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VIC speed fine 50km/h in 40km/h road

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bernie_wsl, May 13, 2007.

  1. It was happened in Toorak (i think) 2 months ago. I was turning to Malvern Road, Toorak from a street(can't remember the street name). And there was no speed sign on that part of Malvern Road, then I slowly accelerate to 50km/h. I got flashed by a speeding camera once I reached 50km/h.

    As per driving manual, the default speed limit is 50km/h if there is no speed sign.

    There were 2 options available to me, 1 is to pay for it, 2 is to bring this matter to court. As I do not want to bring this to the court, I wrote a letter to Victoria Police prior to pay for this fine, just to see if I can get any exception.

    A week after, I received a letter from victoria poilce, said that, "base on your previous record, we cannot.........". I have 2 overspeed record in the last 3 years, and both of them under 10km/h. A friend of mine was driving behind me that night. he only has 1 overspeed record of 5km/h in the past.

    I will definitely pay for the fine if it is my fault. But it is hard for me this time, driving 50km/h in the area where there is no speed sign. Anyway, I paid for the fine in the following day.

    I doubt they have even read the content of my letter, I think they just check my record straightaway without any investigation.

    Anyone of you have any similar experience?
    what should I do next time?

    Anyway, I am new to motorcycle, I have just recently bought a Honda Bali 100cc scooter. Hello to you all.

  2. Should've taken it to court. Taken pictures of the road, shown how it was not clearly marked to indicate that the speed limit was 40kph from where you entered the street and up to the speed camera, and noted the time of the offense. If it occurred outside of school hours, you would likely have gotten off. If it occurred during school hours, or you live locally, then you should have known better and they'd still hit you up for it.
  3. it was during night time. As I concerned the time and money. it would be just better off for me to pay for $136 fine. I am just afraid it would incur more fee if I take it to court...... forced to pay.......no choice other than going to the court..... :(
  4. Hello too , i would have paid up also , but the quoted letter :roll: based on their previous lying parasitic record tis why i pay :wink:
  5. 2 speeding tickets in 3 years still qualifies you to have your fine reduced to a warning instead.
    The law was recently changed.

    It's a 40km/h road because of the arsebandits like scruby. Those pissed pedestrians get flattened all the time apparently. :jerk:
  6. Yep, it just encourages the brain-dead morons to wander out into the traffic even more than they used to do!
    re the law: I thought I heard the Vic police minister make an announcement about a month ago to the effect that you could apply for a reduction (from a 1 pointer to a warning) only if you had a perfectly clean record for three (but I might be wrong).
  7. Ashby stated that because there are so many cameras now, the chances of being fined are very high so they dropped it to every 2 years
  8. You should've taken it to court. If there's no sign, the limit is 50kph.

    If the sign was further back on the street it does not count. Signs have to be positioned so that vehicles turning onto the street from any other road can see them. If you went past the camera without first passing a sign then the limit was 50kph and the speed camera operator was in the wrong. The court would've taken all of 5min to determine that you'd done nothing wrong. :)

    Advice to all: Don't pay fines for offences you didn't commit. It's stark raving mad behaviour. :wink:
  9. I am not complaining anything about this as I have already paid for it. I just want to share my story here, and also would like to see if any of you guys have any successful case with similar matter in the court.

    This is not the first time happen to me. 6 months ago I was traveling from Preston to city via Nicholson street, and got flashed by speed camera in the corner of Victoria St and Nicholson Street. I was traveling at the speed of 60km/h, and did not notice there was a 50km/h speed sign there. The next time, I went past there, I saw the sign, which is located behind the tree......
    I drive within the speed limit most of the time, especially in the CITY.
  10. If there was a speed camera there a speed sign should be adjacent to it or very near??
  11. The camera in Flinders Street in the city keeps catching people doing 60+ in a 50 zone as wel.....