doesn't happen in Victoria.

    m0tyrider, It sounds like you got sprung by a camera, if it is there should be a notation on the notice about this being the method of detection and that you can apply for a copy of the photo for a small fee. Try and get the photo. There may be something in the photo that gives you an out. If not and you want to save your licence then a lawyer would be your best bet.

    If you order the photo and the camera is the type mentioned in this link then it may give you some idea as to whether the camera was set up correctly.

  14. hmmm shit. what if i go interstate and get another licence or something? there is seriously no way around it hay?

    What if my speedo was inaccurate by say 10km/h or something? (doubt it) but that would bring me down to a 1 month suspension.

    Just hope my parents understand... which they probably won't.

    Also just to clarify, this suspends BOTH car and bike licence right?
  15. The infringement will be from the traffic camera office if it's a camera. Go have a look at the picture. Is it your bike? Is there another vehicle in it? Run it past a lawyer for a few bucks.

    Objecting is a $2k minimum path and without a case, all it does is delay the conviction to a more suitable time.

    I posted up a thread aboutt the mandatory nature of the rules in Vic some time ago.

    You can also read more at www.trafficlaw.com.au -perservere with the site, it's horribly laid out.
  16. If you get an interstate licence you still can't ride here in vic as you are still suspended here.

    Speedo being out is no defence as the offence has been commited and you are responsible for the condition and maintenance of your bike. But you may be able to find a lawyer who wil take a shot at that angle.

    Your parents won't understand. Even 80 in a 60 zone is fast let alone 95.

    Yes it suspends both licences.
  17. Your ankles.

    Now is the time for the grabbing thereof.
  18. what the, objecting is a min 2k??
    Ah man, im only 18 i don't even know if it is worth it. More then likely not.
    How can i get the photo?
  19. Looks like you're screwed mate, chalk it up to a very expensive lesson & next time, choose a more appropriate place to speed.

    (Is the 6.5k you owe for the bike?) Sell the bike, you won't be needing it for a while, & the temptation to ride will be bad