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VIC - Speed limit on Canterbury Rd, Albert Park

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NoOrangeLeft, May 23, 2014.

  1. I rode on this road to and from work a couple of times a week. A long and boring stretch of road. Almost dozed off a couple of times.

    I reckon its 60kph limit, especially at the Middle Park stretch, is too low. Understand it's got the MSAC and residential areas in the surrounding... but still...

    70kph perhaps?

  2. "I reckon its 60kph limit" & "70kph perhaps?" Are you asking what the speed limit is? Or are you telling up what you think it should be?

    The way things are going "it's got the MSAC and residential areas..." it's probably a 50kmh speed zone or son to be 40 or 5.
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  3. What I think it should be. I stick to the limit when I am on this road because I have seen so many time drivers got pull over for doing 5kph over. It's also a usual spot for RBT.

    Half of the cars and motorcycles on this road are doing 70k normally anyway. Just thinking if the limit is now 60kph but people are doing 10kph above all the time, isn't it more dangerous for the pedestrian in that they expect car to be abiding the speed limit but in reality they are not?

    Afterthought: but then the same thing again, if the speed limit is raised to 70kph, people will be doing 80 then anyway. :-/
  4. It's part of the Formula track and was used as a hoon track, hence the lowered limit. Only got ourselves to blame.
  5. Canterbury road is outside the track
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  6. The last time I went through there (admittedly a long while ago), I'm sure it was a 60 zone. If the speed limit has changed since then, I'm sure that they wouldn't have increased it.
  7. I think you are referring to Lakeside Drive. I take that road to work every morning to enjoy the scenery, and avoid the traffic on Queens Rd. Have always stick to the 50kph limit there but 90% of the time there will be some idiot tailgating me like I'm doing something wrong riding at speed limit.

    Nah nothing has changed. The 60kph limit is still there, so is Pamela Anderson.
  8. oops sorry had the track on my mind when it was posted.
  9. I might be wrong... Isn't the part of the track closest to Canterbury Rd (and the general southern half for that matter) a 40 zone?
  10. I commute down Canterbury Road daily, it is definitely a 60 zone except during the Grand Prix when the speed limit drops to 50. However (in the mornings especially) everyone treats it like a 70 zone and in my 2.5 years of riding this stretch of rode I have never seen anyone done for speeding.