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[VIC] Speed camera Q - Stat dec + wipeoff fine question

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Hi, my dad recently was done twice in the same day by a speed camera one saturday morning in Clifton Springs (Saturday, 6:50am-7am). Anyway, mum has the vehicle in her name, since dad wants to do the "please don't fine me, I will be a good boy" 'plead mail' as he has no points taken off his licence at present, I was just wondering how they would go about doing this. I.e doing both things, doing the stat dec to say he was driving the vehicle and that he would see if they would wipe off the points/fine due to him thinking the (back) road was 60km/h (he was done at 56km/h, i.e 59 km/h which he thought he was abiding by the law) when he was done. Any feedback, info is appreciated thanks :) For fine details (if it matters), Clifton springs is in Victoria,

    (If this scenario has been asked + answered, I apologise but I did do a search to no avail.)

  2. He can apply for a warning instead if his licence has been clean for 2 years and the fine was for an "offence" of less than 10km/h in which this is the case.

    You need to write to Civic Compliance aka Victorian_Reamers ;)
  3. Ya, but I was wondering that if he has to do the stat dec thing saying he was driving the vehicle before, during or after this thing. Well, I guess the question should be, is this done in one step, two steps or whatever?

    Cheers for the post but it's hard to give the exact answer(s) when I don't format the question properly eh? ;)
  4. He'd have to get the offence transferred to his name first.
    Then ya mum would be cleaned off the system,
    a new number generated, and ya dad would be on their system.
    If he milks out the 28 days before the stat dec, all up it can take 2 months for the whole thing to work itself out. Gives him plenty of time to work out his response.
    Then he pleads his case. Vicroads realise they're being pricks, apologise, and overturn the fines. easy peasy.
  5. i thought that on the back of the fine is a form you fill out and your dad signs, send that back in and a shiny new fine is sent to dad. This new one wont have the part on the back to sign it over to someone else.

    Then he can write in and ask for a warning.
  6. That's the stat dec we're talking about.
  7. Thanks for that! I just called mum up to let them know to do this (being 70+, you sometimes need a son to do some research, well ok, all the research on stuff that they don't know anything about or at least not too sure on.) Mum says thanks to "those motorbike buddies of yours, they're good people!" :wink: :grin:

    If you don't tell them the truth about yourselves, I won't :twisted:
  8. Please ask her to remember this when i buzz her on the freeway, cheers.

  9. Don't be scaring the elderly like that bud. rollpin.


    (BTW Chef, did you get my message?)
  10. Yeah i did blackman. sorted.

    What's your dad's name Wazza, I'd like to put some of my fines in his name too.

    Cheers Scheff
  11. Cheers bud. :grin:

    Didnt want to mislead.. (not intentionally anyways) :LOL: