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[vic] Speed Camera

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by BlueRex, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Hi

    Basically i lost all my points at the start of this year and instead of losing my license for 3 months i chose the option to keep my license and not get any more traffic offenses for the next 12 months or i would lose my license for 6 months.

    Well after being good for so long they pinged me a week ago on Flinders street. 55 in a 50 zone.

    I don't know what to do, should i contest it in court and simply say i am sorry and was stupid. My wife is also pregnant and due next month which doesn't help. I need my license for work and my wife.

    Has anyone else been in the same/similar position, what did you do?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Unless someone else can take the points for you, start walking.
  3. you gambled. you lost. it's hard, but that's the choice you made.
  4. Call the issuer of the fine:

    - ask how you can apply for special circumstances or some way to keep a restricted license in order to get to work and 'transport a family member with special needs' (2 family members, really!).

    There are avenues to allow for this, but they are not advertised.
  5. Thanks Bonk, will look into it.
  6. Bonk is from NSW we live in the BRACKSED state. No avenues dude, sorry. Mandatory loss, no judge can do shit for you.
    Another Bracksism he left behind that stupid ****!
  7. Hate to rain on the parade but in VIC you can not get restictions on licence like this.

    You have two options:
    See if you can fight it (definitely get a look at that pic before you make any choices).
    Try to get someone else to take the point. I have heard *rumours* that when you assign a fine to a third party and that fine is paid they don't check the licence of that person (if they have the appropriate contitions on their licence), this could be completely wrong, just a rumour i have heard.
  8. That option seems to be pretty horribleā€¦ if you're the sort of driver to be at the cusp of losing your license, that's a big damned gamble.

    I know that's a bit off topic, but the state has to know it's stacked in their favour.
  9. +1. Good luck.

    I also agree with the other Victorian's on this site. There isn't the option for a restricted licence. It will be explained on the trafficlaw.com.au website.
  10. Generally i was not the kind of driver to be on the cusp of losing my license.
    After years and years of not one speeding or red light camera. I got a heap.
    The clincher was when they first in the new law to do with talking on a mobile while driving.
    3 points gone.
  11. Wow, more proof our country is run by f***wads.

    Vote accordingly, people.

    I guess take the suspension, and drive your wife to hospital in a car not registered to you, if the need arises.
    If caught: argue medical emergency.

    ... but you probably wouldn't be caught.

    And as for getting to work; you'll have to figure out public transport :(
  12. Sadly nothing will change. The Libs won't change a thing, they want the revenue too.

    To those in other states who are feeling smug, your turn will come. State governments need the revenue and Victoria has proven it's a winner.

    We need to change the funding model of the states or preferably remove the states altogether.
  13. It is my understanding that there are very few states that offer the restricted licence. I was suprised to hear that NSW allowed them. I thought they were one of the ones that dissallowed them? :eek:
  14. looks like i might just wear the 6 months suspension.
    from 2k up to 5k is to much to spend.
  15. I was more talking about the whole speed camera issue which lead to the unfortunate licence loss in the first place.
  16. Not having a go at you DD. Just used your post as the link for raising the question. Your message was clear and it served as a segway into my query.

  17. Do like the police.. If you have had no infringements for 2 years, write a letter requesting an official caution. No fine, no points!
  18. so how long have you been "good for" now? well, prior to most recent incident
  19. 8 months