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VIC Speed Camera locations

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nic, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. I did hear about this on the radio news this arvo, it will not show the random speed testers but it may help. Knowing myself i will see the flash and go "oh shit thats right there is a camera on this road" too late DOH!
  2. The justice website is running like an absolute snail, there must be every driver in victoria logged on trying to get the locations before they head home :LOL:
  3. Source: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,18910236-421,00.html

    April 24, 2006

    VICTORIA Police today revealed the locations of all speed cameras in the state.

    A list of all fixed speed cameras and the locations where mobile speed cameras are regularly placed has been posted on the internet, police said.
    Victoria Police: Speed camera page
    Locations: Mobile speed cameras
    Full list: Fixed camera sites

    Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner for Traffic, Noel Ashby, and Police Minister Tim Holding made the announcement which will publicise hundreds of sites.

    Mr Ashby said police were prepared to take any reasonable measure needed in order to slow motorists down on Victorian roads to reduce the road toll.

    "On the one hand this is about ensuring Victoria Police is open and transparent with the Victorian community, while on the other we are prepared to do whatever it takes to stop people killing themselves and others on the roads," he said.

    "If just one motorist logs onto the internet, takes a mental note of a speed camera location and makes the choice to slow down: that's potentially one life saved."
    The speed-camera program has been credited, in part, with a dramatic reduction in Victoria's road toll since 1990.

    But a series of legislative changes, including the use of hidden, fixed cameras and reduction of speed tolerances before police issue speeding fines, have been unpopular with motorists.
  4. Pretty amazing back flip though, one day the cops a refusing the FOI reguest for the list, next day they say publishing it will save lives !!!!

    Looks like they lost and are trying to make themselves look good in the end

  5. ...yeah right

    I checked all my local placements as per the list ( I knew anyway)
    to find it confirmed from that list, that all the 'greed' cameras in my area
    ...are at the bottom of hills :evil:

    road safety my arse :evil:
  6. What a sickening pair of documents.

    A hundred pages of grubby little speed cameras.

    Still, none in my area, thank gawd! Benefits of inner suburbs. Cityside y'alllll.
  7. Hmm motorists take note of speed camera and stop on the brakes to make sure they are well under the limit. Then scan rear view mirror for an extended period of time looking for speed cameras on the bridge just passed. Look back at speedo to ensure that you're still under. Anorher check of the mirror to see if that car behind you slows down... yep he saw it in time. Ooh! the car in the other lane probably got done though, he was going a bit fast... who knows? Maybe my speedos out - hmm lucky I was going 10kph under. Geez the traffic really is banking up behind me... Did I slow down too much perhaps?

    Now... where was I? That's right, I was driving my car distraction free and concentrating on the traffic situation, lucky those speed cameras are there to ensure I don't pay attention to anything important
    :roll: :roll: :roll:

    I'd rather cruise past that same location 10kph over - concentrating - that be transfixed by this bizzare fine-avoidance dance that is happening out there. Priorities are totally wrong.
  8. I had an earlier copy of that list, found it quite useful. Scary to see just how many locations have been added since though - especially since a few of the new ones are on roads that have only recently been rezoned (spotted a camera yesterday parked in a 80 zone where only 2 days earlier 100kph was considered perfectly legal and safe).
  9. I have been in Melbourne since 2001 so I am not sure of the current situation however;

    For the record, when I was in New Zealand, speed camera locations were broadcasted on the radio plus Signs were posted to indicate a Speed Camera area.
    And so....people slowed down in these problem areas - objective achieved.

    However, I also observed people speeding up after passing the Speed Camera (myself included).
    For this reason - sometimes cops were stationed furthur up the road to catch the speeding motorist.
  10. I'm sorry... i have an appalling attention span when it comes to BS...
    I tuned right out after the first sentence...

  11. Good point Koma, perhaps drivers should be stripping thier cars of airbags, seatbelts, side intrusion beams etc and start fitting speed cameras instead.
  12. Hasn't it increased in the past year or two?
    Oh, wait that's since 1990.
    So some time between now and 16 years ago there was a reduction.

    I wonder if they've got something to point the finger at for the increases?
    Maybe it's the influx of immigrants and tourists that can't drive for sh!te.
    But they can't say that in case some fragile princess gets their knickers in a knot.

    Has anyone seen the killing machines they installed on the A1?
    I think they're getting a few installed on the GOR too.
    I wonder what sort of reduction they'll credit to those things?
    There's no way anyone can be that stupid they must be getting a bit of cash on the side out of the deal.
  13. Wonder how easy they are to sabotage?

    Once every friday night for people to ride the weekend.

    Bolt a plate over the camera lense, not to damage anything. Or just a thin bit of aluminium to cover.

    Why am i thinking this :S
  14. I see that Colac gets 23 mobile speed camera locations. That would make it about 1 per family wouldn't it?
  15. I don't know what you're thinking either... you should be thinking about hitting them with some of George W Bush’s weapons of mass destruction. :grin:
  16. There's a fixed camera not included in the list on the Hume Freeway, just north of Cooper Street.

    And there is a new mobile location, in Craigieburn Road, which they have not listed as having any casualty crashes or injuries over the last ten years.

    Obviously just a money maker then!!