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[VIC] Speed cameras in witches hats

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Donuts, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. Apparently this was on Today Tonight last night (I don't watch such drivel), here in Vic they're putting speed cameras inside 'witches hats' to disguise them... My question is, wouldn't that break the condition mentioned in the handbook that they are not allowed to be disguised at all? (e.g. no hazards, no open bonnet etc?) Seems pretty deceptive to me... not that I expect it'd help anyone get out of a ticket ](*,)

  2. I'm pretty sure the witches hat cameras are in the UK.

    TT just used the scary images to make the story bigger. ;)
  3. Asked my cop friend and he'd never heard of it. It won't happen here esp considering they are renewing all the cameras so they don't even need a unit sitting outside of the car. Thats hidden enough because all you see is a car (late model, parked suspiciously lol) parked on the side of the road.
  4. G'day everyone,...

    Well if they ever end up useing them here I can see a new game starting up here,...
    "How many cones can you knock over as you ride past!"


    Dr Who?
  5. i'd pick it up and throw it under an oncomming truck
  6. Those wheelie bin ones have the potiential to be abused heavily...
    Id like to see a garbage truck come and pick one up and throw all the equipment inside into the trash!
  7. They've been around for some time now. Just look for a car with heavily tinted windows and a black rectangular looking attachment on the front bumper, usually surrounded by a nudge bar of some sort.
  8. Got a source for this at all? They really won't be distinguisable at all?

    To some of the other posters... I'm talking about witches hats surrounding the parked cars, not cameras inside the witches hats :)
  9. Don't worry about it, they're not going to pull that shit in an election year. :)
  10. [​IMG]

    'I iz taking your piktcha to keep you sayf' :tantrum:
  11. the devil ives in victoria with that sort of evil stuff.
  12. get a cage and run them over.
  13. I can see witches hat cameras being a real issue.. waking up after a big night of drinking, confused to find a stolen witches hat in your room flashing away :rofl:
  14. And that's irrelevant to what Donuts is claiming, which is incorrect. As shown in the photo above, the camera units are bumper mounted with a nudge bar around it.

  15. As noted with the pic above.... already in use so source is everyone thats been booked by one but also direct from a cop. The newest ones don't even have the flash lights mounted on the front as they use infrared flash.